06 March 2014

TNA Thursday Randomania - Mar 6, 2014

- If you're a TNA fan, there are very few things that are more exciting than the Thursday prior to one of the big three PPVs.  Without fail, the go-home shows for Lockdown, Slammiversary, and Bound for Glory seem to generate a sense of excitement among fans, even when the build for the PPV has been lackluster.  Thankfully, this year, the build for Lockdown has been very strong.  In fact, I'd say it's been one of the best I've seen since becoming a fan.  One can easily point to the intensely personal and well-written feuds to explain the success of this year's build but I believe it's the exceptionally developed characters.  Never has there been a time in TNA's history when the writers focused so much attention on creating and developing so many fascinating new characters while rejuvenating old fan favorites.  It's for that reason why, I believe, the build to Lockdown has been hugely successful.

- Although last year's Lethal Lockdown match was satisfying in the sense that we saw the Aces and 8's get destroyed inside the catch, we were left wondering why they never lowered the roof, which had been a Lethal Lockdown tradition.  We've heard so many rumors since then and it seems that there are still fans who are concerned that there will be no roof, again, this year.  Well, I'd like to finally put those rumors to rest.  I was told, yesterday, by a credible source that there was a safety concern after the roof malfunctioned during the day so they did not lower the roof.  Furthermore, the decision to not lower the roof was "not a booking decision to eliminate it".  So it appears that the plan for now is that this year's Lethal Lockdown will include a roof.

- Jim Ross wrote about TNA in his blog yesterday and Kurt Angle, in particular.  He wrote, "TNA has a PPV this Sunday emanating from South Florida called Lockdown. It troubles me that Kurt Angle is once again being saddled up and ridden into a mid card match at this stage of his game. Just an observation and not attacking TNA Impact who I hope continues to develop their own identity and they play to their strengths, which is bell to bell physicality and aggressive storytelling."  Firstly, I hope wrestling fans finally realize that good ol' JR is not as objective as you'd like to believe.  It's true that he's currently not employed by Vince McMahon but it's still in his best interest to not disparage WWE or overly praise TNA simply because his BBQ products are for sale on WWEShop.  So I suggest you take anything Jim Ross says about TNA with a grain of salt.  And secondly, his comments about Kurt Angle come across as a veiled attempt to communicate to the Olympic Gold medalist that he's too good for TNA.  Either that, or he's contradicting himself.  Does JR want to see TNA "develop their own identity" or does he want to see Kurt Angle in the main event?  He can't have it both ways.  So which is it, good ol' objective, pro wrasslin'-lovin' JR?

- And lastly, I think it's interesting that this year's Lockdown will feature the least amount of star power of any previous Lockdown or any TNA PPV, yet my level of enthusiasm is as high as it gets.  I can't say it enough how brilliantly executed the build for Lockdown has been.  This year's event will feature several young and unproven talents, many of whom will make their official Lockdown debut, but due to TNA's exemplary work the last few weeks, I feel that they have earned my money.  After tonight's Impact, I will look for and find 'TNA Lockdown' on my Time Warner Cable guide and I will press BUY with no hesitation....because I want to watch Magnus vs Samoa Joe for the TNA world title.  I want to watch MVP and the Wolves (with their partner) vs Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, and the BroMans in Lethal Lockdown.  I want to watch Gunner vs James Storm inside a steel cage where there will be blood, I can almost guarantee it.  I want to watch Kurt Angle vs Ethan Carter III, which is the latter's most important match of his career to-date.  I want to watch Samuel Shaw vs Mr. Anderson.  I want to watch Bad Influence and Chris Sabin vs The Great Muta, Sanada, and Tigre Uno, even though there has been zero build.  I want to watch Gail Kim vs Madison Rayne for the Knockouts title simply because it's such a rarity for two women to wrestle inside a steel cage.  And I want to watch Lockdown because this is a new era in TNA and I have absolutely no doubt that something extraordinary will happen that I will want to watch live.  This is the most excited that I've been for a TNA PPV and I have a feeling that by the end of the night, the show's performance will have exceeded my expectations.  Folks, let me leave you with this...I believe wholeheartedly that this year's Lockdown will be a can't-miss event.

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