13 March 2014

TNA Thursday Randomania - Mar 13, 2014

- So MVP is now in charge of wrestling operations in TNA and I couldn't be happier because this is all part of the new creative direction we've been hearing about the last several months.  This is the reason why Dixie Carter has been on television for over six months.  It's to set up this moment - the moment in which TNA as a company transitions into the next phase of their development.  I'm not exactly sure what that entails but we will most likely find out tonight.  I imagine MVP will address the fans on tonight's live Impact but judging by his latest #IMPACT365 video with the Wolves, it sounds like wrestling will be front and center in his TNA.

- As for Dixie Carter, I have the utmost respect for her and although I've enjoyed her work as a heel authority figure, I have to agree with the consensus of TNA fans - it's time for her to step aside.  With that said, I'm looking forward to tonight's tribute to Dixie Carter, hosted by Rockstar Spud, simply because she deserves to go out with some kind of closure.  I'm hopeful we will see that tonight. 

- I hate to say it but I'm getting the sense that Bad Influence are being phased out, at least from a storyline standpoint.  For those who don't know, Christopher Daniels confirmed in an interview recently that his TNA contract will expire in April.  As for Kazarian, it has been reported that his contract will expire around the same time but as far as I know, he has not publicly confirmed it.  For this reason, it appears that TNA is holding off on booking them in any sort of feud or giving them a pivotal role in a storyline until the status of their contracts is resolved.  Last night, we learned that Bad Influence will not be at the next set of Impact tapings in Orlando so they will not appear, at least in the ring, for the next month of television.  As a fan of the duo, I'm saddened by this development but I completely understand it.  TNA were burned by AJ Styles who reportedly ended negotiations with the company while he was in the midst of a major push so I imagine they will not make the same mistake with other potential free agents.  Hopefully, the two sides will come to an agreement soon but I think we also have to be realistic.  It's quite possible that Christopher Daniels and Kazarian could leave TNA.

- I can't be the only one who doesn't want to see a drawn out feud between the Wolves and the BroMans since we all know how this story will end.  If it were up to me, the Wolves would defeat and regain the TNA tag team championships tonight, in front of a live crowd.  Unfortunately, with the news that Bad Influence will not be on Impact for the next few weeks, I think it's safe to say that the hunt is on for a little while longer.  I suppose I can live with that.

- It appears that Bobby Lashley will remain with TNA for a while as the company officially added his profile to the Impact Wrestling roster on their site.  Although there are some fans who aren't pleased by his return, I feel like the majority of TNA fans are fine with it or are at least willing to take a wait-and-see approach. I'm with the majority.  I'm not a huge fan of Lashley's but I feel like he can be a real asset if the writers book him properly.  The question is...what exactly does that mean?  How can TNA best use Bobby Lashley right now?  I, unfortunately, don't have the answer as I am quite conflicted.  I think Lashley could serve one of two purposes: he can put over young talents in the mid-card, such as Ethan Carter III or he can be a legitimate contender for TNA's top prize.  I'm just not sure which one I prefer.

- And lastly, tonight's show will be very interesting.  Like I said earlier, it is the first show in which MVP has control of wrestling operations so it'll be interesting to see if there are any noticeable changes to the product.  Will Impact begin with a match?  Will we get longer matches with clean finishes?  But beyond that, tonight's show will be the beginning of the road to Sacrifice and judging by what happened at Lockdown last Sunday, we will have a nice mixture of new feuds and ones that will continue.  This is why I believe Lockdown was an overall successful essentially set the tone for the next six weeks of television.  This is in stark contrast to last year's Lockdown which only served to prolong the Aces and 8's storyline and the Hogans' feud with Bully Ray.  As a result, by mid Summer, Impact had become as stale as it's ever been since I began watching TNA.  This year, I'm optimistic that we won't be having a repeat performance due to the influx of new talents and new characters, as well as, a renewed focus on the Knockouts, Tag Team, and X Divisions.  So if Lockdown is a harbinger of things to come, I'd say the future of TNA, or at least the rest of this year, looks very promising.

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