15 January 2014

Genesis: A New Beginning

I always thought that most of TNA's pay per view names were fairly random. While Lockdown and Slammiversary made sense; Genesis was one of those shows that I always thought didn't really click and I would joke was named after the band featuring Phil Collins. However, 2014's edition of Genesis fits the bill perfectly, as this show may indeed be the genesis of a new TNA. "Out with the old, in with the new" seems to be a running theme lately and with all the pre-taped stuff out of the way, I am very interested to see just what the "new TNA" will look like. Now, I'm not 100 percent sure what will take place on week one or week two, but we have a pretty good looking card here so let's take a look shall we? 

Angle vs. Roode is my favorite feud in wrestling right now. It has been an intense rivalry that has seen both performers push themselves in and out of the ring. The story is so simple: Angle just can't beat Roode and Roode won't let him forget it. Throw in a steel cage with Kurt's TNA career and Hall of Fame induction on the line, the stakes are higher than ever. One would think this means that Angle is getting the easy win here, as that should be how this story should end. However, with so many departures recently and rumors of Kurt having knee surgery, the outcome may not be as predictable as we think.  This should be the main event of the first week and will likely steal the show. 

Ethan Carter III was the break out star in TNA for 2013 and he debuted in October. The gimmick and character have really struck a chord with fans and while most think Sting is way past his prime, he is the perfect foil for EC3. Think back to Sting's original Main Event Mafia days and what he stood for, it makes perfect sense for these two characters to be on a collision course. This match will not be a "5 star classic" but you have two polarizing personalities both representing two different cultures and they are going to clash. I'm interested to see how the crowd reacts to Ethan, as I haven't seen much from him outside of the Impact Zone. Is he really the sensation we all think he is? A win here for EC3 would be big, but I think these two are just getting started.

Over the last few weeks when Bully Ray and Mr. Anderson have had any interaction I feel like I'm watching a different show. It seems like TNA has kept these two on their own little island where they only really interact with each other. Neither seem to be involved in the big "Heel Dixie" story which every other character on the show can be traced back to right now. The funeral scene this past week was either creepy or cheesy depending on how you took it and the background music used in some of the scenes may have come across a little odd for a wrestling show. You could say there have been some "outside the box" ideas used here, but it's the personal nature of this rivalry that sells it for me. How far are they willing to take this? Fire seems to be an on going theme, but just who will get burned? Will they incorporate Anderson's family at all? I'm expecting more of a big angle here, than an actual match.

It's no secret that the Knockouts are short on talent right now and with TNA holding off on the eventual big match between Gail Kim and Lei'd Tapa, bringing back Madsion Rayne is a smart move. While I always thought Madison was one of the best heel women wrestlers of this era, I'm not sure how to take her as a "good gal". We haven't heard much from her either, which leaves this feud sort of flat in my opinion. Madison has personality and that hasn't been given a chance to shine through yet, but hopefully this will continue and we will get to see that side of her.

Now since this event will be a two week spectacle there will be other matches. We already know about the "Briefcase Match" between Gunner and James Storm. What that will entail I am not sure, but hopefully we get a hard hitting match between the two, and a more clear direction of where each guy is going. There are spots open for The BroMans and X Division Champion Chris Sabin to have matches as well, but what will Magnus' role be at Genesis? Being the new World Champion, all eyes are on him right now and TNA needs to do something big with this guy at this event to set him up for success. Samoa Joe and Austin Aries do not seem to have a lot going right now (hint hint). Also, Dixie Carter stated that new talents will debut at Genesis and that they're initials are "DR" and "EE". If you follow TNAMecca at all I don't think I need to tell you who they are. This is indeed a new beginning for TNA. A TNA without AJ Styles, a TNA without Jeff Jarrett; it may be scary to some and others have said that they can't follow TNA without those two. I for one want to see what's next, or like Dave Lagana tweeted out earlier this week, to "see what evolves."

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