09 March 2014

Pick 'em League: Make Your Lockdown Picks Now!

The Polls for the final event in Season 1, Lockdown, are now open. 24 points are up for grabs at this event as well as a tiebreaker question in the case of a draw for first place after Lockdown. The deadline for picks is this Sunday at 6:30pm EST. As always, you must make a pick for all matches and can only submit one predictions form per user, any further forms under the same name will not be counted. With it being so close at the top of the league, its going to be a very interesting final day, who will win the $20 ShopTNA Gift Card and become the first ever TNAMecca Pick 'em League Champion? Find out this Sunday at Lockdown!

The Polls for Lockdown are now Closed, Good Luck to all of those who made their picks.

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