09 March 2014

PREVIEW: Lethal Lockdown - Team MVP vs Team Dixie

In September of last year, Dixie Carter shocked the world when she showed a side we had never seen of her, a side we didn't even know she had. Carter was known for being friendly, caring and considerate, always trying to do the best for the fans and for her employee's, but after years of insults from both viewers and ex-employee's, Dixie finally snapped. Since her new attitude emerged, Carter hasn't been shy of showing who her favourites are, assembling what has been dubbed as "Team Dixie", a group including her hand picked Champion Magnus, her nephew EC3, The BroMans & Rockstar Spud, as well as associates such as Bobby Roode and Bad Influence, who have more of a "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine" relationship. This has caused a rift between the locker room, Dixie's supporters on one side and her detractors on the other, but recently those in the locker room who were anti-Dixie met a new investor, and someone who shared the same view on Carter as they did, MVP.

Not even two months into his tenure as an investor, MVP has already gained the loyalty of several TNA roster members, included Samoa Joe and his first signings, The Wolves. In that time he's also raised the stakes in his battle with TNA's President by challenging her to Lethal Lockdown, with full control of Wrestling Operations at stake. With wrestling operations up for grabs, both MVP and Dixie have done everything they can to assemble a winning team, from Dixie offering Bobby Roode 10% of TNA to be her Captain, to MVP convincing Jeff Hardy to return from his self-imposed exile, both teams have a solid line-up going into tonight's caged war. With some much on the line, these 8 warriors look to tear one another apart in order to attain the victory so they can be on the right side of the new head of Wrestling Operation's.

Nick Mann
"Even though it sort of defies traditional logic, I'm going with Team Dixie on this one. I'm thinking since MVP is only ONE of the investors, we're going to see more come out of the woodwork. Plus, I really like the idea of Bobby Roode owning 10% of TNA. This may end up being the best Lethal Lockdown we have seen in years considering who is involved."

Lewis Harris
"One way or another, Dixie Carter is getting screwed by Bobby Roode tonight as payback for her broken promises. Roode will either be complicit in handing MVP the win, or he will win and then hand over his 10% to MVP to make MVP the majority share holder and have effective creative control of the company. MVP taking more control seems like a natural step in the downfall of Dixieland, and will open the door nicely for any new/returning talent that have been rumoured."

Chris Regal
"Historically, the face team almost always wins the Lethal Lockdown but I suspect, this year, we will see Team Dixie get the victory in order to continue the investor storyline, which has only just begun.  This victory, however, will insert Bobby Roode and Austin Aries into the mix so things should get pretty interesting."

"I will go with Team MVP because I think Dixie is ready to be out of the limelight for a while.  A good, long while perhaps.  MVP and The Wolves win despite Aries possible game-changing presence.  Jeff Hardy is the deciding factor here as his return has been a mystery, especially with Willow looming around.  Does Willow direct Jeff in which team to actually help?  So many unpredictable elements involved here, but I still see Team MVP coming out on top."

"I think that Team MVP walks out of this match with the victory. It seems maybe Dixie has a few tricks up her sleeve, however I can see MVP having some cards of his own to neutralise her plan. Dixie claimed Jeff Hardy was suspended, so I predict we get the debut of Willow to get around Carter's curveball and help Team MVP get the win."

The ramifications of this match are huge. If Team Dixie wins, MVP's quest to make TNA a level playing field are pretty much over, and Dixie will continue to reign over the company with an iron fist. If Team MVP wins, it changes the game for everyone, for those against Dixie, she's no longer a factor and the playing field becomes even, for those on or associated with Team Dixie, the advantage they have had for the last several months will be wiped away and they no longer have the boss to pull the strings and help them continue to be successful. Whichever way it goes, it will have a ripple effect on all of TNA, and should be one hell of a brutal match inside Lethal Lockdown.

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