01 March 2014

What We Learned From #AskDixie

I didn't participate in the LIVE version of #AskDixie but after hearing about parts of the discussion from Andrae Jones I became very intrigued.  Levi Smith was kind enough to provide a copy of the entire script from the 2 hour session and I have condensed the most important and outstanding responses (here is a link to the full transcript on TNA's website) from Dixie Carter for us to dissect and discuss.  With NCAA Basketball's March Madness quickly approaching I decided on a Sweet 16 number of responses, plus it kind of just worked out that way.  She really did not evade any questions, and they were not all "softballs" being thrown at her.  I really do commend Dixie for being so accessible to the fans, even if she has to put up with a lot of bullshit from some of them.  Again, a BIG thanks to Andrae and Levi for helping out.  I will lay out the 16 questions and answers and then give my brief commentary at the end of this post. So (in no particular order) here ya go:

Question #1 - Why isn't Jeremy (Borash) on play by play instead of Taz? (There was also a similar question about the possibility of a 3 man announce team that Dixie said there were no plans for)

DIXIE: He did play-by-play on the Glasgow shows and did great.  He will announce from time-to-time.  He's great.

Question #2 - Is TNA looking to expand its X-Division roster and give a better focus on the X-Division Title? (This was one of several similar questions about new X-Division talent and the like)

DIXIE: YES!!!  Several new faces coming in soon and others will return.  Looking forward to it!

Question #3 - How do you determine how much time is used for talking on TV and how much is used for wrestling matches?  Critics often say there isn't enough wrestling action.

DIXIE:  Our wrestling has always been the best out there.  We are focusing on building characters...and the stories also play out in the ring...Love the new dimensions to our talent.

Question #4 - Any update on your long term relationship with Spike TV? (This was one of several questions about Spike TV and/or Xplosion coming to North America.  She acknowledged Xplosion possibly coming to Spike TV)

DIXIE: They are great partners.  Meetings happening re: several TNA programs.

Question #5 - Does TNA still have working agreements/relationships with OVW, AAA, and Wrestle-1?

DIXIE: Yes, each on different levels.

Question #6 - Will we be seeing The Great Muta, Seiya Sanada, KAI, or any other Wrestle-1 wrestlers on IMPACT?

DIXIE: You will have to tune in...And don't miss a show...

Question #7 - Dixie, are there any plans to have any future IMPACTs or a PPV in any of the Canadian markets? (There were several questions about TNA touring Canada)

DIXIE: A tour is being planned now.  No PPV or IMPACT at this time, but we will in the future.

Question #8 - So is Universal Studios TNA's main home/hub from now on? (There were a few questions about TNA going on the road and/or if they were staying at Universal Studios-Orlando)

DIXIE: We will be filming several shows there in 2014, but we will be traveling the show as well.

Question #9 - Can you please bring Slammiversary to NY? (There were several questions about the location of Slammiversary and also if a PPV or IMPACT were coming to New York/New Jersey. She hinted at a PPV or IMPACT coming to New York.)

DIXIE: Announcing the location next week.

Question #10 - What is the current status of Eric Bischoff and TNA Wrestling?

DIXIE: BHE Exec produces our show.

Question #11 - Can you share with us what happened in NY today?

DIXIE: Tune into LockDown! Oops, did I just give it away??

Question #12 - What are your thoughts about all the haters?

DIXIE: People don't have all the info.  Taking the high road in life can be tough, but it's the only way I roll.

Question #13 - Dixie, TNA is so good with the fans, thank you so much for it, will you come back to Paris in the future?  It's been years since the last time. (There were also similar questions about TNA coming to Portugal and a second U.K./European Tour)

DIXIE: Yes, working with promoters on planning a show.  Ratings have been very strong there. Merci!! 

Question #14 - Do you think TNA has an identity problem with calling itself both TNA and IMPACT Wrestling?  Seems like 2 different companies and it can confuse the casual viewer.

DIXIE: TNA is our company.  IMPACT is our show.  Xplosion is our show, etc.  Easier in other parts of the world where we have multiple shows on TV.

Question #15 - All the rumors about TNA being sold got a bit out of hand.  How sure are you that TNA will be here another 10 years?

DIXIE: As sure as I was 12 years ago.....and obviously much more.  12 years ago we only dreamed about the success we are having today.

Question #16 - How happy are you with ratings on SPIKE TV and what can be done to improve on them?

DIXIE: Very happy with the current trend and especially with the record +3 and +7 ratings we are having (which is what we are judged on).

There were some other interesting questions including ones about talent like Alex Shelley, Hulk Hogan, Jeff Jarrett, AJ Styles, Sting, Christian Cage, Chris Hero, Ricochet, Roderick Strong, Alissa Flash, The Pope, Shanna, Santana Garrett, Awesome Kong, and Jay Lethal.  The only talents she hinted at possibly bringing back in the future were Alex Shelley, Sting and Christian Cage.  She went into her Southern debutante character when discussing Hulk, Jarrett and AJ (getting somewhat sassy in her answers).  She did not deny that Santana and Shanna were coming in so most likely they will be part of the new KnockOuts talent.  In regards to the rest of the talent listed, she basically said there were no plans for them to come in or return.  The Australian Tour is apparently still being considered and worked towards for the future.  The TV title also sounds like it will remain on the back burner for the time being.  That's the Q and A session in a nutshell.

I love that Canada will be getting another tour soon.  I wish that it was more than just a house show tour but at least those great fans will get some shows.  It's very interesting to hear about more TNA programming coming to Spike TV and North America.  It's much needed and can help the product out in so many ways as just 2 hours of TV each week is not enough.  Of course Dixie is going to be positive and optimistic about TNA's future but every time she does one of these types of sessions, it makes me feel better about the company's future.  It's so relieving to hear that TNA will do road IMPACT's in 2014 as remaining in the IZ all year would have made most fans somewhat disgruntled.  I have no idea what her New York visit means for LockDown but it sounds like it could play a pivotal role in the PPV.  So what did ya'll think about #AskDixie darlin'?  We have much to discuss tonight during our Saturday Night Chat!

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