26 February 2014

The Inevitable Return to the Impact Zone

Look, I don't want to be a downer, and that is totally not the purpose of this POV post.  I have this bad habit of always thinking ahead though.  It gets me in trouble sometimes, but sometimes it's also very helpful and beneficial.  Facts are facts, and we have to face them.  Starting with the first IMPACT post-LockDown, TNA is going to be shooting at least 3 months worth of IMPACT episodes, 4 One Night Only PPV's and the Sacrifice PPV in the IMPACT Zone.  Holy cheese doodles Batman.  I'm trying to not view it as a nightmarish return to Universal Studios-Orlando but it's starting to sink in a bit.......and it is kind of deflating, I can't lie.  I know why it's happening and I accept it, but it doesn't mean I have to like it and do a dance about it.

Part of the reason it feels so deflating is because of how FRICKIN' AWESOME the crowds in Glasgow and Manchester have been.  We became somewhat spoiled during these U.K. Tour tapings because the crowds are so much bigger than normal and those fans are really, really into the product that they're watching.  I don't know how I could be anymore complimentary to the fans in Great Britain and Ireland, but if I could I would.  They have been spectacular and I've heard rumblings that the fans at Wembley Arena in London were equally as fantastic (if not the most vocal of the tour).  But in a little over 2 weeks, the reality of the IZ is going to set back in.  The analogy I have referred to in the past returns to Orlando (after road tapings) is: The college kid who recently graduated but can't find a job yet, so his parents are helping him get back on his feet.  Eventually that kid is going to find a damn good job and leave the nest again, but  this kind of financial stability is a must in order to survive for now.

These kind of "one-step-forward and half-step-back" times in TNA are when having a quality fan-community like TNAMecca comes into play.  It's true that we are here to discuss and debate all things TNA (while still having fun).  However, a community like this can also have a support and fortifying effect for us all.  I'm sure there are times that it gets to be tiring while defending TNA constantly.  I know even BigDawg gets worn out at times when trolls and idiots try to beat TNA down on Twitter and such.  Like Nick Mann pointed out the other day, being a  loyal TNA fan "is like being an outcast in a group of outcasts".  Well in the last last 6 months our group of outcasts here at TNAMecca has grown, and from March to June we may need each other more than ever.  The haters are going to lay on their anti-TNA rhetoric really thick now.  The so called "experts" are going to try and bury IMPACT Wrestling at a level that we may never have seen before.  A storm is coming, but as long as we all stick together it should be fine.  Forget the background of the Impact Zone and just focus on what's happening in the ring and in backstage promos.  We will get through this together.  Please just tell me everything is going to be OK.  TNA fans unite!

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