06 February 2014

TNA Thursday Randomania - Feb 6, 2014

- This week, I'd like to begin with a topic that, in my opinion, hasn't gotten enough attention and that's the Wolves alluding to the fact that there are more members of their crew.  "They", Eddie Edwards called them.  It's unclear whether or not "they" are also investors, along with MVP, or simply wrestlers who have aligned with him.  It's important to note, however, that the manner in which the Wolves refer to them indicates to me that they have some authority.  How much?  It remains to be seen.

- I wonder, could the investor storyline and the constant teases by Jeff Jarrett, on social media regarding his new promotion, be connected?  I can't help but keep coming back to when Jarrett resigned from TNA in late December.  The company, shortly after, released an official statement which contained a rather odd inclusion.  The statement read, TNA Entertainment LLC announced today that it has accepted Mr. Jeff Jarrett's resignation from the company effective January 6th, 2014. Dixie Carter, President, commented "On behalf of TNA, we would like to thank Jeff for his contributions to the Company. We wish him the very best and look forward to his continued participation as an investor in TNA Wrestling."  The truth is Jeff Jarrett owns 29% of TNA, so in theory, Dixie's statement is fairly common practice.  However, it is now over a month later and the top story on Impact is the news that a new investor has bought into the company and has been secretly buying shares the last two months.  Is it simply a coincidence?  I'm curious to know, how much of that 29% does Jeff Jarrett still own?  If, all of a sudden in the next few weeks, company shares become part of the storyline on Impact, I could very well be onto something here.

- It appears that AJ Styles continues to speak unfavorably about TNA to this day and I'm not sure why that is.  Recently, he said in an interview, "I'm not saying that they're going under, but it sure does seem that way. They're really saving a lot of money in places. If they're so desperate to save money that they cut loose one of their top guys, the one guy that was known as the TNA guy, they must be hurting pretty bad. Either that or they think that loyalty means absolutely nothing to them, or they think I suck. I don't know which one of those it is."  Let me say this.  I'm absolutely stunned that Styles hasn't taken the high road in his post-TNA interviews.  I don't begrudge him the opportunity to make some money by talking about his time in TNA but his jabs at the company seem a bit spiteful to me.  I wish he hadn't gone there in his interviews and from what I've read, TNA isn't too happy with him either.  Some still believe that this is a work and quite frankly, I hope that's the case because my respect for AJ Styles has never been lower than it is right now.

- I won't justify the Kurt Angle and Eric Young rumors with any sort of lengthy diatribe but I will say this...heated discussions happen all the time in locker rooms and clubhouses.  There have even been times when it has turned physical.  This is not newsworthy.  This is not an indication that a particular talent is disgruntled and wants to leave the company.  Simply put, it's a non-story.

- And lastly, I'd like to discuss the current TNA product and particularly how good it is.  A new era is indeed upon us as the writers have done an exemplary job focusing on the essentials which make for good storytelling: thoughtful character development, well thought-out story progression, unexpected plot twists, and most importantly, top-notch wrestling.  Although there's still some fine-tuning to be done, last week's live show in Glasgow showed us that TNA is headed in the right direction.  I've always been a glass half-full sort of guy and have tried to look at the positives, even at times when it was hard to do, but the last time I was this genuinely optimistic about the product was in late 2009 when TNA seemed to be turning a corner.  For those whose memory needs refreshing, AJ Styles had just been passed the torch by Sting to become the TNA World champion.  He went on to feud with Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels.  Elsewhere on Impact, Desmond Wolfe had just made his TNA debut by approaching Kurt Angle in the locker room and punching him in the face.  It was outstanding.  It was an optimistic time in TNA.  And lately, I've felt that same optimism coming back.

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