27 February 2014

TNA Thursday Randomania - Feb 27, 2014

- This week, I'd like to focus on the Wolves capturing the TNA tag titles by defeating the BroMans at a live event in Morgantown, WV last Sunday night.  Typically, I like to look at things logically, which is something I do in all aspects of my life at times to the detriment of my personal relationships, so I understand why TNA made this decision.  I suspect that they wanted the Wolves to represent them on a PPV that will air live in Japan, a country in which the company would like to grow their fanbase.  From a business standpoint, I completely understand their motives.  But the question remains, how do I feel about it as a fan?

- I'll be honest, when I first heard that the Wolves won the TNA tag titles in Morgantown WV, I felt confused.  My initial reaction was not one that included a feeling of elation or great pleasure simply because I feel like TNA robbed me of a moment that I had greatly anticipated since the Wolves debuted on January 16th.  I knew that the Wolves winning the tag titles was only a matter of time so as a fan, I spent quite a bit of time pondering how and when it would happen.  Could it happen on the UK Tour or was it too soon?  How about Lockdown in Miami?  Or Slammiversary in June?  So many thoughts went through my head and not once did I imagine that the moment I had been waiting for would

- Putting aside all the reasons why it was logical to go with the title change when and where it did, I think TNA did a huge disservice to the fans who watch Impact every week and every single PPV simply to not miss a single moment.  Yes, the fan in me feels like TNA robbed me of that moment.  A moment that will never come.  The Wolves will never win the TNA tag team championships for the first time, at least not in such a way that feels acceptable to me.

- But again, I'm left with the feeling that TNA did the best they could under the circumstances because that's what I do.  I think about things logically.  My family claims it's a defense mechanism, and I know deep down inside that they're right.  But what exactly is the alternative?  I'm a TNA fan and although they tend to make the occasional miscalculation, they often do things right.  I don't watch Impact out of habit.  I watch because I enjoy it.  And because I know that TNA, for the most part, think about the fans so when they make a decision that doesn't quite feel, shall I say, fan-friendly, I choose to give them the benefit of the doubt.

- I'm curious to see how TNA plans to explain the tag title change on tonight's Impact as I've been told that the BroMans appeared at the London tapings with the belts around their waists.  I, myself, saw a photo from the tapings of the tag team inside the ring with the title belts.  How exactly will TNA explain this?  Some of our readers and I had discussed the possibility of Dixie Carter stripping the Wolves of the belts in a backstage segment but I don't believe this is an option simply because the Wrestle-1 One Night Only PPV takes place three days later in Japan.  So where does that leave TNA?  Could TNA bite the bullet by pulling back the curtain to admit that the next two episodes of Impact are taped?  If so, can viewers suspend their disbelief, which is ultimately what TNA would be counting on.  I'll be honest, I'm not sure if I can.

- With all that said, the Wolves as the new TNA tag team champions essentially resets the tag team division and sets up a couple of interesting scenarios.  We've already seen what the Wolves can do in the ring with Bad Influence so a feud between the two teams is very appealing.  However, in my opinion, the money feud is the Wolves vs a reunited Beer Money.  This is the feud that every TNA fan wants to see so I hope it's already in the works behind the scenes.  The truth is that the possibilities are endless with the Wolves as the tag team champions so in theory, the title change will provide the impetus for a much needed new era in the Tag Team Division.  But there I go again, thinking about it logically.  I just can't help myself, can I?

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