20 March 2014

Dixie Carter/Bully Ray Meeting Today!

It appears that Dixie Carter, who has not been seen since Lockdown, has requested to meet with a talent at the TNA offices this afternoon in what is being described as a private meeting.  No word on who that talent is but we will monitor this situation throughout the day so hopefully, he or she will be identified at some point.  In the meantime, click here to read the full article on TNA's site.

UPDATE: It now appears the talent that Dixie Carter will meet with this afternoon behind close doors is Bully Ray.  Although it is not surprising, given the events of the last week, it'll be interesting to see what transpires between the two.  I imagine we will be shown footage on tonight's Impact.  Click here for the full story on TNA's site.  Kudos to TNAMecca supporter Steve Barme for the heads up.

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