03 March 2014

The New Global X Division?

By now, you've all heard the huge news coming out of Tokyo, Japan yesterday that Seiya Sanada defeated Austin Aries to become the new TNA X Division champion.  It was an historic moment in the company's history and one that could pave the way for the next chapter in this prestigious title's history.  I realize that we get some sort of hype by TNA every year about their latest attempt to re-build the division but I think it's important to note that this year, TNA did very little hyping and allowed their actions to speak louder than their words.  If you needed any proof, simply look at the photo below for a few minutes and let it all soak in.

Seiya Sanada, a Japanese-born wrestler who hasn't wrestled a single minute inside a TNA ring in the United States, is the new X Division champion.  Could this be a sign of what's to come?  Could the real new evolution - last's year tagline, by the way - be an influx of international stars to compete with their American counterparts?  Obviously, I'm not privy to the inner workings of TNA but it can't be simply a coincidence that Sanada wins the X Division just one week before he teams with Mexican luchador Tigre Uno at Lockdown.  I suspect that there's a plan in place and it involves international talents coming to TNA in order to compete for the X Division title, as well as defend the belt on foreign soil.

It's something that I've endorsed for quite some time so I'm very excited about this...if it's actually the direction TNA plan to go.  I hope that it is because I think it's a smart way to make the X Division interesting again.  But how will this new and fresh approach affect Option C?  Could we see other international wrestlers challenge the X Division champion for a chance to earn the right to compete for TNA's top prize?  It's certainly possible, especially if Sanada is allowed to defend the title in Japan.

Let me reiterate...what happened in Japan last night was a monumental moment for TNA and its X Division.  The ramifications of Sanada pinning Austin Aries are enormous and sets up endless possibilities in a division that has been stagnant for far too long.  I'm hoping that this is finally the year that the X Division once again becomes a pivotal part of TNA and judging by recent events, I have a feeling that it will.

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