07 March 2014

PREVIEW: Kurt Angle vs Ethan Carter III

It was January 23rd, 2014 and TNA was in Huntsville, Alabama.  Kurt Angle had just come off a huge victory against Bobby Roode inside a steel cage.  He could have taken the rest of the night off but the Olympic Gold Medalist knew his night wasn't over until he made sure that his good friend Sting didn't suffer the same fate as AJ Styles at the hands of Team Dixie.  Unfortunately, Dixie Carter's crew was too much for Kurt Angle and his allies to handle as Sting was defeated by Magnus and was sent packing.  Due to his involvement, however, Angle became a target of Team Dixie's, which led to a brutal attack by Ethan Carter III on Angle's knee during his match against the TNA world champion Magnus in Glasgow, Scotland.  This was a new side of EC3, a meaner EC3, which incidentally emerged after the members of Team Dixie, including his aunt, began to treat him like an outsider.  All of a sudden, a prominent member of the top heel alliance was found in a position in which he needed to somehow prove his own aunt.  The result: Ethan Carter III targeted and attacked Kurt Angle, which some would call TNA's alpha male, albeit a wounded one.  Last week, during Kurt Angle's TNA Hall of Fame induction, EC3 proceeded to mock the seasoned veteran (as well as the dirtsheets) by embellishing his knee injury.  In the end, it backfired on the young lion as Angle officially announced that he and EC3 would face each other inside the steel cage at Lockdown, as per MVP's approval.

"Pretty sure EC3 wins here.  If not, it would make no sense to me.  Ethan needs this victory."

Nick Mann
"EC3 is my pick for this one. I think they may use another injury angle to write off Kurt for a while he seems to be walking wounded."

"I'm not sure who gets the win here, I can see Angle getting the win to be the exclamation mark on his Hall Of Fame induction, but I can also see EC3 continuing his undefeated streak and adding a top name like Angle to his list. I'm going to lean towards EC3 with this one, It would be a nice rub for Carter and if Kurt can put over Wes Brisco, he can certainly put over EC3."

Lewis Harris
"I cannot see Kurt Angle losing this match off the back of his return to form and resultant induction into the Hall of Fame, especially not with him punking out EC3 so blatantly after the ceremony.  The first failed attempt of a series against Angle as EC3 strives to become the new face of American Professional Wrestling."

Chris Regal
"I have a feeling that TNA will play up Kurt Angle's knee injury and Ethan Carter III will take full advantage of that on his way to victory."

This is, by far, Ethan Carter III's biggest match of his career so I think he'll leave the cage a winner regardless of the result.  With a competitive loss, he gets an enormous rub.  With a win, he cements his spot in the main event scene.  EC3 is one of TNA's future stars and they treat him like one.  In fact, he was given the royal treatment even before he made his debut at Bound for Glory so I imagine Lockdown 2014 will be the beginning of a very successful career for EC3 in TNA.  As for Kurt Angle, depending on how healthy he is, they can write him out after a brutal match inside the cage.

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