24 January 2014

TNA to Return to Universal Studios in March!

TNA have announced that the company will return to Universal Studios, at least temporarily, in March for several sets of Impact tapings as well as a One Night Only taping and a PPV live event.  We had wondered whether or not TNA would remain on the road after the UK Tour or find another permanent location.  It seems that TNA have found another solution that includes temporarily taping at the Impact Zone, perhaps giving them more time to find a permanent location or budget for a future on the road.  Only time will tell but this is good news for those of you who were concerned that TNA wouldn't find a home after the Lockdown PPV on March 9th.  However, the most newsworthy item in this announcement is the fact that there will be a fourth live PPV this year between Lockdown and Slammiversary in June.  It's anybody's guess which PPV it will be but hopefully we'll get more info in the coming weeks.  Kudos to Richard Gray of Wrestling News World for the heads up.

The schedule for the Impact Zone tapings is below...

  • MARCH 14 – IMPACT Taping
  • MARCH 15 – IMPACT Taping
  • APRIL 11 – IMPACT Taping
  • APRIL 12 – IMPACT Taping
  • APRIL 26 – One Night Only Taping
  • APRIL 27 – TNA Pay-Per-View Event
  • APRIL 28 – IMPACT Taping
  • APRIL 29 – IMPACT Taping
  • MAY 7 – IMPACT Taping
  • MAY 8 – IMPACT Taping
  • MAY 9 – IMPACT Taping

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