20 February 2014

TNA Thursday Randomania - Feb 20, 2014

- Ever since I started watching TNA, almost a decade ago, I've always felt the company nurtured a family atmosphere, not only in the way they conducted business but in the way they went about attracting new fans.  For many years, TNA's motto was "one fan at a time" and it still is although you don't hear it as often.  Perhaps, like so many other things, Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff did away with it.  That sort of philosophy had always been part of the fabric that was old school TNA.  But little by little, since 2010, that feeling of family began to disintegrate.

By 2013, a young company that had found its niche within the pro wrestling industry had all of a sudden turned into a low-rent sports entertainment business with an abundance of expensive and opportunistic former WWE employees.   I used the term 'employees' because I think it's important to acknowledge that the trio of Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, and Bruce Prichard deserve most of the blame for the condition the company was in last year.  Due to their costly mistakes, TNA went through enormous financial and creative struggles, but the one thing that is truly blasphemous in my eyes is the way these bloodsuckers stripped the company of its soul - the quality that made TNA so endearing.

As long as I've been a fan, it's been all about the TNA family.  And honestly, I didn't quite realize how much I appreciated it until it was taken away from us.  But I'm happy to say that the TNA I gave my heart to in 2005 is making a comeback.  No longer does Impact feel like a bunch of wrestlers-for-hire but a passionate and loyal group of talents who enjoy being part of this family - the TNA family.

- It's only fitting that I now discuss Ethan Carter III, who did an interview recently in which he said the following, "It feels good to be in TNA right now because it’s an atmosphere where everyone has their eye on the prize. Everyone’s focused on one goal and that’s to continue to move forward and to drive and succeed with each other.  I’m very happy in TNA. Once I hit the top of the main event, I will never be leaving TNA."  As a TNA fan, it is so refreshing to hear a young wrestler show his appreciation for the company that gave him a chance.  And this isn't an aberration.  EC3 has consistently put over TNA in his interviews.  I've been a huge fan of the character of EC3 since his debut but lately I've realized that I am an even bigger fan of the man behind the character, Michael Hutter.  Mr. Hutter has fully embraced the company he calls home now and that makes me an even happier TNA fan.

- Davey Richards is another who has consistently shown TNA some love since his arrival, in his interviews and on social media.  Just last night, a fan asked him on Twitter, "WWE NXT didn't work out?"  His reply, "Everything worked out quite well!"  As a TNA fan, how could you not be supportive of this man?  The Wolves, contrary to what some say, chose to come to TNA.  Richards and his partner Eddie Edwards picked TNA over the WWE, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  The Wolves are part of the TNA family now.

- And lastly, Magnus did an interview with Wrestle Talk TV while TNA were in the UK and I see some have dismissed him as a company man toeing the company line.  Firstly, there's nothing wrong with an employee putting over the company he works for, especially in the wrestling industry.  As a fan of the product, it irks me when wrestlers don't do it enough.  Secondly, this is not at all what Magnus did in this interview.  He was speaking directly from the heart because Magnus has always been complimentary of TNA and Dixie Carter.  It didn't start the moment he was given the world title belt.  Magnus is a TNA success story, and like Ethan Carter III and Davey Richards, he genuinely appreciates the company for giving him an opportunity to do the thing he loves.  And to do it on an international level.  The most interesting thing to come out of his interview, however, was Magnus' assertion that a couple of individuals "infiltrated" the company in recent years and didn't have the company's best interest at heart.  I think we all know who he's talking about so I'll spare you but I think it's terrific that the current TNA World Heavyweight champion chose to call them out.  It indicates to me a changing of the guard in TNA that I've talked about for the last several months because I can assure you, Magnus is speaking for every single person in the TNA locker room.  A locker room that, once again, feels like a real family.

A TNA family.

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