07 March 2014

PREVIEW: Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim - TNA Knockouts Championship

Gail Kim and Madison Rayne have a storied history with one another dating back to when the two were Knockout Tag Team Champions and "BFFS". Madison's return a few months ago was well received as she gave Gail a new opponent besides ODB and Velvet Sky (it's obvious we are not going with a Lei'd Tapa feud just yet). Madison's title win at Genesis took some by surprise because she hadn't been back long and really wasn't much of a focus. While this feud has not gotten a lot of attention, the in ring work has been outstanding. The street fight in the UK was excellent; even with limited time to work with; Rayne and Kim put on a hell of a show. Hopefully, they will have more time on pay per view and anybody that remembers Lockdown 2007 knows what Gail is willing to do in the cage.

It's no secret that the Knockouts Division is in dire need of some fresh faces. Fans have been starving for some new women to bring life to what seems like a nearly dead division. From the "#Shanna4TNAmovement", to fans tweeting Dixie Carter constantly, there is no way that the TNA brass doesn't know this. The cries for help seem to have been heard, as we have heard some promising rumors floating around about some old faces returning and "The Alpha Female" debut as Chris Sabin's new partner. However, it appears that we will have to wait until after Lockdown to see what changes are in store. In the meantime, we have Madison Rayne defending the KO title against Gail Kim.

Nick Mann
"I see Madison as a place holder champion between Gail and Lei'D Tapa because that's the money feud. This means Rayne needs to retain at Lockdown. My pick: Madison Rayne." 

"Madison will probably retain here.  I can see Lei'D Tapa finally turning on Gail and costing her the belt." 

Chris Regal
"The build for this match has been lackluster at best so I'm not sure which way the writers are leaning but I imagine they want to set up the next set of feuds and they'd want to do it with their best female wrestler as champion.  Gail Kim for the win." 

"I think Madison retains in this one. I expect something happens between Gail and Lei'D Tapa here to cause some friction between the two and start their eventual split, and with all the talk of new Knockouts coming in, it could give Madison fresh challengers while Gail could face other new faces and somehow keep losing because of Tapa." 

Lewis Harris
"The pairing of Gail Kim and Lei'D Tapa needs to be broken up at some point, and I think tonight we'll start to see their partnership fall apart.  Intentionally or otherwise, I can see Lei'D Tapa costing Gail Kim the match at Lockdown." 

This match should give us an indication of what TNA's plans are with the Knockouts. If this is given a bit of time and the ladies put on the kind of match that they are capable of having, then we know that all the talk of rebuilding the KO division isn't just hoopla. Another interesting thing about this match is that it will tell us if they are serious about Madison Rayne being a big part of the division, or if she is just a "paper" champion. If the belt goes back on Gail, Madison may fade to the background, but if she wins, it may show that TNA has confidence in her abilities to hold the championship for an extended reign.

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