06 January 2014

Where has Kenny King been?

The last time we saw Kenny King on Impact, he had busted his head open at the hands of Austin Aries after provoking the greatest man that ever lived.  Well, it was actually a week later in an X Division tag team match but the point I'm trying to make is just one episode of Impact, Kenny King made more of an impression than many wrestlers make in months.  That is the beauty of King.  He's got a knack for making even the most casual of fans sit up and take notice, which raises the question...where has Kenny King been and why isn't he on TV?

I'm not sure whether or not there are plans to bring him back to Impact anytime soon but I've been monitoring his Twitter account for several days and I've noticed a couple things.  Firstly, he tweeted the following on New Year's eve: "Gonna jump on 2014's ass fast. I will be on top early and often. 2014, you will walk around holding my pocket. You will all bear witness."  And secondly, after New Year's day, he removed the AnX from his Twitter username and replaced it with Pb2.  I'm not sure what Pb2 stands for - if anyone does, be sure to post it in the comments section - but I think there's some significance to the name change.  Could we finally see the permanent return of Kenny King to Impact Wrestling?  I hope so.

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