14 March 2014

Does MVP in Charge = Machine Gun-Style?

Last night's IMPACT exceeded my expectations.  I figured that TNA would bring a strong show but the action was RED HOT and came at us in an extremely face-paced and aggressive fashion.  It reminded me of a time before 2010 when TNA was really starting to come into its own.  Now I'm not an anti-Hogan guy like some, but it's extremely evident that since Hulks departure TNA has really started to rediscover the identity that once won fans over.  I am optimistic that as time goes on IMPACT Wrestling will continue to go back to its roots more and more.  Ironically enough, the man at the helm (on-camera) that is overseeing this nostalgic movement is another ex-WWE guy.  Go figure!

I have admitted it a couple times already, but I will say it one last time:  I was wrong about MVP.  When I watched him debut as The Investor in Glasgow, I kind of cringed and became somewhat disgruntled about it.  Honestly, a lot of my prior concerns about him stemmed from the ex-WWE guys that had came into TNA previously and earned a big paycheck to, in turn, deliver half-ass efforts that never really moved the meter.  Also, MVP had previously ran down TNA on Twitter and been fairly negative about the company in interviews.  Thankfully, he seemingly has genuinely changed his tune and the trend of a use-TNA-for-a-year-or-two mentality seems to not be the case with MVP.  He appears to be really dedicated to making sure TNA succeeds and he isn't putting himself in the limelight to make it happen either.  It would be really disconcerting if MVP was inserting himself into the World Title picture (and that was honestly one of my hesitations about him) but so far he is holding true to making sure that the proper talent are in the right places in each respective title scene.

Now, back to that machine gun-style show in the IMPACT Zone on Thursday night.  This distinctive style may just be the key to drawing new fans in (and retaining others) and really growing the product.  With the ADD and ADHD laden society that we currently live in (especially the younger generation that is constantly engulfed in smart phones, video games and tablets) this might possibly be the genre of IMPACT that will capture people's attention.  Last night it was just BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM over and over again.  There was not time to "be bored".  There was not time to look away and lose interest in what was going on.  Now, personally I would like to see the matches go a bit longer but I will trade that for the kaleidoscope of events that transpired in each segment.  It all seemed to really flow well and resonate with the LIVE audience and viewing audience.  There was oodles of positive feedback in our Post-IMPACT Discussion comment section and on social media.  MVP being in charge and Dixie being done with her on-screen character may just be the best thing since sliced bread.  If the 2 hours of IMPACT fly by like that every week, I am all for the MVP Era!

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