10 February 2014

#REWIND365: 27 Jan - 9 Feb 2014

Welcome to #REWIND365 Where the Reaction Never Ends, a selective look at the fortnight's offerings from #IMPACT365.  With the two fantastic Glasgow shows done and dusted, the 2014 Maximum Impact UK Tour is shaping up to be TNA's best to date.  It has been a busy two weeks for TNA, not least of all the reveal of the new investor.  If you've been left dumbstruck by the amount of storylines being crammed into Impact and not had time to check out #IMPACT365, fret not! I give to you my pick of the top three videos from the fortnight gone by.

Bronze: Sky Has Limits

If the latest TNAMecca poll results are anything to go by, the break-up between Velvet Sky and Chris Sabin has not captured the imagination of fans quite as effectively as the many other storylines filling our screens on Impact.  That is not to say this storyline is in any way bad, it is just up against some very stiff competition.

As much as I am enjoying Chris Sabin in his role as a heinous jerk of an ex-boyfriend, I am in agreement with the poll results.  For me the problem lies with the way that Velvet has been portrayed throughout.  Watching her flip-flop from pert ass-kicking Knockouts wrestler one week, to hapless valet and unwitting consort to Sabin the following week felt very odd.

Up until now, we haven't heard very much from Velvet to explain her actions.  It is for this reason that Velvet earns the bronze this week, giving us a video explaining the blinding power of love and bridging the gap between her recent onscreen roles as both Knockout and meek valet.  Velvet is a great actress and I am hoping they include some of this footage on a future episode of Impact.

Random cameo from Curry Man at the end?  No complaints here!

Silver: Backstage Borash

We haven't seen a lot of #IMPACT365 footage filmed from the UK tapings, but it was a nice touch by Jeremy Borash giving us a backstage tour of the Manchester arena.  Borash is brilliant as always, and is easy going with everyone from the TNA talent to random arena staff.  A joy to watch simply for his enthusiasm for the job, and for being such a thoroughly decent chap Borash bags himself some silver.

It was thoughtful of JB to cover one of the signs in the corridor, but a bit of an oversight including the sign in the Youtube still!  Free Wi-Fi anyone?

Gold: Invested Interests

Having watched MVP's first major appearance on the latest Impact, and the videos he has been submitting to #IMPACT365, I am very relieved to discover that he is such a good talker.  Great in fact.  All three of the MVP clips are worth watching, especially if you had any doubts as to how they would explain him becoming an investor in TNA.

One thing that TNA has been doing very well recently on the back of a horrible year in 2013, is blending together fact and fiction to their benefit, and they seem to be applying that very well to introduce MVP as someone that the fans can root for and the perfect antithesis to TeamDixie.  A passion for professional wrestling for saving him from a life of criminality, and an understanding and respect for what motivates the roster, MVP is shaping up to be a great foil for the current regime.

An early gold for MVP, if and when he laces his boots I hope that his ringwork in TNA is as great as his mic work.  Very excited to see what will become of this investor angle.

It doesn't take anything away from how good the MVP clips were, but I would have liked to have heard some mention of The Wolves and why he gave them a contract.  Others have commented that The Wolves were notable by their absence from MVP's side last Thursday, and I would echo that.  The signing of The Wolves was big news, and as the man responsible I'd like to hear MVP  touch on it at some point and what their role is at his side.

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