25 January 2014

Glasgow, Scotland: You are in for a TREAT!

The magnitude of the situation looks sky high to me.  I remember fondly when it was announced in early May of 2013: "The Glasgow show on the U.K. Tour taking place on January 30th, 2014 will be broadcast LIVE in the United Kingdom on Challenge TV!"  The much-deserved "first dibs" FINALLY was pre-planned and awarded to the most-deserving international TNA fan-base.  Even at that time last May, I remember contemplating (as many did) what TNA might look like by then.  Would Magnus be in the World Title scene at that point?  What will TNA's direction be by that point?  Will they have a HUGE crowd there to witness the show at the new SSE Hydro arena?  Now we all know those answers.  Magnus is TNA World Champion heading back to his native land for multiple IMPACT episodes.  There is a distinct Youth Movement within IMPACT WRESTLING headlined by exciting and emerging superstars.  There is a HOOK to draw people in with The New Investor angle.  And finally, I am very confident that the crowd in Glasgow will be large, rowdy and HOT!

Now, you can call me a homer or a fanboy or tell me I have rose-colored glasses on....whatever.  I don't give a shit.  In fact, I don't give a rat's ass what people think about my point of view.  It's true that I am optimistic about where TNA is heading, in both a literal sense and in a general sense also.  If you are not excited for this Glasgow IMPACT, then my question to you would be: What would it take to get you excited?  Are you that blinded by all the dirtsheets and those delusional, negative assholes out there?  Are you that offended that Hardy, AJ, and Jarrett are not on or involved in the show currently?  If so, maybe you need to take a break from the product then.  If I have to hear one more time on Twitter that either "TNA is a sinking ship" or "TNA is dying" or "Dixie has ruined TNA" etc., etc., etc. then I may have to pimp-slap somebody.

The facts are that The Wolves are going to elevate the current tag team scene to places it hasn't been in years.  Another fact is that many people (including a portion of a new ROH-friendly fan-base) are intrigued by the New Investor angle and all eyes will be watching to see how this plays out.  No longer will jaded smarks be able to use the "nobody attends TNA's shows" argument that remains an old talking point of the nasty side of the IWC and social media.  There are going to be really good crowds there in the U.K. and Ireland.  The fans will represent, no doubt about it.  History is going to be made, and it's happening because this company is doing bold things that it should have done a long time ago.  People hate change, but guess what?  Change is here whether you like it or not.  Something major is going to happen before LockDown.  Whether it's the debut of the New Investor, which I don't believe is 100% guaranteed yet in reality, or the return of much-requested and/or returning talents like Kenny King, Manik or Roderick Strong.  Bad Bones is a lock to appear at some point on the tour.  Will Shanna also?  I'm almost positive that The Wolves will have their debut match in Glasgow (most likely on the LIVE show but possibly the taped 2nd show).  Something is going down, and with a never-before-done LIVE show in Scotland on tap ANYTHING is possible.  Ireland gets the first taste of TNA with their house show on Wednesday.  On Thursday the U.K. fans and all TNA fans around the world are in for a treat.  Are you ready? 

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