09 March 2014

TNA Sunday Randomania - Mar 9, 2014

- Welcome to a special Randomania on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, just mere hours until Lockdown airs live from Miami, Florida.  This is a show that so many TNA fans are looking forward to due to the exceptional build by TNA in the last month.  I can only speak for myself but I'm excited about every single match on tonight's card, each for different reasons.  Overall, however, this is the best build for a TNA PPV in several years.

- Let me just say that I didn't have the privilege to watch the Great Muta in his prime as I was a child who was more of a WWF fan during the time he spent in the United States.  But I've watched several of his matches in recent years on Youtube and I regret that I didn't get to watch him live.  However, tonight will be the first time watching the Great Muta live on my television on US soil and I can't tell you how excited I am about that.  I suspect many of you who are either my age or younger feel the same way.  Don't get me wrong, I don't expect him to perform at the same level he did in 1989 but his presence alone will be a special moment for me.

- It will be the TNA debut of Sanada tonight as he will be appearing with the X Division championship around his waist, causing fans who didn't read about the PPV in Japan to scratch their head.  I've already seen him wrestle AJ Styles last November and I liked what I saw so I expect him to be a nice addition to the Impact Wrestling roster for the next few months.  However, he's not your prototypical X Division high-flyer so keep that in mind when you watch him for the first time.

- Speaking of high-flyers, Tigre Uno will finally debut in TNA - other than Xplosion - and I expect that he will impress those who are watching him for the time.  For one, he'll be in the ring with Manik, who's a perfect opponent for the luchador as TJ Perkins is well-versed in the Mexican style of wrestling.  So I'm expecting a really fun opener with innovative moves and crowd-pleasing action.

- So who will be Ethan Carter III's mystery opponent tonight?  EC3 has announced an open challenge to anyone on the current roster.  I initially thought that Tommy Dreamer would come in for one night and put over EC3 but now, I'm not so sure.  With that said, the fact that EC3 was so adamant about the wrestler being 'on the roster' sounds to me like an outsider could appear and accept EC3's open challenge.  We shall see but I'm just happy that we will get to see EC3 in a match after the news regarding Kurt Angle's injury.

- There's quite a bit of chatter regarding Dixie Carter's trip to New York and many fans seem to think she was visiting Bully Ray.  I'm not so sure.  I tend to think that Dixie has signed a free agent or a returning talent to come in and help her team in Lethal Lockdown as she's been down the Bully Ray road before at Bound for Glory and according to her, he failed to take out AJ Styles.  So I don't know how willing she'd be to recruit him again, especially if it meant flying all the way to New York from the UK to do so.

- So are we all in agreement that the Gunner vs James Storm Last Man Standing match will be the bloodiest on the card?  I suppose Magnus vs Samoa Joe could be close but I suspect that much will involve more physicality with the chance of blood, whereas Gunner vs Storm will essentially be a brutal blood bath.  I'm curious to see how they pull off the stipulation as they will probably want to use weapons that aren't necessarily in the ring.  So I fully expect this match to spill out into the ringside area.

- And lastly, I'm going into tonight's PPV with high expectations so there's a chance that the show will not live up to them but I have a strong feeling that I will come out of this show feeling really optimistic about TNA's future.  How can I not?  I look at the wrestlers who will compete tonight and I see a fresh young attitude - one's that not afraid to support TNA publicly - and that excites me.  This is a new era in TNA with new characters, a renewed focus on physicality, and an overall youth movement that's been long overdue.  And this is only the beginning as we know there will be new talents coming in, while others unfortunately depart but that's a necessary evil in order to keep the product fresh.  Tonight's show will kickstart the new era even further so it's a must-watch show, in my opinion.  If you haven't ordered Lockdown, I encourage you do so for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, you will be supporting a company that so wants to give wrestling fans an alternative to the WWE and secondly, you will help to invalidate a wrestling community sentiment that TNA isn't worth your money.  Tonight is a good time to support this little company that is too often unfairly lambasted by those who are in Vince McMahon's back pocket or those who simply have a petty agenda against TNA simply because they don't follow or conform to the wrestling norms.  Folks, if ever there was a time to jump right in and order a TNA PPV, it's tonight because Lockdown will be a great show that you will not want to miss.

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