27 March 2014

TNA Thursday Randomania - Mar 27, 2014

- This week, I'd like to begin with the Gunner vs James Storm Unlocked: No DQ, No Countout, Falls Count Anywhere Match.  Typically, there are two promo videos that TNA releases during the week - a short SpikeTV teaser and the official opening to Impact.  This week, both featured the feud between Gunner and Storm and nothing else, essentially giving their hardcore match top billing.  So I've decided to follow TNA's lead and give this much anticipated match top billing on this week's Randomania.  Although this feud began late last year, it truly never took off until James Storm turned on Gunner in his world title match against Magnus last month in Manchester.  Since then, it's been one of my favorite feuds on the show.  I'd even go as far as to name it my second favorite current feud in TNA, behind only the deliciously zany Samuel Shaw vs Mr Anderson.  So I'm glad to see they're in the spotlight this week as I think it's very much deserved.  For one, their Last Man Standing match at Lockdown was arguably the best on the PPV and two, last week's segment in which Storm smashed a beer bottle over Mr. Lail's head will go down as one of the most memorable 'Holy Shit' moments of the year.  When it's time for the 2014 year-end awards, everyone will remember the moment Gunner's dad got knocked out at the hands of James Storm.   

- I must say, the term 'put over' gets used quite a bit these days but unfortunately, I don't feel it applies in most cases simply because I think the term should be reserved for instances when it's undoubtedly the turning point of one's career.  By that description, I can say without a doubt that James Storm has put over Gunner.  The Modern Day Viking has officially arrived in my eyes and that's primarily due to the outstanding performance by the Cowboy James Storm.

- According to the Wolves, and specifically Davey Richards, they will be wrestling a huge match on tonight's show, although they did not name any opponents.  I haven't read the spoilers so I don't know which match Richards is referring to but as a huge fan of the Wolves, I'm glad to see the writers are keeping them relevant by consistently booking them in important matches.  With that said, it's time to unleash them by giving them the opportunity to wrestle in a traditional tag match against one team, where they can finally demonstrate to the viewers what makes them one of the best tag teams in the world.  It's something we haven't seen yet, with the only exception being the match against Bad Influence in the UK.  And if I recall, it's their best match in TNA to-date.

- I mentioned Samuel Shaw above and it made me I the only one who felt his absence last week?  I thought it was quite noticeable simply because his story is one of the things that I most look forward to every week.  I realize that some talents get a week off occasionally but I think it's important that the writers keep their foot on the pedal for this angle and give us a little something every week, even if it's a short backstage segment.

- Speaking of missing someone, hurry back Rockstar Spud, buddy!

- I'm surprised to see so much apathy for Magnus' title reign right now.  Personally, I'm still enjoying his work, which improved greatly when he began to speak for Team Dixie midway through the UK tour, as opposed to Dixie Carter.  I think, overall, his title reign resembles that of Bobby Roode's in 2012 - in its early stages - with all the shenanigans, the loopholes, and the ability to hold onto the belt by any means necessary.  However, the one difference between the two - Roode often relied on his own ability to break the rules whereas Magnus has depended on the help of his numerous allies and their allies.  Don't get me wrong, Roode did attempt to coerce others into helping him such as Bully Ray but at the end of the day, Bobby Roode took matters into his own hands.  I suppose this is the reason why Roode's title reign, which was much maligned at the time, is now looked back on as one of the best in TNA history. The jury is still out on the Reign of Magnus but I think it's been fairly good and not as bad as some have claimed.  Magnus is only acting like any heel has in the long history of pro wrestling, including some of the best such as Ric Flair and Randy Savage.

- And lastly, like we had exclusively reported a few weeks ago, we saw the re-introduction of Knux to the TNA landscape.  We were told by our source that he'd be bringing a female valet with him and judging by the vignette we watched last week, it appears the mystery woman, Tanaya, is a girl he presumably dated in high school.  Evidently, she contacted Knux and asked him to come back home for some reason.  It'll be interesting to see this story play out in the coming weeks as it appears that we will finally get some much needed backstory on Knux, who for the longest time was 'that guy' in the Aces and 8's.  But overall, this story has piqued my interest so I'm definitely looking forward to future installments.  

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