10 February 2014

Memo to TNA: Say Goodbye to Kurt Angle!

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a POV on Kurt Angle's ill-timed misstep after confessing, to the wrestling world, his desire to return to the WWE during a press tour in which his main priority had been to promote TNA in the UK.  At the time, I found his behavior unacceptable.  Unfortunately, Kurt Angle was at it again this week.  A fan asked Angle on Twitter if it's true that he has a desire to return to the WWE.  The TNA wrestler replied, "It's true."  

Let me repeat.  Kurt Angle, a wrestler under contract with TNA and paid by TNA, told a fan on Twitter that he wants to return to the WWE.  It's true, he said.  For this reason, I urge Dixie Carter and TNA to show this man the door when his contract expires.  And until that day comes, the Olympic gold medalist better be putting over some young talent on his way out.  I want to believe that it is indeed a new era in TNA - an era in which the company will no longer tolerate this sort of behavior, even from one of its biggest stars.  What Kurt Angle has done is highly inappropriate.  It's the sort of behavior you wouldn't see from any WWE superstar.  You wouldn't even see it from any Ring of Honor talent.  So why exactly does TNA tolerate such behavior?  Dixie Carter, I implore's time to make an example of Kurt Angle.

I wonder, if it were the other way around and Kurt Angle had said this about TNA while under contract with the WWE, what would Vince McMahon do?  By no means am I a huge fan of Vince's but in this instance, I wish Dixie Carter and TNA acted a bit more like him.

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