06 March 2014

Developing Story: Brooke Tessmacher Done with TNA?

Yesterday, it was brought to our attention that Brooke Tessmacher had deleted her accounts on Twitter and Facebook.  Although her profile remains on TNA's roster on their site, this led to speculation that she may have left the company.  That certainly may be the case but we chose not to report this until we had evidence that was a bit more concrete.  Well, today, Tessmacher changed her username on Instagram (an account she did not delete) to thebrookeadams, which is her real name, and added the following cryptic message, "Things change for a reason."  I think it's safe to say that her status has changed, whether it'd be in real life or kayfabe.  In any case, it's all speculation until we hear something official from Brooke or TNA.

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