04 January 2014

Memo to TNA: Sign Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards

A rumor surfaced, recently, that the WWE has declined to sign Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards to a contract.  Although we've been reporting certain rumors about the American Wolves, we chose not to report this particular rumor, due to its source, whom we don't find reliable.  However, I do find that his reports on the WWE are much more accurate than those on TNA.  In any case, if this rumor is correct, I hope TNA responds immediately by signing the American Wolves to a contract.  

I realize that Richards, in particular, hasn't the best attitude and he was critical of TNA in a recent interview but he's a hell of a worker and, quite frankly, TNA could use more of those right now.  But more importantly, if there's one thing that TNA currently lacks (and has lacked since the Motor City Machine Guns split up) is a top babyface tag team - one that the fans can truly get behind and root for.  The American Wolves can be that tag team.  Their arrival would immediately make the Tag Team Division stronger simply because they are ready-made the moment they sign on the dotted line.  Richards and Edwards can do for the Tag Team Division what Austin Aries did for the X Division in 2011 - put it back on the map.

The division already consists of the current champions, the BroMans, and Bad Influence.  That's two already established tag teams with their own respective followings.  The American Wolves would be the third.  All of a sudden, you have two fresh feuds that the writers can focus on and begin the process of rebuilding the division.  And might I add, one of those feuds would be Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards vs Christopher Daniels & Kazarian.  I repeat...the American Wolves vs Bad Influence.

So I strongly urge TNA to not let this opportunity slip by.  As I say this, however, why do I get the feeling that the pen has lifted and the ink has dried?  Am I the only one?

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