11 February 2014

Is Samoa Joe Gonna Kill Magnus at Lockdown?

When Magnus first captured the TNA World Title during the episode of IMPACT (Final Resolution) which aired on Dec. 19th last year, I figured that he would be in for a long title reign of at least 6 months.  Fast-forward to February and now I'm not as sure that the duration of "The Reign of Magnus" is going to be as lengthy as many of us originally thought.  Now, don't get me wrong, I think Magnus has done a good job of getting over as a sneaky/cowardly heel champion.  Everything he has done as a champion has been with the aide of Team Dixie, and his intentional delusion of "how dominant" he has been has translated well so far.  However, the question to ponder is, "How much longer will this current direction with Magnus really work?".  The main event at LockDown has suddenly become significantly more unpredictable.

Enter a rejuvenated and refreshed Samoa Joe.  According to our current TNAMecca Poll (which has had a significant amount of votes so far), Samoa Joe's resurgence is the #1 plot/subplot amongst our readers and commenters.  That's really saying something too because there are 12 options to choose from on the poll.  In my opinion, this Joe push is way overdue.  It's kind of disconcerting that it took AJ and Sting leaving in order to free up a main event spot for the Samoan Submission Machine.  The 2014 U.K. Tour has essentially brought Joe "back to life" and reestablished his relevancy within the industry.  For so long he sat on the sidelines as a mid-carder, saddled with ridiculous booking while his talents were overlooked and under appreciated.  Thankfully those days seem to be gone as he has been the most-over wrestler in Great Britain and Ireland during this monumental tour.

Now, think back to the previous peak in Samoa Joe's career at LockDown 2008.  Joe was on top of his game then and beat Kurt Angle cleanly that day in a pro-wrestling/MMA World Title Match.  I remember watching that PPV and being very impressed with the new World Champ.  After a  nearly 6 year roller coaster ride of ups and downs, I believe Samoa Joe may be poised and ready to be World Champion again at LockDown in Miami on March 9th.  I get it that some people dis Joe because of his body and perceived "lack of a work-ethic".  He may not be the ripped, muscular wrestler that Magnus is - but the man CAN GO in the ring.  His skills and movement in the ring and his command on the mic are still as impressive as they always have been.  Maybe I'm up in the night with this.  Maybe I'm trying to trick our Pick 'Em League members into choosing Joe instead of Magnus.  But maybe, just maybe, TNA management is calling an audible and will allow Joe to capture the World Title from Magnus at LockDown.  Hey, stranger things have happened a van full of ninjas kidnapping someone and then never having it explained......ever.  Fucking Russo....... 

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