09 March 2014

PREVIEW: Samoa Joe vs. Magnus - TNA World Heavyweight Championship

One of the most refreshing things that has played out on TNA programming in 2014 has been the resurgence of the one and only Samoa Joe.  It's not even debatable that this is the strongest that Joe has looked since at least 2008 as he showed passion and was ON FIRE during the U.K. Tour.  Joe has also been the leading vote getter amongst fans in two separate polls that we have ran here at TNAMecca (Favorite Plot/Sub-Plot and Eventual Champion to beat Magnus). However, the young and debonair World Champion Magnus could care less about The Samoan Submission Machine's heart-warming comeback story. 

Mags is a young, aggressive stud that wants to prove to everyone that he is not a paper champion.  Could we see The Mag Daddy go to another level and finally get a "W" on his own?  Will he give us something dangerous and breath-taking like an elbow drop from the top of the cage, in order to pay the price and retain his World Title?  This is a very unpredictable Main Event when you really add up all of the elements and factors involved.  Will TNA throw water on a RED HOT Samoa Joe and halt his momentum?  Will we see The Reign of Magnus continue until Sacrifice and beyond?  OR will we see Samoa Joe capture the World Heavyweight Championship that has evaded him for years?  How much outside interference will come into play?  All these questions and more will be answered when these two former tag team partners collide inside of the steel!

Lewis Harris
"I still don't think they've scratched the surface with the Reign of Magnus.  Samoa Joe may well be the person to topple Magnus, but not for a while yet.  Magnus to retain his World Title, not sure how they'll manage it in a cage but I don't think it will be a clean."

Chris Regal
"This is probably the most difficult PPV main event to predict in quite some time simply because I'm not sure which direction TNA will go.  My gut tells me Magnus' reign will continue but I'm going to let my heart dictate this prediction: I will go with Samoa Joe."

"Yet Another match on this show that I struggle to pick a winner on. My gut says Joe continue's on the role he's been on and becomes the new World Champion."

"I have gone back and forth on this match so many times.  In the end I think Joe dethrones Magnus and wins the title. Joe kills Magnus in this bout.  Final answer."

Nick Mann
"I'm really feeling a title change here and I think the fans are ready for another run at the top for Samoa Joe. Magnus better run because Joe is Gonna Kill You!"

This match has major implications, as we have seen whoever holds the World Title belt carries a lot of power within the company.  Joe could continue his major revitalization that many fans have been clamoring about for a long time.  Would Magnus seem weak and have a hard time overcoming a loss like this only 3 months into his Title reign?  The power of Team Dixie comes into play here, as it does in Lethal LockDown.  The direction of the company seemingly will be altered depending on those 2 matches outcomes.  This should be a very strong fight as the main event scene in TNA figures to really heat up going forward.   

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