08 March 2014

PREVIEW: Samuel Shaw vs. Mr. Anderson

Samuel Shaw has gotten everybody's attention, the "Creepy Bastard" who wants to know "your location" has created quite a stir with his very public courting and break up with TNA ring announcer Christy Hemme. From mannequins in the basement to choking out his opponents and whispering "SHHHH" in their ear, Shaw is one of the most unique and interesting characters in wrestling today, maybe even the MOST interesting. However, because of the uniqueness of the character many wondered "Who will be Samuel's first real feud?" Obviously he HAS to wrestle someone (it's not like he is going to wrestle Christy). Enter Mr. Anderson.

Anderson has gone through a transformation of sorts lately. Seems the microphone, the echo of his name, and blonde hair are gone, or at least scaled back. What we see now is a more focused, motivated and dangerous Mr. Anderson. After an intense feud with Bully Ray, Anderson needed a new direction and while one would think his goal is to get back to that TNA World Title, he is currently shut out of that scene, he also doesn't have a place in the Team Dixie vs. Team MVP feud either. Then a chance meeting with Christy Hemme led him to be attacked by Samuel in a jealous rage. Although, Samuel would tell you he was "protecting" her, either way, Anderson isn't going to take that lying down.

Both these guys are reminiscent of the "Attitude Era." One is an edgy character that pushes the boundaries of what belongs on a wrestling show, the other: a smack talking bad ass who isn't afraid to push the envelope himself. One would not expect this to be a contest full of chain wrestling and moonsaults off the cage, it doesn't have to be a "five star classic". No, this match is more about a clash of unique personalities and more about seeing "what's gonna happen?" How will Samuel react to the cage? Will he be able to focus on Anderson with Christy at ringside? Will she get involved? Is Anderson officially a "Creepy Bastard Slayer"? Will there be any involvement from anyone else? Bully Ray? Will this feud go where Anderson/Bully didn't and involve Ken's family? Some of the questions will be answered come Sunday at Lockdown.

Lewis Harris
"Personally, this is the toughest match to make a prediction on.  My head is telling me that Anderson will get the win, embarrassing Shaw in some way and maybe some 'unprofessional' interference from Christy Hemme.  But then I've got a feeling in my gut that there will be some other third party involved that will throw the match somehow, possibly Abyss or Bully Ray.  Anderson seems to attract all of the nutjobs."

Chris Regal
"Mr. Anderson is coming off a huge win against Bully Ray so I see his momentum continuing at Lockdown.  Anderson will get the win but I fully expect Samuel Shaw to put him to sleep post-match."

"This feud is in the early stages, and Shaw getting some kind of comeuppance for his creepy behaviour around Christy, so I say Anderson gets the win at Lockdown, but the feud doesn't end here."

"I really am a huge fan of the Samuel Shaw character.  I think he continues his rise with a clean win over Mr. Anderson.  Creepy Bastard wins!"

Nick Mann
"I'm actually going with a Mr. Anderson win here. Samuel attacks him afterwards, feud continues."

This is easily the biggest match of Samuel Shaw's career thus far. Anderson is not only a veteran of the ring, but we have seen when motivated is a main event player, and lately, he seems plenty motivated. The reaction of the Miami crowd may be more of a determining factor in the future of Shaw than anything else. Will the U.S. fans take to the character the way the U.K fans did? The "Creepy Bastard" chants must have made their way across the pond. If the match is crapped on, it may force TNA to take the focus off of Samuel, but this may also be a coming out party for Samuel Shaw and this match may be looked back on, as the point when he was made a player.

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