10 March 2014

Pick 'em League: Season Finale Round-Up

Last nights Lockdown PPV marked the end of TNAMecca's inaugural Pick 'em League, and it was a great way to end the first season. Almost every match on the show was tough to call, an argument could be made for every participant competing on the show, and combined with this being the final show in the Pick 'em League's first season, it made Lockdown a must-see event. With several people in with a chance to win the league, anticipation was pretty high, so without delaying it anymore, lets look at the breakdown of the picks:

While it was a tough card to call, several people achieved the coveted clean sweep. Chad of LOE, Ibra, Lobo, TNAIsAmazing & TylerGale all correctly predicted the 7 matches correctly and earned the maximum 21 points. Joint leader going into the event TheByronTaylor scored 15 points, while the group of 4 in second place also failed to score maximum points and attempt to make up the gap between first. With all of that taken into account, lets take a look at the final standings and see who is the Season One Winner:

So there it is Ladies and Gentlemen, after leading the league for most of the Season, your winner and the first ever TNAMecca Pick 'em League champion is Chad Of LOE! Congratulations to Chad on his win, and as the winner of the League, Chad will receive a $20 Gift Card for So, that's it for Season One, On behalf of Myself, BigDawg and Chris Regal, I'd like to thank everyone who took part in the league, it's been a lot of fun and set a great tone for Pick 'em League Season's to come.  Keep your eyes open for more updates on the start of the Season 2, as  it should be just as great a season as this one has been. Thanks again to everyone who took part and we'll see you next time.   

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