27 January 2014

#REWIND365: 12-26 Jan 2014

Welcome to #REWIND365 Where the Reaction Never Ends, a selective look at the fortnight's offerings from #IMPACT365.  With the departure of several TNA veterans over the past few weeks, and the spotlight being focused on a more youthful roster, this year perhaps more than any other the Genesis PPVs have been relevant for TNA as they usher in a new era.  #REWIND365 has been keeping tabs on all the uploads during these exciting two weeks, and presents to you a selection of three that deserve a look in.

Bronze: Time for New Poster Boys

Never one to shy away from turning the hatred of her critics to her advantage, Dixie Carter manages to enrage several strata of the internet community in a short stroll down the corridor of her Nashville offices.  Real or fake, there are a lot of people upset by the departures of Jarrett, AJ Styles, Hardy and Sting, and Dixie is trolling them all in this video and rubbing salt in their wounds by requesting that their memory be removed from the TNA offices.

The result?  More heat to fuel her and Spud's heel personas.  I think there is a very fine line between capitalising on ill-feeling from the fans, and pushing their buttons too far.  At this stage, Dixie appears very savvy at walking that line.

Definitely felt like Dixie was having a pop at the dirt-sheets in this video as well, and demonstrates she has a sense of humour about some of the rumours of financial woe in TNA by telling Spud they could make some money by selling Jeff's artwork.

Silver: Worth Every Pound, Franc, Peso, Yen

Aside from a fairly entertaining stint with Bobby Roode as the Dirty Heels, 2013 was a rotten year for Aries and it hasn't gotten a whole lot better with the recent back and forth flurry of X-Division Title changes with Chris Sabin.  This has nothing to do with his wrestling ability, Aries always delivers between the ropes and puts on a great show whoever his opponent, but the way he has been booked and utilised in storylines has been shockingly awful given his talent.

The fans have been very vocal about their support for Aries, to the point of frustration and bemusement that the people in charge of TNA are not doing more with Austin Aries.  This is the message that Aries is delivering in this video, in what almost feels like a shoot interview.  I was actually quite surprised that TNA allowed it to be uploaded to #IMPACT365, but am also hopeful that they now have plans to address this injustice if they are choosing to acknowledge the fans' dissatisfaction with regards to Aries' booking.

Good to see Aries has the presence of mind to mention Zema Ion's X-Division Title shot briefcase which, along with EC3's Tag Title briefcase, has largely gone unmentioned since the Feast or Fired match.

Gold: Not Stopping for Anybody

Ever since capitalising on the Jeff Hardy screwjob and helping himself to the title belt, Magnus has not had a clean win inside the ring.  Whilst some might be questioning his strength as the World champion, I don't think many people would question his increasing strength on the mic.

Magnus always comes across as more comfortable in these types of impromptu backstage interviews as opposed to the more scripted in-ring exchanges, and here we see Magnus deliver five minutes of gold in what could be the last we see of him before he steps out from behind the curtain in Glasgow on Thursday.
A fitting way to cement the future of the TNA youth movement as Magnus talks about how far he has come in a year, and the way he was being held back by the TNA veterans.

Is it just me, or did Magnus have a touch of the David Brent about him with his analogy about fast and slow lanes?  Great to see Magnus adding some much needed humour to his interviews


A lot of good stuff to be found on #IMPACT365 to back up some great performances during the two week Genesis special.  Both reaction videos from Roode and Angle suggest that their feud may be over for the time being, and Roode in particular sounds as though he may be heading in a new direction soon.  Notable mentions to EC3 and the BroMans for supplying us with some funnies, even if the BroMan's attempts at British accents are awful!

With 6 weeks worth of UK tapings coming up, I am a little uncertain how #IMPACT365 will be affected.  There was a definite slump in the volume of uploads towards the end of the last set of block tapings so hopefully they capture plenty of bonus material inbetween what must be an incredibly busy schedule in the UK.  Kurt Angle has been appearing on various UK programs to promote the UK tour, so it would be great to see some of this make its way to #IMPACT365 like they did with the TV deal promotion in India.

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