19 March 2014

Don't Forget About the It Factor...or...

Coming off of a LockDown PPV that saw Magnus retain his World Title and Team Roode (or Team Dixie depending on how you look at it) lose control of TNA Wrestling Operations, it would be somewhat logical and natural to speculate on the future or the World Title picture.  Not knowing the spoiler results for the next few weeks has made this unpredictable, much to my enjoyment.  Now, I'm not saying that Samoa Joe will automatically lose on Thursday as I have no knowledge of that.  However, it seems fairly unlikely that the World Title would change hands on a taped episode of IMPACT, and if Joe was going to win the title it probably would have been at LockDown.  I am optimistic that the main event match this week will be an entertaining one, but with Abyss (chained to a brave Eric Young) lurking nearby it doesn't appear that an immanent 2nd World Title run is in the cards for The Samoan Submission Machine (like I said, I may be wrong since I literally do not know the spoiler results).

All that being said, hypothetically, where does Magnus go from here?  Who is his next feud going to be with?  My money is eventually on Bobby Roode.  It's becoming more evident as the days go by that The It Factor is separating himself as a legit #1 contender.  His only obstacle right now is Bully Ray, who is a pretty damn big obstacle at the moment.  So it appears, from what we know right now, that Bully and Roode will feud for a while.  So who does Magnus face at Sacrifice (if it's not Samoa Joe for a 3rd time that is)?  If we were to go by the Sacrifice promotional poster, it might appear to be Willow.  Storyline-wise this adds up as Willow just destroyed Rockstar Spud, who was instrumental in Jeff Hardy losing to Magnus in the finals of the World Title Tournament last December.  Now here is Hardy in another form (a more vicious and bizarre version) possibly seeking his revenge on those members of the defunct Team Dixie that wronged him?  If indeed that is the direction that the build for Sacrifice is going in, I personally just don't see Willow as the person to take the Heavyweight Title away from Magnus.

I admit, I'm simply throwing things against the wall and looking for your ideas on the matter as well.  Let's say I am correct though.  That would mean that The Reign of Magnus is going to last until at least Slammiversary.  Out of the entire roster, who would be the most formidable opponent to face Magnus in that June PPV main event?  It has to be Bobby Roode right?  In a perfect world, I'd love to see a 3-way match between Austin Aries, Roode and Magnus at Slammiversary but beggars can't be choosers.  Austin Aries deserves that kind of respect and the fans are certainly clamoring for more and more of The Greatest Man That Ever Lived.  Who else would be a worthy opponent?  I cringe at Bobby Lashley being that person, but it seems more and more from recent interviews that his goal is to win the World Title.  Everyone else seems to be tied up in feuds that will last for a good, long while OR instead really are not in the main event scene plans.  So look into your crystal ball and tell me who you see being the legit #1 contender for Magnus going forward at Sacrifice and Slammiversary.  Just respect our no-spoiler policy if you have indeed read them.   

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