02 March 2014

Pick 'em League: Post Outbreak Standings

The TNA vs Wrestle 1: Outbreak event looked interesting on paper with some of the match-ups and possible title changes, and as we look back at the show, It certainly was. With a total of 24 points on the line, this event had the potential to really shake up the Leaderboard going into the final event of Season 1 next week. I must say, this was probably the toughest event to pick so far this Season, but the results have proven that anything could indeed happen. Lets take a look at the full breakdown of the picks:

Firstly, their are a few notes concerning some of the matches. The BroMans were added to the Tag Team Title match several hours before the event. Due to the lateness of the addition, and the fact so many of you had already made your picks, we decided to leave the match as it was, mainly because everyone picked the Wolves to retain and none of us thought the BroMans would actually regain the titles. As you now know, the latter happened, so no points have been awarded from that match. Abyss vs Yoshihiro Takayama ended in a no contest after both men refused to get back in the ring and continued brawling on the outside, due to the result being a no contest, no points were awarded from the contest.

Gail Kim defeated Madison Rayne, however the match was changed before the event to a non title match, so Madison Rayne is still Knockouts Champion. While the BroMans winning the Tag Titles was a shocker, another surprise came when Seiya Sanada beat Austin Aries and became the new X Division Champion. While a fair few backed Sanada to win the match, it still came as a surprise that he won and is the new X Division champion.

Like I said above, this was a really tough show to predict, and with two of the matches awarding no points, the total points up for grabs droped from 24 to 18, but still nobody could achieve a clean sweep with their picks. TheByronTaylor, JRobb22, MisterTNA & Willenator scored the highest number of points, earning 12 out of the possible 18. Lets take a look at how the picks have affected the Leaderboard:

Things just got very interesting! Before the event, Chad Of LOE was 6 points in-front at the top of the league, but after scoring just 6 points at Outbreak, and TheByronTaylor, who was in joint second before the event, scored 12 points, we now have a tie for first place going into Lockdown. The pack in second place has been reduced to 4, Ryan Martorano is the only man to hang on to his joint second place status, while JRobb22, MisterTNA & Willenator have all joined him after scoring 12 points at Outbreak. The gap between first and second has also decreased, and their are now just 3 points between positions.

It's going to be one to watch next week when we finish off Season 1 at Lockdown. Two men tied for first, four men just behind, and even more who can make up the gap with a couple of shock winners. The polls for Lockdown will open this Friday at 7:00am EST, and close next Sunday at 6:00pm EST. There are already 7 matches announced with at least one more expected to be announced on this Thursdays Impact, meaning so far 21 points are up for grabs. Due to the likely possibility that we could end up with two or more tied for first place, there will be a tiebreaker pick on the form that will come into play in the case of a tie. Thanks to all of you who participated in this event and we'll see you next week for the Season Finale of the Pick 'em League, Lockdown.

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