07 January 2014

The American Wolves to Join TNA on UK Tour?

We've been reporting for the last couple of weeks on the possibility of the American Wolves signing with TNA after WWE reportedly declined to sign them after their try-outs.  There have been signs that the Wolves could possibly join TNA at some point and Davey Richards' latest tweets may have given us a clue as to when.  A fan asked Richards on Twitter if he would be coming back to the UK this year, to which Davey replied, "I am."  In another tweet to a fan, Richards expressed his regret over canceling a future indie show by explaining that he "can't say at the moment but you'll see why soon enough."  Late last night, it was brought to my attention, by TNAMecca reader James Drake, that the indie show Richards was referring to was to take place on February 1st, which incidentally coincides with TNA's UK Tour.  I wouldn't necessarily describe it as top notch detective work but judging by these tweets, it's quite possible that the American Wolves will make their TNA debut as early as January 16th at Genesis, just in time for the UK Tour.

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