19 January 2014

Pick 'em League: Post Genesis Part 1 Standings

The first half of Genesis is over and we have 3 matches from the show to add to the Leaderboard. 9 points were up for grabs on the show, and for the first time this season several people performed a clean sweep and earned all 9 points. The favourites going into the matches were EC3, Bully Ray & Gail Kim, so wins from EC3 and Bully Ray benefited a strong portion of the league, while Ranye's surprise victory earned several people a well deserved 3 points. Lets take a look at the full breakdown of the picks;

As you can see above, There were quite a few who earned 9 points, with the only person who did pick Madison Rayne but missed out on 9 points being Robsvoice40. ChadofLOE has cemented his place as the leader of the pack after being tied for first with JGor492 since Turning Point. Lets see exactly how the first half of Genesis has effected the leaderboard.

Unfortunately for JGor492, he was only able to earn 3 points, which saw him drop from joint 1st to joint 3rd, 6 points adrift of the lead. If you need a reason why you shouldn't miss making your picks for an event, then BodaciousHorror will tell you why. After Turning Point he was in tied for 3rd place with several others, now after missing out on making his Genesis picks, he's currently tied for 5th place, and with him missing out on making his picks for the second half of Genesis, there's going to be alot of ground to make up if he wants to finish near the top by Lockdown.

Genesis: Part 2 will be very interesting next week. While ChadofLOE has established a gap between himself and second, AlfredBrickrock, Real Hayden_BITW and TheByronTaylor are only three points behind him, and with 6 points up for grabs next week, its possible we could have joint leaders once again or even a new leader. Thanks again to all those who participated, we'll see you next week for the Post Genesis: Part 2 Standings. 

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