17 January 2014

A Sick & Sadistic Alliance from Bully Ray & Samuel Shaw?

A light bulb went off in my mind today.  I had this same thought a while back on one of our Ringside IMPACT Wrestling reviews about Samuel Shaw and Bully Ray, and that thought was that they are both of the same ilk.  They are both sick bastards with bad intentions that go past your normal wrestling-show protocol.  They are dangerous characters that can make you suspend your disbelief and maybe for a few minutes you actually think they may set someone on fire or permanently maim someone.  I love that some smarky fan attitudes from last night's Genesis about the Bully Ray/Anderson match was one of disappointment that neither of them ended up getting sent though a FLAMING TABLE.  That tells me that people definitely WANTED fire, and the live crowd in Huntsville did actually chant for it to happen at one point.  When Bully pulled out the lighter fluid, people wanted to see that.  Patience you blood-thirsty hooligans!  You will get fire soon enough.......amongst other twisted acts of violence.  However, like Chris Regal has pointed out that's being reserved for a PPV probably due to the restrictions that Spike TV has on that kind of violence.

I have pointed out this particular fact out before: Samuel Shaw was trained at the 3-D Academy by Bully and Devon.  They know each other very well.  I can totally see Bully taking Samuel under his wing and either forming a tag team with him or simply terrorizing the TNA roster with him side by side.  Right now Bully's focus is Mr. Anderson......and his wife.....and newly born twins.  Samuel's focus is Christy Hemme.  Anyone that looks at her wrong or says something about her that he doesn't like (or even just mentions her), it sends him into a psychotic fit of rage.  At some point, are they going to help each other in these separate endeavors and reveal to the world that they are in fact in cahoots?  Or maybe they are admiring each other's work from afar and later they may aide one another.  Don't get me wrong, I don't see a faction forming here.  I see a 2 man team of psychotic individuals that tolerate each others separate, yet demented points of view.

Ask Norv Fernum what it felt like to literally be choked out by Samuel and fall asleep in his arms while Samuel whispers shushing noises in his ear.  Or maybe ask Pat Kenney about getting beat into submission with his own shoe.  Now, I believe the little nuances of this Samuel Shaw character are what's making it work for the audience.  He frickin' sniffed the shoe of Pat Kenney like a animal or someone with a weird fetish might (Strange Addiction anyone?).  That kind of improvisation cannot be taught.  The timing of that, subsequently revealing another layer of how "sick in the head' he really is was simply brilliant.  I have seen American Psycho several times.  There are elements of that character here, no doubt.  I have only witnessed a few episodes of Dexter, but many people draw that comparison as well (fill me in on that if you have seen a lot of Dexter), and from what I recall that makes sense also.  I can personally see hints of a serial killer in the vein of Silence of the Lambs.  Except in this case, Bully Ray represents Hannibal the Cannibal while Samuel Shaw is Buffalo Bill (look that up if you don't know of what I speak).  Is Christy Hemme his toy or his lover?  Can you honestly tell me?  Or is he keeping her around to do something bad to her eventually?  These adult-themed storylines are very intriguing to a mass audience. 

At first I thought I was just personally desiring for this alliance to come together, but then I saw a tweet from Samuel that made me think I might not be that far off:

It's his favorite match?  Bully pointed out that he trained him.  Hmmm.....interesting.  Bully Ray has talked in interviews about TNA incorporating more adult-themed stuff into the show and we all know his history with ECW with the "violence attitude" from that past promotion.  Is this the student and the teacher?  Samuel may be getting some direction from "his superior".  Unless the writers/creative team back off of the idea, I believe this is the direction that things are going.  I could be wrong, but I hope I'm right because I would love to see it all come to fruition.

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