13 March 2014

The Legacy of Dixie Carter

At the closing of Lockdown, fans saw the end of Dixie Carter's reign as the tyrannical President come to a crashing finale, her cheating ways backfiring in an almost poetic way as it was her own cheating that cost her the company.

Selecting the uncontrollable Bully Ray as her special guest referee, it looked as if Dixie Carter had found another way to keep control of the company within her grasp but in the closing stages of the fantastic Lethal Lockdown Match, seeing Team MVP: MVP, Jeff Hardy and The Wolves vs Team Roode: Bobby Roode, Austin Aries and The Bro-mans, Bobby Roode had MVP ready to put through a table but Bully Ray blocked him and left him vulnerable to MVP's final onslaught to get the win. Leaving MVP in control of the company and a seething Dixie Carter hurling abuse at Bully Ray for his betrayal.

Is it really the end of Dixie Carter?

It's not the first time that she has left, lets not forget when Hulk Hogan and his team took over on Impact and fans saw a distraught Dixie Carter running away. But, this is the new era of TNA, an era for a new generation. Gone has AJ Styles, followed by Sting and the rumours of Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian) to follow suit. Is Dixie Carter someone the fans no longer need to see on camera?

It was 2009 when fans first started to see the lady who seven years earlier had started to help financially back the company. On regular PPV'S, Dixie Carter started to be seen in the audience and to great fan fare as they saw her as the woman(with financial backing) that was helping keep TNA afloat.

It was from there she would become more involved in the main storylines, from the 2010 battle for company control with Hogan & Bischoff to the ill-fated AJ Styles/Claire Lynch story and then turning full blown nemesis to every fan as she declared war on TNA mainstay AJ Styles.

She recruited Rockstar Spud, the arrogant Ethan Carter III and then TNA Heavyweight Champion, Magnus, it soon appeared that she was amassing a faction to combat the wrestlers who turned against her, the following weeks fans saw The Bro-mans, Bad Influence and Bobby Roode rushing to her side as they demonstrated in battles with Styles & Sting.

From there, she was greeted with boo's as her character grew more but the venom pouring down from the crowds wasn't just because of her character, but torturous chaotic results seeing the end of Sting and AJ Styles with the company.  She became the symbol that the fans saw what was wrong with TNA.

Fans demanded a change, and a change is what they got, with the arrival of the Wolves then the Investor, MVP. Things were going to change for the better. Impact after Impact fans finally started to see their heroes triumphant and Carter looking more unsettled as the tide was starting to turn. Then came Lockdown and her house of cards came tumbling down around her.

The main question is what's next for Dixie Carter on screen? On Impact, Rockstar Spud is hosting a thank you Dixie segment that's sure to be reminiscent of an Eric Bischoff leaving scene a few years ago. But there could be a unique difference as fans know that deep down Dixie Carter wants the company to be a success and after eleven years of helping TNA becoming a World Wide known company it will be an interesting mix of Pro-wrestling and reality based comments as fans say goodbye to Dixie Carter.

Dixie is a woman and she has that caring aspect about her, sometimes she lets personal [issues] get involved with business because she can't help it. She cares about the wrestlers and their well being and their welfare. Other than that I think Dixie has done a great job. We are talking about a woman that has been involved in the entertainment business but not the wrestling business. - Kurt Angle

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