31 January 2014

Spoiler-FREE and Loving Every Minute of it!

What a show in Glasgow!  I knew TNA was going to make it a special night, and boy did they deliver!  Most definitely one of my favorite episodes of IMPACT in the last 2 plus years.  I have no complaints at all.  The "extra gravy" on those mashed potatoes was the brilliant crowd in Scotland at the beautiful new Hydro SSE Arena.  The educated attendance estimation in Glasgow from one of our new and valued TNAMecca commenters KennyA7X was reported to be in the 7,500 - 8,000 range.  That is coming from someone in attendance at the show, and we thank him for sharing that with us.  That is one of the beauties of having a nice community of TNA fans together here at TNAMecca; we get to hear from people that actually attended the show!  I personally love to hear the feedback from fans that have a wonderful time, and experience TNA like I have before IN PERSON.  Being there LIVE and feeling the electricity of the crowd is such a natural high.  However, the new experience that I just performed a science experiment with (under the direction of Eric Young btw) was watching the #ImpactGlasgow completely and 100% Spoiler-Free.  I had not done this before as the temptation of the spoilers always got me.  Now, I may never read IMPACT spoilers again after how much more pure and natural the show looked and felt to me.

Granted, the U.K. Tour is my favorite thing IMPACT Wrestling does all year so I am a bit biased. But avoiding Twitter with the tape delay on Thursday was the best decision I have made for a long time.  I didn't have to hear the haters take a crap on everything.  I didn't have to read about them dissing the revelation of the Investor (although I hear that was actually fairly well-received, which is both surprising and cool).  I stayed in my own little bubble of innocence and untainted fandom.  Now, you guys can do whatever you'd like and I'm most definitely not telling you what to do.  That being said, with all of these taped episodes from the U.K. and later in the Impact Zone coming up, maybe you should also think of switching to being spoiler-free.  That's quickly becoming one of our most unique, respected and celebrated aspects here for the TNAMeccanites!  You don't have to love it, but that policy is not changing anytime soon.

When you saw the big crowd of Scots looking like a massive gathering of Scottish soccer hooligans, did your heart skip a beat?  Mine did.  My adrenaline was going for 2 hours straight like nobodies business.  I can hear a smart-ass out there now asking me, "So did you like the show then?".  LOL!  I would have to say I had more fun last night than one probably should from a wrestling show but that's what pro-wrestling nerds DO!  We have fun watching the show and we don't care what people think of it!  Now, I said in the comment sections yesterday that I wasn't going to like MVP being the Investor.  That is still true, but they did the best job possible of orchestrating his reveal.  I will stick to my guns that he is not the ONLY Investor.  I believe we are looking at a group here and he is a nice piece of the group with The Wolves.  Whether the group is called "Investor" or they are indeed multiple investors is yet to be seen, but either way it's making an IMPACT!  So many people on Twitter post-IMPACT were saying that they watched TNA for the first time in ages specifically because of MVP.  His value is good and he will help draw fans to arenas in Miami and Japan.  Such perfect and serendipitous timing with how disgruntled some of the WWE fan-base is right now, as we have a respected ex-WWE member coming into the fold like this.  It has people rethinking their hateful stance towards TNA and I am shocked that it has had that kind of affect.  TNA is shifting into high gear, and they have Ireland and Scotland to thank for making it happen along with a dedicated crew of wrestlers/performers, production staff, writers and management.

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