24 March 2014

#REWIND365: 10 - 23 Mar 2014

Welcome to #REWIND365 Where the Reaction Never Ends, a selective look at the fortnight's offerings from #IMPACT365.  At Lockdown 2014 we saw a shift in power with MVP taking the reigns of TNA.  Old alliances were severed and new ones forged.  The roster saw a welcome boost with both new and returning faces, and creative began sowing the seeds for a multitude of new storylines to take us up to Sacrifice.  #IMPACT365 has been inundated with exclusive footage these past two weeks, and here are just a few of the highlights.

Bronze:  Brittany's Peers

It was great to see a fresh new Knockout debut in the form of Brittany, and as a relative unknown I was surprised by both the general positive response from the crowd and her win over Gail Kim.  I couldn't help but feel sad for all those other potential Knockouts that were fed to Gail and squashed during that open challenge debacle though.

Brittany can certainly go in the ring, but also shows here she is a good talker.  She comes across as bright-eyed, enthusiastic about TNA and complimentary about her fellow Knockouts.

Perfect fodder for a feud with Gail Kim or a target for a potentially reuniting Beautiful People.  I will definitely be watching this space.

Silver:  Storm on the Horizon

I am probably somewhat biased when it comes to Gunner because I am enjoying his feud with Storm so much right now, but I definitely feel with each passing week he is getting stronger and stronger on the mic.  They are building Gunner up as a face the old fashioned way, the right way, as an honourable guy that has respect for his opponents and is trying to work hard to get to the top of the ladder.

Which is great, because it is the perfect foil for the hellacious SOB James Storm who we see lurking in the background in this video!

Gunner had a pretty rough time when he won the World title briefcase and fans questioned his credentials as a main event guy, which seems like it was a blessing as much as it was a curse as it feels like it has given Gunner the motivation to prove his detractors wrong and thankfully TNA look to be putting their faith in him.  I was unsure whether the match at Lockdown was going to be the end of this feud, so was overjoyed when this video was posted and it became clear that their fight at Lockdown was only the beginning.

Gold:  EC3 PO'd

I appreciate that they uploaded this footage to #IMPACT365, but I think it is absolutely criminal that the segment was not included on Impact.  There was already a lot of talking instead of wrestling last Thursday, but a lot of this talking was build up to things that fell flat with a lot of fans such as Chairgate with Bully Ray or the whole fiasco with MVP being chained to Abyss.  They could have ditched a couple of minutes on either of those to make way for this video, or heck just chopped off some of the early backstage brawl between EY and Abyss.

Ethan Carter is such a natural and entertaining talker that production cannot afford to simply cut him out altogether when he is giving great promos like this.  So whilst EC3's efforts may have been left on the cutting room floor this week, we salute his awesomeness with a gold medal for his collection!

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