05 February 2014

The Wolves Fit Right In

Those who have regularly visited TNAMecca know that we've monitored the status of the American Wolves since our launch in August.  Although it appeared, at times, that the WWE would sign them, there were always signs that TNA was never quite out of it.  I was never 100% convinced that they would sign with the WWE even though the thought amongst the internet wrestling community was that it was a done deal.  But something about it seemed off to me.  

In December of 2013, I wrote the following in my weekly Randomania, "It looks like TNA might also be targeting Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards as they are still unsigned by the WWE, even though they recently appeared on NXT.  I'm of the belief that the American Wolves would have been signed by now if the WWE truly wanted them.  I'm not sure what the delay is but Richards and Edwards aren't an obscure tag team from a lower indie promotion who need to be scouted.  The duo has also been to at least two WWE try-outs."  Still, the year came to a close and the conventional wisdom was that Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards signing with the WWE was imminent.  Just around the corner.  But why wasn't I still convinced?

In early January of 2014, I urged TNA in a POV column to sign the American Wolves, as I felt that it wasn't as inconceivable as we were led to believe.  At the time, I genuinely believed that one of the best tag teams in the indies was within TNA's reach, and I hoped that the two sides would come to an agreement.  And they did.  

By the January 16th episode of Impact, we all were pretty certain that Richards and Edwards would debut in Huntsville, AL and looking back now, it was a debut that has essentially changed the landscape in TNA forever. It was during the Wolves' debut when we first heard about a new investor, and TNA fans all over the world began to speculate, who is the new investor?  A week later, the Wolves dropped another bomb on the TNA community in an amazing promo, announcing that the new investor would be revealed just one week later.  Just two weeks into their TNA career and the Wolves were the poster child of a new era in Impact Wrestling. 

The Wolves' in-ring debut came on January 30th live from Glasgow, Scotland when they were invited to the ring by Rockstar Spud in order to "interrogate" them about the new investor.  What struck me about this segment was how poised Richards and Edwards were.  They commanded the arena in such a profound way that I knew, immediately, that the Wolves were right where they were meant to be.  

In TNA, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards are the Wolves.  And from what I've seen in their short time in the company, they fit right in.

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