01 January 2014

Jeff Jarrett Resignation Affecting Contract Negotiations?

Richard Gray of Wrestling News World is reporting that the Jeff Jarrett departure may have affected the contract negotiations between AJ Styles and TNA due to his loyalty to Jarrett.  Gray goes on to report that some within TNA are concerned that Jarrett could be starting a new promotion with Toby Keith as an investor.  Things are finally starting to become a bit more clear, in my opinion.  Jarrett departing TNA has essentially put on hold the AJ Styles negotiations.  Could AJ be stalling in order to trigger a bidding war between TNA and Jarrett's new promotion, or has Styles already agreed to work for the new promotion and is simply biding his time in the indies until then?  It's certainly a possibility.  I have a feeling there will be more TNA wrestlers who take the same stance in the coming months.  This is an interesting, and somewhat troubling, development for TNA and its fans.  We will continue to monitor this story and will continue to bring you updates as we get them. I'm sure we will know more after January 6th when Jarrett's contract with TNA officially ends.

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