03 February 2014

A British Point of View

While I am immensely proud to finally have a Brit as a World Heavyweight Champion in a major wrestling promotion, I am still to be convinced that Magnus was the right way for TNA to go. I have never been a massive fan of Magnus, although I do see his massive potential. He has a great look and is certainly improving on the mic. His "Reign of Magnus" catchphrase is delivered with more and more disdain for the crowd and this is one of the makings of a great heel champion. What lets him down for me are two things: the lack of a hard hitting move set or a good stiff finisher. For me, the driver he uses just isn't good enough as too many people have kicked out of it in the past. He needs to come up with a really vicious finisher which he hits after his top rope flying elbow (a move he delivers as well as the likes of Shawn Michaels ever did).

He also needs to decide if he is a true heel or not. I totally understand him being part of Team Dixie, but he has gone against the will of Dixie Carter on more than one occasion in the few weeks he has been champion. A true heel champion does not accept challenges to his title lightly. They do everything possible for as long as possible to avoid getting in the ring with their title on the line. They don't care if their wrestling credibility is challenged. Magnus has broken this heel champ staple three times already, accepting challenges from AJ Styles, Sting and Samoa Joe & Kurt Angle (although I understand the rush to "accept" Styles' challenge due to AJ's contract status).

While on the subject of my fellow countrymen in TNA, I'd like ask why TNA chose to make Rockstar Spud's character seem like a wimpy Personal Assistant? His backstage and mic work are hugely entertaining but I'm unsure why the writers have made him a joke during his in-ring physical work. I watched British Boot Camp, which he won, and saw him wrestle live during 2013's Maximum Impact Tour and the guy can genuinely go. Are the American viewers unaware of this fact? He is still developing and climbing the ladder but his Chief of Staff character could still work even if he was allowed to showcase his in-ring talents from time to time. He needs to be placed into the X-Division title picture over the next few weeks/months and Team Dixie could then be a truly great faction with Magnus as World champion, Spud as X-Division champion and the likes of Bad Influence or The BroMans as Tag champs.

It's an exciting time to be a British TNA fan. We have two rising stars in the company and already have the promise of a 2015 tour. I urge TNA, though, to get one over on WWE by finally bringing a major PPV back to these shores for the first time since Summerslam in 1992.

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