25 February 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Knux to Return to TNA Soon!

A source, with knowledge of the situation, has informed TNAMecca that Knux will be returning to TNA soon and he will be bringing with him a female valet.  Knux will apparently be given a slightly new gimmick that consists of a country theme/biker dude with a sexy valet who's often seen wearing Daisy Dukes.  Although our source told us that the valet has been signed, her identity is unknown at this time.  However, we were told that Knux's valet is a new signing, not a current Knockout.  If and when we learn the identity of the new Knockout, we will be sure to bring it to you.

UPDATE: We've been getting quite a few questions regarding the new Knockout so I thought I'd clarify...we have seen several photos of her, many of which are with Knux, and to our knowledge, she is a new face. She is not Santana Garrett, Shanna, Mia Yim, Jessica James, Taeler Hendrix or any female wrestler who's been mentioned in rumors the last several weeks.  As soon as we find out her name, we will be sure to share it with you. 

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