29 November 2013

Rockstar Chief of Staff

What a difference an IMPACT makes!  Those of us that watched TNA British Boot Camp were treated to the return of one Rockstar Spud on TNA's flagship show from Thursday.  He showed how great of a talker he is and how he naturally has a presence in front of the LIVE and TV audiences.  He may be short in stature but he is not short in talent and will prove to be a valuable commodity on IMPACT in the future.  With the impending 2014 U.K. Tour on the horizon, here comes the newest member of #TeamDixie to charm us with his lovely British accent.  The Rockstar Chief of Staff is here to stay and "his eyes & ears might as well be Dixie's eyes & ears". 

Two New Matches Announced for Hardcore Justice has now listed two new matches for the One Night Only: Hardcore Justice PPV on December 29 in Lowell, MA. Ethan Carter III will face Tommy Dreamer in a Tables Match, while Bully Ray will go against Mr Anderson in a Steel Cage match. It's interesting how 3 out of the 4 matches announced for the show tie in with current storylines. With Genesis now being an Impact Special, I assume there will be a One Night Only airing in January, and I expect this will be the show that airs. This show could tie in with the current Impact product, therefore it needs to air as close to the tape date as possible, with this scenario it would air 5 days after being taped, so it's very possible this could happen. Here's the current line-up:

Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson

"The Monster" Abyss & Eric Young vs. "Bad Influence" Christopher Daniels & Kazarian

Austin Aries vs. "The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe vs. Chris Sabin

Ethan Carter III vs. Tommy Dreamer

28 November 2013

Post-IMPACT Discussion for Nov 28, 2013

One of my favorite activities after watching Impact is searching for forums in which fans can talk about the show and share with one another their thoughts.  However, it's getting increasingly harder to find venues where TNA fans can safely express their opinions on Impact without having to deal with the trolling of the anti-TNA crowd or the smarks who insist on taking the fun out of pro wrestling.

For this reason, we felt it was important to make TNAMecca available to its readers and any TNA fans who would like to discuss the show after watching it.  You can now visit TNAMecca immediately following Impact to do exactly that in the comments section below each and every week.  So please feel free to share with us your thoughts on tonight's Thanksgiving-themed Impact.  What did you think of the show?  What did you like or dislike?  Let us know.

TNA Thursday Randomania - Nov 28, 2013

It's a special edition of Randomania, this week, as I list the things about TNA that I'm thankful for in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday.  We would also love to hear from you...what are you thankful for?  Please make sure to make your own lists in the comments section below.

Before I begin, on behalf of everyone at TNAMecca, I'd like to wish all of you and your families and happy and wonderful Thanksgiving.  I can't say it enough how thankful we are for your support.  In just four short months, you've made TNAMecca a staple within the TNA community of fans and a vital member of the club that is the internet wrestling community.  And for that, we all truly grateful.  For those who aren't celebrating the holiday, today is about appreciating the little things about your life that you take for granted.  So make sure you take a moment today to truly reflect on all the things that bring you joy and pleasure.

27 November 2013

VIDEO: AJ Styles vs Seiya Sanada

The following is the AJ Styles vs Seiya Sanada match (in its entirety) for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship that took place at Japan's Wrestle-1 a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy! 

26 November 2013

Has WWE Undermined TNA's Ability to Sign Free Agents?

I wrote an article last week on how I think it's a good time for TNA to pounce on free agents and indie talent but I'm afraid that might be easier said than done.  I'm starting to sense a troubling trend that I suspect is affecting TNA's ability to sign free agents and not because TNA can't afford to sign new talent.  TNA can and will have the resources to sign new wrestlers.  However, I'm sensing that the WWE has put an obstacle in their way that will essentially make it difficult to pursue and eventually sign free agents, particularly the talented wrestlers in the upper indies.

#REWIND365: 17-23 Nov 2013

Welcome to the inaugural #REWIND365 Where the Reaction Never Ends, a selective look at the week's offerings from #IMPACT365.  The #IMPACT365 initiative has so far proven to be a great success, gaining in popularity week on week and giving us the kind of footage that fans are craving without cluttering an already packed Impact schedule.

With so much content being added on a daily basis, it can be hard to keep on top of all of it.  The aim of this feature is to provide my personal pick of the top three videos that you can't afford to miss, and to give TNAMeccanites a place to agree, disagree and discuss their own favourite clips from the week gone by.

25 November 2013

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

Let's talk about a few things.  My mind is kind of all over the place with all the current happenings in TNA so narrowing it down to one subject seems like a tough task.  Four topics are rolling around in my brain right now and I'd like to hear your guys' thoughts on these subjects.  We may not agree on everything, but like I have said before, if we all agreed on everything all of the time, things would get very boring.  I feel like I need to be honest about a couple things and reinforce portions of our mission statement here at TNAMecca.  So here ya go.......

24 November 2013

Thoughts on the New Impact Zone

This past Thursday saw TNA return to Universal Studio's Orlando, and after finding out that they would be taping in Soundstage 19, a smaller space compared to their former home Soundstage 21, many wondered what the venue would look like and how the smaller space would come across on TV, and I must say I was fairly impressed with what I saw on Thursday night.

22 November 2013

UPDATE: PCW Agrees to AJ Styles vs Lionheart on Dec 6!

AJ Styles and Lionheart had the following exchange on Twitter last week.  For those who aren't familiar with Lionheart (real name: Adrian McCallum), he's a popular Scottish wrestler who has lobbied for quite some to come to TNA.  He was also a participant in the Gutcheck online challenge from earlier this year.

UPDATE (11/19 11:15 AM EST): PWInsider reported that the Champion vs Champion match between AJ Styles and Lionheart could take place on December 6th, based on a fan's email who attended a recent Preston City Wrestling show.  According to the fan, Lionheart claimed during the show that he could be facing a "phenomenal" wrestler on December 6th.

UPDATE (11/22 7:29 PM EST): Preston City Wrestling posted the following tweet on their official Twitter account this afternoon:

It's interesting that PCW are playing up the Dixie Carter legal threat, which has added another wrinkle to AJ Styles' plan to defend the title around the world.  Although it might be true that legally Dixie Carter's threats hold no or little weight internationally, it stands to reason that the owners of AAA, Wrestle-1, PCW, and other promotions wouldn't want to burn bridges with the #2 wrestling company in the US.  This storyline just gets better and better.

Pick 'em League: Post Turning Point Standings

Last night 3 top matches took place in the TNAMecca Pick 'em League at Turning Point, 9 points were up for grabs as we head into the second month of Season 1. When the polls closed yesterday, there were clear favourites for all three matches. As a matter of fact, only 5 people didn't pick the favourite for all three matches, and while they may have thought the picks would be 3 points over the rest of the league, it turned out to be 3 lost points compared to the rest of the league. Lets take a look at the picks going into last night.

TNA Presents...Genesis on Jan 16, 2014 in Huntsville, AL

TNA announced tonight during Turning Point that the Genesis PPV will now be a two-hour free show on SpikeTV on January 16th in Huntsville, Alabama.  This is an interesting development simply because Genesis was presumably one of the big four PPVs of the year.  That doesn't appear to be the case in 2014.  It will be interesting to see whether or not TNA replaces Genesis with another PPV or will they simply reduce the total number of PPVs next year to three.  As for the Genesis show, click here to read the full press release by TNA.

21 November 2013

Post-IMPACT Discussion for Nov 21, 2013

One of my favorite activities after watching Impact is searching for forums in which fans can talk about the show and share with one another their thoughts.  However, it's getting increasingly harder to find venues where TNA fans can safely express their opinions on Impact without having to deal with the trolling of the anti-TNA crowd or the smarks who insist on taking the fun out of pro wrestling.

For this reason, we felt it was important to make TNAMecca available to its readers and any TNA fans who would like to discuss the show after watching it.  You can now visit TNAMecca immediately following Impact to do exactly that in the comments section below each and every week.  So please feel free to share with us your thoughts on tonight's Turning Point.  What did you think of the show?  What did you like or dislike?  Let us know.

UPDATE: First Look Inside the New Impact Zone

TNA Referee Brian Hebner just tweeted the following showing a sneak peak inside the new Impact Zone:

It's great to see that TNA will be using the stage from the road tapings in the new Impact Zone. One of the major issues with the old Impact Zone was the cardboard stage, it looked very cheap and affected the look of the show. This stage was a great upgrade when Impact went on the road, and I'm very happy that it will be apart of Impact Zone, it should make the arena look tons better and eliminate what was formerly one of its biggest issues.

UPDATE (6:52 PM EST): Here is another photo of the new Impact Zone set-up, courtesy of Impact Unleashed, that's essentially a mini-version of the one they used on the road.

TNA Thursday Randomania - Nov 21, 2013

- I'd like to begin, this week, with the AJ Styles storyline and its supposed similarities to CM Punk's in the WWE.  Yes, the concept is similar.  So similar that some including an owner of a prominent wrestling site refuse to accept the TNA version as anything but a poor imitation.  To those people I say, you're a dumbass...because the similarities end there - it's the same concept.  That's it.  Someone, on Twitter, the other night challenged me to name the differences between the Styles and Punk angles.  My response?  None.  I ended the discussion at that point.  If someone, who's followed the latest developments in the Styles story, can not see the differences then they're not being objective.  It's as simple as that.  Let's be real...this is the best storyline in pro wrestling right now, and the most compelling.  TNA have already gone where WWE wouldn't and the story doesn't appear to be even close to coming to an end.

PREVIEW: Bully Ray vs Mr. Anderson

After their match at No Surrender, most thought Mr. Anderson was done with TNA. However, after Bound for Glory the "A-Hole" returned more motivated than ever. Mr. Anderson is on fire right now, and has been given a TON of momentum going into this match; unlike how some other companies book babyfaces; Anderson looks like he could take on the world and have a real shot at winning. This has a heavy stipulation added as well, with the future of the Aces and Eights and Anderson's career on the line, which when one REALLY thinks about it, makes this match seem like it could go either way. This feud has also given Bully Ray a nice program following his title loss to AJ Styles, keeping him relevant, which is good considering he is out of the World title picture for now. 

Pick 'em League: Turning Point Poll Now Open

Tonight TNA presents Turning Point, and the TNAMecca Pick 'em League is opening the polls on the top three matches for the events. Members of the League have the chance to make their predictions for the two World Title Tournament matches, a Falls Count Anywhere match between Samoa Joe & Magnus, and a Bull Rope Match seeing James Storm face Bobby Roode. These matches will also be joined by the No D'Q match between Bully Ray & Mr Anderson. With these matches, 9 points will be up for grabs, and with the table being so close in the early season, all it takes is one surprise win with only a few predicting it to see people shoot up the table.

20 November 2013

PREVIEW: James Storm vs Bobby Roode

When the World Title Tournament was announced, all four quarter-final matches looked to be great bouts, however, it was one match we were all drawn to when looking at the brackets, one match we knew that was different from the rest, it wasn't just a match to advance in a quest for gold, it was the re-igniting of one of the most intense and dramatic feuds in TNA history. James Storm & Bobby Roode were best friends, Tag Team Champions of the World, and together the greatest team in TNA history, but it was the World Title that tore them apart, and now two years later, it's the World Title that brings them back together, but at opposing sides of the ring. The two old rivals will square off in a Bullrope match, a bout that will literally tie these former partners together and see them fight until one is left standing. This match will see both men's desire to become World Champion again and determination to be better than the other push themselves to their limits in order to win, which should make for a great match this Thursday.

Will Joseph Park's showdown be Abyssmal?

Not since Clark Kent and Superman have a pair of black-rimmed spectacles been so inexplicably successful at disguising a man's true identity from his peers.  Yet it has been over 18 months since Joseph Park first appeared on our screens in search of his brother and the TNA locker-room seem none the wiser.

19 November 2013

Shark Boy to Appear on Impact this Thursday Night!

TNA just posted the following #IMPACT365 video in which Shark Boy quits his job and announces that he's heading to this Thursday's Impact live. 

It's funny because we've seen Shark Boy pop up more and more lately. If ever there was a sign that TNA is returning to its roots, it's a Shark Boy appearance.  I get a kick out of Shark Boy but only in small doses.  This should be interesting.  Anyone else get the impression that he will be Ethan Carter III's next opponent?  If so, that would be hilarious and dare I say, a must-watch match.

VIDEO: AJ Styles vs El Mesias

The following is the AJ Styles vs El Mesias match (in its entirety) for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship that took place at Mexico's AAA a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy!

MVP Coming to TNA?

MVP, formerly of the WWE, posted the following on his official Twitter account this afternoon:

Obviously, I may be reading too much into MVP's tweet but it's a tease nonetheless. I'm not sure how I feel about the MVP coming to TNA as I've never been a huge fan of his work, although I admittedly have only seen him in the WWE. I have heard from others that his work in the indies and in Japan has been very good. In any case, it'll be interesting to see if he is one of the new faces that's coming to TNA soon.

PREVIEW: Magnus vs Samoa Joe

Here we have a totally unpredictable Turning Point match-up of 2 of TNA's biggest stars.  Magnus has been getting a gigantic push in recent months, while Joe has seen a nice resurgence in the strength of his character.  These two have a past history with each other and could well again rekindle a feud.  This unpredictable nature is also one of the things that makes our TNAMecca Pick 'Em League so much fun!  You think you know who will win, but in pro-wrestling anything can happen.  Joe has started to show that he may be in the "Friends of AJ" category while Magnus is slowly backing #TeamDixie as time goes on.  These are both informal groups at the moment but still serve as a divisive factor when it comes to choosing sides and affiliations.  Does Magnus' push continue or are we going to be reminded of why the "Joe's Gonna Kill You!" chants are so strong at times?  Both men have shown what limits they are willing to go to in order to become TNA World Champion.  This match may get downright dirty and nasty before it's all said and done.   

18 November 2013

Behind The Curtain: Q&A Volume II

Welcome to Volume II of the Behind the Curtain Q&A. In this edition I answer questions concerning the TV Championship, The Relaunch of the X Division, Jeff Jarrett's return to power and much more. Without further ado, lets get to the questions.

Regrouping at the NEW Impact Zone

The analogy makes so much sense, and may have been mentioned by someone else before (forgive me if I can't recall who at the moment).  It is sticking in my mind a lot this week going into the return to Universal Studios Orlando.  In the economically challenging times that we live in, it is a common occurrence to see young adults moving back home with their parents/family while they regroup to eventually find more independent and stable ground.  Now I'm not saying that TNA is exactly in that type of situation but it's fair to say that it is in a very similar predicament.  They are safe and well, but the road IMPACT experiment of 2013 ended up like a college kid running up student loans and/or credit card debt.  So home (the new Impact Zone) came calling and became a nice fall-back option to get TNA back on more solid ground financially.  Am I way off base or is anyone else seeing this kind of parallel?

17 November 2013

3 Tiers. 3 Topics.

Sometimes things here in the cage get messy. I've got all these ideas in my head of what I want to write about and sometimes I have trouble fleshing things out to make a full column. With all the recent developments in TNA I could choose many a topic this time 'round, but I just can't decide which one. Potential new signings? Lack of mid card feuds? Fan expectations? See, the voices in my head don't always agree, but now and again they have some good ideas and the idea they had this time was a three tiered cage! Not unlike the one WCW used for the movie Ready to Rumble (to be honest, I am shocked TNA didn't bust this one out during the Vince Russo era; more on him later). So let's dust off the top two tiers and place them on top of the cage and enter tier number one.

16 November 2013

What's Next for AJ Styles?

TNA released a statement on last night reagrding AJ Styles.  The following is an excerpt (click here to read the full statement): 

"Over the last several days Styles has reportedly received inquiries from promoters in the UK, Canada, and Puerto Rico.  Syles also told the Wrestle-1 crowd last night that he intended to return to Japan."  

We reported on a potential match between AJ Styles and Lionheart earlier on TNAMecca but it's nice to see that Canada and Puerto Rico are also likely landing spots for AJ Styles.  This storyline is becoming more interesting by the day, in my opinion, with its developing stories on a regular basis.  Kudos to TNA for an exceptional job in its execution, which isn't at all an easy thing when you consider the logistics of having to work with other promotions internationally.

PHOTOS: AJ Styles in Wrestle-1 with Seiya Sanada

Here are photos of AJ Styles in Wrestle-1 vs Seiya Sanada, as well as some of Rob Terry and Jay Bradley from the same event, courtesy of @Hamachin_Rikkyo, @P1GemmaLS and @PKDX. For those who don't know, Styles defeated Sanada via submission with the Calfkiller.  Terry and Bradley also defeated their opponents, Kaz Hayashi and Shuji Kondo.

Ringside: Impact Wrestling Review - Nov 14, 2013

News & Notes from the World of TNA - Nov 16, 2013

TNA announced today a new "News & Notes" feature that they expect to run every Saturday on Here are some extracts we think are worth mentioning as well as some other pieces and opinions on these notes.

  • AJ Styles successfully defended the World Heavyweight Title at the Wrestle-1 event in Japan by submitting Seiya Sanada with the Calfkiller. #IMPACT365 footage will be sent in and posted later today.
  • Some Familiar Faces are expected back soon.
  • TNA will launch a new "Ask the Professor" feature with Mike Tenay in the near future.
  • January will be a busy month for TNA, they will post a press release soon with dates and locations for all January events.
  • More matches for the #OldSchool and Hardcore Justice One Night Only PPV's will be announced in the coming days.
  • TNA Production staff arrived in Orlando today to begin transforming Soundstage 19 for this Thursday's Turning Point special.  

15 November 2013

It's Time for TNA to Pounce on Free Agents/Indie Talent

I wrote a column, a couple of months ago, on why TNA should avoid Ring of Honor talent and although I still stand by my piece in theory, there's been a couple of recent developments that have forced me to reconsider my stance a bit.  Firstly, with the restructuring of TNA's payroll, their move to the new Impact Zone, and the departure of Hulk Hogan, the company will have no issues balancing their budget and stabilizing their economic status.  This means that TNA will be able to pursue free agents much more aggressively than they had been for the last several months.

AJ Styles vs El Mesias TV Date/Time Announced!

AAA officially announced that the AJ Styles vs El Mesias match, which was taped last week, will be televised this Saturday on GalaTV (formerly Galavision).  They posted the tweet below on their official Twitter account, which translates to: THIS SATURDAY! @ElMesias_AAA Vs @AJStylesOrg for the TNA Heavyweight Championship #AAASinLímite 16 hrs. by #GalaTV.  For those wondering, I don't believe that GalaTV is available in the U.S. but I would check your local listings just to be sure. If not, I'm sure that a video will be posted at some point on YouTube or another forum so we will make sure to bring it you as soon as we hear anything.

14 November 2013

Post-IMPACT Discussion for Nov 14, 2013

One of my favorite activities after watching Impact is searching for forums in which fans can talk about the show and share with one another their thoughts.  However, it's getting increasingly harder to find venues where TNA fans can safely express their opinions on Impact without having to deal with the trolling of the anti-TNA crowd or the smarks who insist on taking the fun out of pro wrestling.

For this reason, we felt it was important to make TNAMecca available to its readers and any TNA fans who would like to discuss the show after watching it.  You can now visit TNAMecca immediately following Impact to do exactly that in the comments section below.  Please feel free to share with us your thoughts on tonight's episode of Impact.  What did you think of the show?  What did you like or dislike?  Let us know.

Stipulations Announced for Roode vs Storm, Joe vs Magnus!

This evening, the stipulations for the two remaining world title tournament quarterfinal matches - Roode vs Storm and Joe vs Magnus - to take place at next week's Turning Point, were determined by the Wheel of Dixie.  In the videos below, you can watch Dixie Carter spinning her wheel and officially announcing the stipulations.

Bobby Roode vs James Storm
in a Bull Rope Match

Samoa Joe vs Magnus
in a Falls Count Anywhere Match

Candice LeRae to Sign with TNA?

Candice LeRae, who has been on TNA's radar the last few weeks, tweeted the following on her official Twitter account:

For those who don't know, LeRae received a tryout from TNA prior to the Bound for Glory PPV as well as in Ohio Valley Wrestling. I think the words she used in her tweet could signify that she's planning to take Gail Kim up on her open challenge. Only time will tell but I would welcome Candice LeRae with open arms to TNA. She's a fantastic talent and would be an excellent addition to the Knockouts roster. Is she the one I discussed in my TNA Thursday Randomania, however?

REVIEW: One Night Only - Tournament of Champions

One Night Only: Tournament of Champions opens with a video package previewing what will be going down tonight with highlights of the show we're about to see. SPOILERS! HELLO! We find out that only wrestlers who are former TNA World Champions are invited to participate in this tournament. Mike Tenay and Tazz (who were never shown on camera and were obviously voiced in later during editing) go over the brackets.

Mr. Anderson will be facing Cowboy James Storm in a "Wildcard" match to determine who will face Bully Ray in the quarter-finals. Anderson cuts a really bad promo about how TNA has treated him like crap from the beginning (not what I remember) and that's why he joined the Aces and Eights (he was still with them at the time). I can't believe this is the same guy we see on Impact right now.

TNA Thursday Randomania - Nov 14, 2013

- I'd like to begin this week with the recent trend of TNA talent appearing on shows of other promotions, in the US and abroad.  Although we've always seen wrestlers not under contract with TNA work in other promotions, it's only been recently that all wrestlers have sought opportunities elsewhere.  I don't think this is simply a coincidence.  I think it's by design.  And I believe that it's part of a bigger plan but I won't speculate on what that might be.  In any case, in recent weeks, AJ Styles has wrestled in AAA vs El Mesias for the TNA world heavyweight championship.  This will be a televised match.  Samoa Joe wrestled at a CWFHollywood house show vs Willie Mack.  Bully Ray invaded a House of Hardcore show and attacked Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk.  He also announced the One Night Only: Old School PPV.  Although I believe the show will be released on DVD, I can not confirm that the Bully Ray appearance will be included.  This Sunday, AJ Styles is scheduled to wrestle in Wrestle-1 vs Seiya Sanada, again, in defense of the TNA world title.  In addition, Jay Bradley and Rob Terry are due to appear on the show although there are no specifics on their opponents.  And finally, Eric Young is scheduled to wrestle in FWE vs Colt Cabana on December 7th.  That's quite a bit of activity for TNA talent who are under contract.  Is this merely a case of talent looking to make some extra cash?  I'm not so sure.  But only time will tell.

13 November 2013

UPDATE: New Match Announced for Hardcore Justice PPV

TNA just announced on that the first match for One Night Only: Hardcore Justice will be Abyss & Eric Young vs Bad Influence in a Full Metal Mayhem match. This is an interesting choice as this match is backed up by the current storyline also involving Joseph Park that is playing out on Impact Wrestling, something we haven't had on any of the One Night Only shows. It will be interesting how this plays out for both the promotion of the match and if/how it will affect the current storyline on Impact Wrestling, which may be determined by the air date of this PPV.

UPDATE (3:22 PM EST): TNA have now added Austin Aries vs Samoa Joe vs Chris Sabin in an X Division Xscape Match to Hardcore Justice. These three were recently feuding for the X Division title, and this may be a sign that TNA will continue to have top stars compete in the X Division going forward.

The current Hardcore Justice line-up is as follows:

Abyss and Eric Young vs Bad Influence

Austin Aries vs Samoa Joe vs Chris Sabin

King Mo to Return to TNA "Very Soon"

When a TNA fan asked King Mo on Twitter this afternoon when he'd be back on Impact Wrestling, he replied with the following tweet:

King Mo seems like the forgotten man, among all the hoopla that surrounded TNA a couple of months ago with the signings of Rampage Jackson and Tito Ortiz, but it's interesting to see that he appears to still be in the company's plans going forward. Unfortunately, his status has fallen a bit after suffering two deflating losses in Bellator this year so if and when he returns to TNA, I hope they don't present him as a huge MMA star but rather a new addition to the wrestling roster.

UPDATE: New Match Announced for Old School PPV

TNA has just announced James Storm vs Bobby Roode in a Last Man Standing Match for the December 30th "One Night Only: Old School" PPV taping in Poughkeepsie, NY. This joins the already announced Falls Count Anywhere Street Fight between Bully Ray & Tommy Dreamer. TNA have also released a synopsis for the event stating the following: "TNA brings back some of the greatest rivalries, featuring "Old School" stipulations as we pay tribute to longtime classic speciality matches". 

The theme for this show sounds fun, its a tribute to both old school wrestling and great feuds of the past. TNA are trying to make this event a big deal, which makes me happy as they are giving us reasons to be invested in the show. If Tommy Dream vs Bully Ray isn't your cup of tea, I'm sure James Storm vs Bobby Roode is. Its also telling how much TNA are invested in this ONO taping. The way it was announced was very unique, and they have already announced two matches for the show, while the Hardcore Justice taping the day before has yet to have a match announced for it. With the way "Old School" is being treated, I'm very optimistic about the show and the One Night Only concept.

UPDATE (11:30 AM EST): TNA have now announced Jeff Hardy vs Abyss in a Monsters Ball for the One Night Only: Old School PPV.

The current Old School line-up is as follows:

Bully Ray vs Tommy Dreamer

Bobby Roode vs James Storm

Jeff Hardy vs Abyss

12 November 2013

The Roundtable: Second Edition

Welcome to the second edition of the Roundtable discussion, in which a group of writers share with you their thoughts on a variety of TNA topics.  This special edition features the views of staff members from the sites that are part of the TNA collective, LOE Wrestling, FTW Podcast, IW Headlines (all of whom are affiliates of TNAMecca's) and TNAMecca.  I'd like to especially thank Chad, Garvin, and Joe for taking the time to participate in this project as well as my colleague MisterTNA.  We are all committed to providing our readers with fair and balanced coverage of TNA and its flagship show, Impact Wrestling, and hope that you will continue to support us.

10 November 2013

Do You Approve of This Trade?

Lately there have been a bunch of revelations in regards to what the 2014 One Night Only Pay-Per-Views will look like.  New locations for these PPV's are being named at a steady rate as none of them so far have been announced to be held in the new IMPACT ZONE at Universal Studios-Orlando.  Conversely, the IMPACT Wrestling TV tapings will all hail from the new IZ for the foreseeable future (besides the UK Tour shows).  However, if you took the temperature of the IWC lately you would think that "the sky was falling" for TNA.  They are "doomed to fail", or "the company is going out of business", yada, yada, yada.

09 November 2013

One Night Only: Old School to be Taped in Poughkeepsie, NY!

In an interesting turn of events, Bully Ray appeared at tonight's House of Hardcore show in Poughkeepsie NY and attacked Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk after their match.  He then cut a promo that he was offended that he wasn't invited to the show and he challenged Tommy Dreamer to a Falls Count Anywhere Street Fight on the forthcoming TNA One Night Only: Old School PPV on December 30th in the same venue.  Judging by the incident tonight, it appears that the PPV will be a TNA vs HOH themed show. 

Click here for a report on tonight's House of Hardcore 3 show by Mike Johnson of PWInsider.

UPDATE (11:46 PM EST): TNA have finally announced the news regarding Bully Ray crashing the House of Hardcore show tonight and much more.  Click here to check out their full press release.

UPDATE (12:35 AM EST): Below is the footage that TNA posted of Bully Ray's invasion of the House of Hardcore show on their YouTube page. 

Ringside: Impact Wrestling Review - Nov 7, 2013

Should TNA Pursue Chris Hero?

I had written the article below in early September as the rumors had been circulating that the WWE wasn't pleased with Kassius Ohno for a variety of reasons.  So I discussed the possibility of Hero signing with TNA if he were released by the WWE. PWInsider reported late last night that it is now official.  WWE has released Chris Hero.  Could we see him sign with TNA?
If you haven't been keeping up-to-date on the situation between the WWE and Chris Hero (Kassius Ohno in NXT), it appears that the company is not pleased by Hero's inability to stay in shape, or lack of commitment rather.  As a result, the WWE pulled Hero from NXT television recently.  Unfortunately for Hero, it sounds as if things are about to get much worse for him.  A report came out today that the WWE have, apparently, pulled Hero from the opening of the NXT show.  Obviously, I'm speculating but this could be an indication that the WWE is preparing to cut him.  With that in mind, is Chris Hero someone whom TNA should pursue if he were let go?  I'm not a huge fan of his but I think it'd be a good decision for TNA to do their due diligence and, at the very least, give him a tryout.  He's, by no means, a young prospect but if TNA signed him, they'd get an experienced worker in his prime - he'll turn 34 in December.  I'm not at all concerned about his physical condition simply because I don't believe he's ever been in tip-top shape, at least compared to some of his colleagues, but he's always been in great wrestling shape.  It's also important to note that Hero was arguably most successful as a member of a tag team in the indies, primarily with Claudio Castagnoli as the Kings of Wrestling, so he'd fill an immediate need in TNA's barren tag team division.  Interestingly enough, he would've been perfect as James Storm's partner but you can just as easily partner him with a Knux or Jay Bradley and they'd make a perfectly legitimate team.  Like I said, I'm not a huge fan of Chris Hero's but if the WWE do indeed release him, it makes too much sense for TNA not to sign him.

A New Day for TNA

After several weeks of speculation, the announcement came that TNA was going off the road and returning to the Impact Zone. We'd heard that TNA were looking for a permanent home for Impact Wrestling, and Orlando was on that list. What we didn't know however was that this wasn't just a return to the Impact Zone, but something much bigger and better than we could have imagined.

The announcement of TNA's return back to Universal Orlando was apart of a huge press release announcing a new initiative called “Where Action Never Ends”. The direction involves 24/7 coverage of TNA across multiple platforms filming the stars of Impact on the road and in their homes. Universal Studio's fit into TNA's new direction as their programming hub & training facility for TNA. While some will be disappointed with the return to Universal, with everything that ties in with it, I'm quite optimistic. There are several huge pluses that can come from this announcement, so here's my breakdown of what #IMPACT365 may deliver.

08 November 2013

Pick 'em League: Post Hardy vs Sabin Standings

Last night was the kick-off of the TNA World Title Tournament, the first quarter-final match saw Chris Sabin face Jeff Hardy in Full Metal Mayhem. 33 members of the league made their picks for the bout, with 66% of the league backing Jeff Hardy to win the match and advance into the semi-finals. As we now know, Hardy was victorious, which has benefited many in the league, lets take a look at the run-down of who picked who and the leaderboard after this match.

One Night Only: Hardcore Justice to be Taped in Lowell, MA!

TNA have announced they will tape "One Night Only: Hardcore Justice" on Sunday, December 29th from Lowell, MA. The event will be taped at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium, which has a capacity of 2,800. This is an interesting move, while the venue is small, it should hopefully lead to a sell-out crowd and also make it an intimate event, replicating the vibe past ECW events had. The venue has a built in stage, so I expect TNA will use it as both an entrance stage and the Hard Camera location like they did on this year's UK tapings.

We now have three One Night Only tapings announced, Hardcore Justice, British Empire Cup & Joker's Wild 2, all of which will take place on the road. With the surprising move to make the Lowell Live Event a One Night Only taping, especially after TNA announcing their return to Universal Studios, this could be a sign that TNA are looking to have all the One Night Only shows in 2014 on the road.

TNA Impact Wrestling Review - Nov 7, 2013

07 November 2013

Post-IMPACT Discussion for Nov 7, 2013

One of my favorite activities after watching Impact is searching for forums in which fans talk about the show and share with one another their thoughts.  However, it's getting increasingly harder to find venues where TNA fans can safely express their opinions on Impact without having to deal with the trolling of the anti-TNA crowd or the smarks who insist on taking the fun out of pro wrestling.

For this reason, we felt it was important to make TNAMecca available to its readers and any TNA fans who would like to discuss the show after watching it.  You can now visit TNAMecca each and every week immediately following Impact to do exactly that in the comments section below.  And later tonight, look for Andre Corbeil's recap and review of Impact on TNAMecca as one half of the CanAm Wrestling connection shares with you his thoughts on tonight's show.

In any case, and without further ado, please feel free to share with us your thoughts on tonight's episode of Impact.  What did you think of the show?  What did you like or dislike?  Let us know.

TNA Thursday Randomania - Nov 7, 2013

This week, I'd like to focus on the news that Pacman Jones will be returning to TNA simply because I feel the reaction by some has been unnecessarily over the top.  Let me put it in perspective for you.  This is simply a ploy to try to sell more tickets in Cincinnati, where Pacman makes his home during the NFL season as a cornerback for the Bengals.  It will be a one-time appearance, perhaps two if he appears on the second half of the tapings.  Furthermore, whether you liked him or not, Pacman Jones represents a time when TNA was exciting for so many fans.  And his return, I believe, is a nod to that time.  It's a subtle reminder that slowly but steadily, TNA is going old school, at least creatively.  And I couldn't be happier.

Pick 'em League: Jeff Hardy vs Chris Sabin! Who's Your Pick?

Last Thursday Dixie Carter announced an 8-Man Tournament to crown a new TNA World Heavyweight Champion. The first quarter final with be Full Metal Mayhem between Jeff Hardy vs Chris Sabin taking place on this Thursdays live Impact from Cincinnati, OH. Due to the importance of the match and it taking place on a live edition of Impact, we have decided to add Sabin vs Hardy to the Pick 'em League schedule and have opened polls for participants to vote. 

06 November 2013

Dixie Carter Reveals Former World Title Holder!

Interestingly enough, I believe someone had mentioned Pacman Jones in our comments section yesterday as a joke. In any case, you had to know this was not going to be a huge name but rather someone who can come in and be on Team Dixie, in this case, for one night most likely. It's also quite a nod to old school TNA and a sign that the company is returning to its roots so I don't hate this as much as I thought I would. Please share with us your thoughts on this latest development in the comments section below.

Jay Bradley & Rob Terry to Appear on Wrestle-1 Show!

Wrestle-1 announced today that TNA wrestlers Jay Bradley and Rob Terry will be appearing on the promotion's show on November 16th.  Incidentally, it is the same show that AJ Styles will defend the TNA world championship against Seiya Sanada.  So TNA will have three talents representing the company at Wrestle-1's event, one of which is their champion.

UPDATE (5:19 PM EST): It's been announced that Bradley & Terry will tour with Wrestle-1 starting with the event on November 16th until December 1st. Both will likely train at the Wrestle-1 dojo during this period.  This explains TNA's choice of talent as both are young stars and could benefit from training in Japan.

05 November 2013

The Can-Am Wrestling Show Episode 7 w/ Andre Corbeil & Big Ray!

Former World Champion Returning to TNA!

In an interesting turn of events, Dixie Carter claims in her latest 24/7 video that a former world champion contacted her and that he will be returning to TNA on Thursday night during Impact.  I won't even begin to guess who it is as there's been quite a few former world champions who are no longer with the company but I'm definitely intrigued. Incidentally, does anyone know the WWE contract status of, umm, Christian? In any case, I've included the video below so make sure you check it out and post your thoughts in the comments section below.

Janice Carter's Full Memo to TNA Staff!

This afternoon, PWInsider posted the full Janice Carter memo to the TNA staff.  They, evidently, obtained the memo directly from TNA.
October 31, 2013  
Dear Staff, 
As we embark on our "Where Action Never Ends" 365 initiative, I wanted to take this time to thank you for your dedication and enthusiasm to your company's renewed creative direction. I feel confident that, together, we are marching towards something great - a revolutionary way to experience professional wrestling.  
With this said, I am aware of the false rumors currently circulating that The Carter Family and Panda Energy is attempting to sell their ownership stakes in TNA Wrestling. An unfortunate aspect of this business is that there are wrestling "reporters" who consistently post "news stories" without proper facts. I want to assure you that these are just rumors and I am committed to TNA and its future.  
While I typically find that responding to such rumors is a waste of time, I wanted to use this as a moment to express my support and delight for the creative direction we are moving in. Our work has just begun and I look forward to a long and rewarding future with you and TNA.  
Warm Regards, Janice Carter
Chairman of the Board