14 February 2014

Willow: Jeff Hardy's Alter Ego?

Last night, TNA fans watched the first, of hopefully many, vignettes of Willow (also known as Willow the Whisp) and were captivated by this fascinating new character.  For those who don't know, Willow the Whisp was one of many Jeff Hardy gimmicks from his pre-WWE days in OMEGA Wrestling.  One of the most asked questions since the vignette aired is will Willow be a Jeff Hardy alter ego or will he replace Hardy completely?  It'll be interesting to see how TNA introduce him.  We already know that, as per MVP's announcement, Jeff Hardy is due to return at Lockdown on March 9th but is he returning as himself?  We shall see but once again, TNA have piqued our interest us with another intriguing new character.

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