16 January 2014

UPDATE: The American Wolves Confirmed for Genesis!

Dixie Carter tweeted the hint she had promised yesterday regarding the new talent that will appear on tonight's Impact: 

She's not subtle, is she? I think we can now finally confirm that the American Wolves, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards will be making their TNA debut at Genesis tonight in Huntsville AL. How you do guys feel about this?  I'm ecstatic.  I think the American Wolves are a perfect fit for the TNA style of pro wrestling/sports entertainment.  There's no doubt in my mind that they will excel in an environment that's conducive for talented workers.

UPDATE: Jason Powell of Pro Wrestling Dot Net is reporting that Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards are in Huntsville AL today.  Although we all had ultimately come to the conclusion that the American Wolves would debut at Genesis, it's nice to hear that they've arrived in Huntsville.  PWInsider has also confirmed this news.  (Kudos to TNAMecca supporter PhenomAJJones for the heads up.)

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