08 February 2014

The Great Muta and Seiya Sanada to Wrestle at Lockdown?

TNA recently announced that the company would be taping a One Night Only PPV in Japan on March 2nd.  The PPV's theme will be TNA vs Wrestle-1 and it appears that all the TNA titles will be on the line.  In addition, it was announced that the Great Muta and Seiya Sanada will travel to the U.S. to appear at the Lockdown PPV.   Sanada is the young wrestler who competed against AJ Styles in Japan last November when the TNA world champion left the company with the belt.  TNA did not specify whether or not the two would wrestle on the PPV however.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the information I was given could not be confirmed so I've decided to retract the reported rumor.  We pride ourselves on reporting only news or rumors from reliable sources and I sadly strayed from our policy due to my negligence and inability to do my due diligence, and for that, I apologize.  With that said, the info above is accurate.

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