31 October 2013

Post-IMPACT Discussion for Oct 31, 2013

One of my favorite activities after watching Impact is searching for forums in which fans talk about the show and share with one another their thoughts.  However, it's getting increasingly harder to find venues where TNA fans can safely express their opinions on Impact without having to deal with the trolling of the anti-TNA crowd or the smarks who insist on taking the fun out of pro wrestling.

For this reason, we felt it was important to make TNAMecca available to its readers and any TNA fans who would like to discuss the show after watching it.  Starting tonight, you can visit TNAMecca immediately following Impact to do exactly that in the comments section below.  And later tonight, look for Andre Corbeil's recap and review of Impact on TNAMecca as one half of the CanAm Wrestling connection shares with you his thoughts on tonight's show.  If you've never watched an Andre Corbeil video, tonight's as good a night as any to give Mr. Corbeil a chance.  You won't regret it.

In any case, and without further ado, please feel free to share with us your thoughts on tonight's episode of Impact.  What did you think of the show?  What did you like or dislike?  Let us know.

Submit Your Behind The Curtain Questions!

Once again I'm taking questions for the next edition of Behind The Curtain. There are quite a few hot topics at the moment to discuss including TNA's Where Action Never Ends direction, the return to Universal Orlando & the AJ Styles departure angle. If you have any questions on those or any TNA topics, make sure you ask them in the comments section below and I'll answer in the next Behind The Curtain Q&A.

TNA Thursday Randomania - Oct 31, 2013

- The last time we saw AJ Styles, he was driving away in a brand new car while holding up the TNA world title belt in the closing moments of Impact.  Since then, we've been treated to an eventful week that saw the feud between Styles and Dixie Carter take an interesting turn.  For those who haven't been closely following this week's series of events, here's a recap in chronological order:

30 October 2013

What if TNA is Sold!

Once again the internet is all a flutter with rumors and I'm not talking about the Fleetwood Mac album (comment if you know what I mean). According to "reports" TNA is up for sale, or at least the Carters are willing to sell for "the right price." This has led to comparisons to the late WCW and ECW; both of those companies had rumors of being sold just before they went out of business and some are assuming the same fate for TNA. What is the truth? Only time will tell and here at TNAMecca we don't report rumors as fact. However, this is Mann in the Cage and since there are no rules in the cage, let's get crazy! I'm going to assume that TNA is being sold, but to whom? Again, rumors are afloat so let's indulge them shall we! The cage is now a portal to alternate universes, all of which have a door, beyond each door a different buyer has purchased TNA. I'm going to walk through each door and tell you what would happen if TNA Wrestling was sold to each of these new owners.

29 October 2013

The Cam-Am Wrestling Show Episode 6 w/ Big Ray & Andre Corbeil!

AJ Styles to Defend TNA Title in AAA vs El Mesias!

PWInsider is reporting that AJ Styles will defend the TNA world championship at this Sunday's AAA TV tapings in Mexico.  No word, however, on when the show will air.  Additionally, his opponent will most likely be named later today.  As I had hoped, this storyline is getting off to a great start with an appearance in AAA, hopefully against a legit opponent.  We'll continue to monitor this situation and be sure to inform you on any new developments. 

UPDATE (6:28 PM EST): AAA Executive Vice President Dorian Roldán posted the following on his official Twitter account, "We just received an email for AJ Styles and he wants to defend his TNA championship Sunday in Tonalá.  We will announce his opponent today." 

UPDATE (7:09 PM EST): Dixie Carter has announced that the TNA World Heavyweight Championship has been officially vacated.  AJ Styles' profile has also been removed from the Impact Wrestling roster on the company's site, indicating that he's now a "free agent".

UPDATE (9:52 PM EST): Dorian Roldán announced on his official Twitter account that TNA world champion AJ Styles will wrestle El Mesias at Sunday's AAA TV tapings.  So it will be AJ Styles vs El Mesias in what should be a good match.  As soon as we get more information on how TNA fans can watch this match, we will make sure to let you know.

Hulk Hogan Removed from Impact Wrestling Roster

In an interesting development, the profile of Hulk Hogan has officially been removed from the Impact Wrestling roster on the company's official site.  I'm not naive to presume that this is at all any confirmation that he's officially done with the company but it's certainly a good indication that we might have seen the last of Hulk Hogan in TNA.  Only time will tell I suppose but I hope that TNA finally moves on from the Hogan/Bischoff era, or shall I say, returns to its roots.

What is the Significance of 110913?

Last week's Impact ended with AJ Styles taking the TNA world title and driving off in a brand new car that Dixie Carter "gave" him as a bonus.  But it was another little detail that the caught the attention of TNA fans...the number 110913 on the makeshift license plate.  Our readers discussed it briefly on TNAMecca last week but I think we should delve into it deeper.  What could this number mean?  Could it stand for November 9, 2013?  If so, what will happen on that date?  After the show, David Lagana teased that there's some significance to 110913 so we're definitely not reading too much into this.  I'm curious to know what you think so be sure to share with us what you believe the significance of 110913 is in the comments section below.  I'd like to thank TNA fan @thehachland for providing the photo used in this post.

My Thoughts on the "TNA for Sale" Rumors

I'm sure most TNA fans, at least those who are part of the internet community, have heard about the rumors that the Carters are apparently looking to sell TNA.  Although we at TNAMecca are not prepared to report such a rumor, I thought I'd take this opportunity to put this situation in perspective.  Please keep in mind, this is my opinion and it does not represent that of TNAMecca's as we do not report rumors that we feel aren't substantiated by the sources whom we find most trustworthy.  

28 October 2013

AJ's Hiatus Means...

So what is really going on with AJ Styles leaving TNA with the World Title?  Obviously he is going to take the World Championship belt to other countries and other global wrestling organizations.  Where and when is yet to be revealed but if TNA's relationships with Wrestle-1 in Japan, AAA in Mexico and WWL in Puerto Rico prove to be reliable, we will most likely see Styles visit those organizations soon.  There is also the upcoming UK Tour and Styles has already visited Australia and New Zealand in the past during a 2012 promotional tour.  Maybe Europe is also in Styles' future?  After all, there are solid TNA fan-bases in places like Germany and France.  What about South America?  The Middle East?  Africa?  India?  So many possibilities.

27 October 2013

TNA to Tape PPVs on the UK Tour!

Dixie Carter, this afternoon, tweeted the following on her official Twitter account, regarding the taping of One Night Only PPVs on the UK Tour:

This is great news, especially for the fans in the UK. According to TNA, the PPVs that the company will tape on the UK Tour are the British Empire Cup One Night Only and the Joker's Wild II One Night Only. I must say, I'm very happy to see TNA finally give the fans overseas a PPV, albeit one that's taped.  Although the One Night Only concept hasn't been executed well this year, it appears the company is well-prepared to put more effort into the shows next year.  I'm also hoping that there will only be two episodes of Impact taped in the UK as I felt four shows, last year, were too many.  Click here to read TNA's press release on the PPVs and much more!

Behind The Curtain: Q&A Volume I

Welcome all to the new and improved Behind The Curtain. Firstly I'd like to thank those of you that submitted questions several weeks ago. I have to apologise for the lateness of the column, but going into BFG season it's been very hectic and left little to no time to write my answers. If you have any questions you would like to submit for the next edition, please post it in the comments section below. So without further delay, lets get into it.

26 October 2013

AJ Styles to Defend TNA Title Internationally?

The newly-crowned TNA World heavyweight Champion AJ Styles posted the following tweet, this afternoon, on his official Twitter account:

There were rumors that AJ Styles would take the TNA title belt to another country, presumably Japan, and defend it there but his tweet indicates that it's more than just a rumor.  If Styles defends the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in Japan, it will be a monumental occasion; one that will bring the company some much needed exposure.  TNA, along with their partners worldwide, could very well script a storyline that will span the globe and unite wrestling fans from all over the world.  I can't wait to see how this develops.

Ringside: Impact Wrestling Review - Oct 24, 2013

I'm Feeling Salty

October 24th was a very odd day for me.  Not to be a drama queen, but I kind of went through a roller coaster of emotions.  After investing a lot of time and energy in promoting the show here locally in Salt Lake City, the confirmed news came from TNA that they were going back to the Impact Zone.  That thought alone was depressing to me on a personal level as I have been such an advocate for taking IMPACT on the road.  This day had turned into a microcosm of the last 8 months in TNA history.  Even with the aforementioned news fresh on my mind, I had an IMPACT to attend......and MAN, what a show it was.

25 October 2013

Final Attendance for Last Night's Impact in Salt Lake City, UT

After tracking the ticket sales since they went up, and the information given to me by my colleague BigDawg who was in attendance for last night's show, the final attendance number we have for the Salt Lake City Impact last night is around 2,500. This number is up from the average attendance in recent months, and the crowd were arguably the loudest we have had during the Impact on the road run. 

Post-Impact Thoughts for Oct 24, 2013

I will share with you my thoughts on Impact in greater detail in our official TNAMecca review Ringside tomorrow at 3PM.  But today, I wanted to briefly point out a few things about last night's Impact.

TNA Impact Wrestling Review - Oct 24, 2013

24 October 2013

TNA Executive Not Backstage Tonight

PWInsider is reporting that Eric Bischoff is not backstage at the Impact tapings tonight and might not be returning to the company anytime soon.  Well, this is an interesting development.  I've been saying for quite some time that TNA needs to part ways with Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff and get back to its roots by allowing Jeff Jarrett to lead the way.  I'm hoping this is the case because all indications are that Jarrett is with the company in Salt Lake City tonight.

TNA Announces New "Where Action Never Ends" Strategy

TNA just announced via a new cross-platform program that will feature 24/7 TNA content that will be "an evolution in the way fans experience professional wrestling". The press release states that cameras will be rolling 24/7 on superstars at live events, on the road and in their homes. TNA look to infuse "camera's everywhere" into the Impact Wrestling program, and continue it for the 166 hours until the next show through multiple platforms. 

In the press release, TNA President Dixie Carter says "Our renewed focus will shift from live event touring to 24/7 show content". The press release also says Universal Studios will be the company's programming hub, as well as the primary talent training facility moving forward. It also states more new characters will debut in the coming months.

I have to say, when you look at this press release, this announcement is huge. TNA will be delivering content 24/7 and it will be a new and revolutionary creative direction, supposedly starting tonight. On paper, while some fans will be disappointed TNA are returning to Universal Studios, TNA are making this a great move by taking advantage of the facility's and having a home base. Click here for the full press release.

TNA Thursday Randomania - Oct 24, 2013

- This week, I'd like to begin with the recent John Hennigan (WWE's John Morrison) interview in which he indicated that he'd be open to signing with TNA or, at the very least, talk with them.  However, I'd like to comment on the guy who conducted the interview, Fred Richani.  At one point during the interview, he asked Hennigan if TNA had contacted him.  Hennigan responded with a simple, "yes".  To which Richani replied, "And I'm assuming you told them 'Thanks but no thanks'."  Seriously?  My jaw literally dropped by the lack of professionalism shown by Mr. Richani.  But what happened next was simply fantastic.  Hennigan, who appeared a bit put off by Richani's assumption, cut him off with an emphatic, "no".  Richani was visibly embarrassed because he clearly hadn't expected Hennigan to disagree.  In any case, Hennigan went on to praise TNA and claimed that he would absolutely be willing to talk to them.  Part of me would like to see TNA sign John Hennigan, whom I feel can be a nice addition to the roster.  However, I still contend that TNA needs to start creating their own stars.  Hennigan, unless he undergoes a transformation like Bully Ray's, will always be associated with the WWE.

22 October 2013

New Beginnings

Bound For Glory has come and gone, TNA's biggest event of the year was met with many mixed reviews but this year's event was different to past BFG's, this was not a culmination of a year of TNA storylines, this was a turning point, a fresh start for TNA creatively, and it was obvious throughout the night.


While watching Bound for Glory on Sunday night I was having a good time interacting with a lot of  TNA fans on Twitter and enjoying what I thought was a pretty good (though not great) pay per view offering from TNA Wrestling. Then I looked at some of the suggestions for hash tags that my phone was giving me: "#Bound for Bankruptcy", "#Bound for Vince's Paycheck","#BFGSucks". These were all trending on Twitter at some point that night or were at least appearing in my timeline. So then I did some investigating and I was blown away by the amount of hate this show was getting, I mean it was bad as I'm sure some of you know. But was all this negative feedback coming from fans who were disappointed in the show itself or was this show Bound for Hate from the beginning?

The Roundtable: The Official Debut

Welcome to the official debut of the Roundtable, a discussion-style column in which the TNAMecca staff (Nick Mann, MisterTNA, BigDawg, and Shelbin) will give their thoughts on five thought-provoking questions.  We hope you enjoy this first edition of the Roundtable, and please free feel to join us by sharing your thoughts in the comments section below.

21 October 2013

And It's All Up From Here

Well I can't say that I was absolutely thrilled for the whole 3 hours of Bound For Glory 2013 in San Diego.  Take my advice though: Back Away from the Ledge.  It's amazing to me how people are so quick to totally bury TNA.  The hate that I see a majority of the IWC show TNA is stunning and frankly it's a sad diatribe of our society as a whole.  No shit there were empty seats, you're not breaking any news by telling the world that.  By now you should know that it's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.  TNA has plenty of fight yet, and that is personified in AJ Styles.

Pick 'em League: Standings After BFG

Coming out of Bound For Glory, quite a few matches didn't go the way most thought they would. The two biggest shockers were the Bro-Mans winning the Tag Team Gauntlet & Chris Sabin winning his 7th X Division Title in Ultimate X. The only winners who had the majority vote going into BFG were Magnus & AJ Styles, who we both identified yesterday as the safe bets in the league.With quite a few long shots getting the win, it certainly made the prediction's chart an interesting read this morning, lets take a look at who's picks came through.

20 October 2013

Pick 'em League: The BFG Breakdown

Tonight is the first event in Season One of the TNAMecca Pick 'em League, Bound For Glory. A total of 18 points are up for grabs for each of the league's 52 members. As it's the first event of the series, everybody is looking to get a strong start to finish in 1st place by Lockdown 2014. With the predictions that have  come in, some matches have their clear favourites, but matches such as Ultimate X, not so much. Let's take a look at the predictions from the 37 participants who have submitted them.

The Can-Am Wrestling Bound for Glory Pre-Show w/ Big Ray & Andre Corbeil!

PREVIEW: Bully Ray vs AJ Styles - TNA World Championship

This Bound For Glory Main Event figures to be a pivotal and ultra-important match, as it should be.  Bully comes in as the classic heel, while AJ has a much more complicated role.  He has the disapproval of his boss, the lovely Dixie Carter, and also an uncertainty of his future in TNA.  The build of BFG seemed to be slow-building but we knew about this particular match for quite some time.  Yes, the BFG Series got more unpredictable than expected at times but most of us knew AJ would face whoever was the World Champ, no matter who that would be.  The storybook moment is AJ's to have.  This is all set up for him to grasp the World Title and become who he and everyone else wants him to be.

However, if you think Bully Ray is just going to hand the title over to AJ, you are wrong.  TNA is going to give us a unpredictable and intense fight here.  There will be surprises, there will be fantastic wrestling, there will a roller coaster of emotion, but most importantly there will be a winner.  Whoever that winner is will take TNA into 2014 and beyond.  Bully Ray has been a great champion but is this where the train stops for him?  Based off their prior matches, we have a special treat in store for us in San Diego.

Pick 'em League: Make Your BFG Picks Now!

The polls are now open for players to make their predictions for tonight's Bound For Glory PPV. Players must make a prediction for every match on the form and can only submit one completed form per eligible player. The deadline to make your predictions is today at 6:00 PM EST.

NOTE: If TNA makes a last minute change that drastically alters any of the matches in this poll, the match will automatically be voided and will not count towards your overall final score. Only submissions from registered participants will be counted.

The Bound For Glory Prediction Poll is now closed.   

PREVIEW: Ultimate X for X Division Championship

It all started so innocently - an X Division title match between Chris Sabin, Suicide, and Kenny King to determine which of three will have the opportunity to earn a world heavyweight title shot via Option C.  Surprisingly, Suicide used cheap tactics, which was unlike him, to win the X Division title but unbeknownst to us, Austin Aries almost pulled off one of the greatest heists in the company's history.  We all know how it ended.  Chris Sabin overcame a challenge by former TNA world champion Austin Aries and TJ Perkins - the man formerly under the Suicide mask, now known as Manik - to ultimately move on and win the company's top belt.  Suffice it to say, it was a whirlwind Summer for Sabin.  Fast forward a couple of months and the hard feelings seem to have lingered.  Chris Sabin is pissed off at Austin Aries.  He's resentful of Manik.  Aries and Manik have remained civil but not completely friendly.  And Jeff Hardy isn't quite sure what to make of the entire situation.  Combine all of this chaos and the result is an Ultimate X match at Bound for Glory to settle their differences.  Oh, and Samoa Joe decided last week that he wants a piece of the action.  So let me will be Manik vs Chris Sabin vs Austin Aries vs Jeff Hardy (his first) vs Samoa Joe in an Ultimate X match.  Let that sink in.

PREVIEW: Magnus vs Sting

Going into Bound For Glory, grudges looked to be settled, Championships hang literally in the balance and the future of a mainstay is on the line. All of these matches are fueled by hatred and desire, but there is one match that was made because of a mutual feeling, respect. For the Icon Sting, he saw his young student sucked into a black hole of doubt, hindering the growth of a man he saw as the future of TNA. For Magnus, a string of losses affected the young star to the point where his mentor's pep talks were no longer enough. Magnus needed something more, and Sting needed to give his Mafia brother an opportunity to snap out of his downward spiral. In Magnus' troubling times, he asked the question "who's gonna put me on the map?" and the answer he received from Sting was one he never expected "Me at Bound For Glory".

This match isn't the simple fueled by hatred bout, Magnus is frustrated with his current form, as well as his mentor's actions, while Sting wants to bring his apprentice back to the brink of stardom, and is willing to fight him to do so. Both men know what this match means, and are willing to go to their limits to achieve what they want, the question is, who will leave San Diego the victor.

Ultimate X To Open Bound For Glory

Dixie Carter just tweeted the following in regards to which match will open tonight's Bound For Glory PPV:

This match could very well be match of the night and possibly match of the year. While it's interesting to kick off BFG with such a big match it will start the event off strong and hopefully set the tone for the rest of the night. You could look at this also as a way to keep the crowd hot the entire night, start with Ultimate X, let them settle down a bit during the under-card, then hit them hard with the big three in Sting vs Magnus, Angle vs Roode & Styles vs Bully Ray. Ultimate X is a match I'm really looking forward to and it should be a fantastic start to what could be a great PPV.

PREVIEW: Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode

Even though he was announced as going into the TNA Hall of Fame this year at Slammiversary, Kurt Angle was a question mark for Bound for Glory because of his personal problems. Then a couple of weeks ago, Bobby Roode mentioned how he should be in the Hall of Fame and it was obvious Kurt would be back. This past week, EGO inducted Bobby Roode into the "EGO Hall of Fame" in one of the best in ring segments in the history of TNA. The buzz created by this skit has made this match one of the most talked about on the card, and it was only announced ten days before the show! On top of that, this is a rematch from the BFG main event of 2011 and no one seems to mind; that's what a good build up will do. These guys are two of the best on the TNA roster, if not, the entire world and one would expect a great contest. Does Angle have ring rust after his time off? Not likely. Besides, even if he does, Roode is the perfect guy to put him in there with.

19 October 2013

Mr. Olympia Phil Heath to Appear on BFG Pre-Show

Richard Choueiri is reporting that Phil Heath, a three-time Mr. Olympia, will appear at Bound for Glory in what he describes as a "bro-off" against the Bro-Mans.  I don't know what to make of this because, honestly, it sounds horrific.  Hopefully, this segment will take place on the pre-show because it's certainly not something I want to watch on Bound for Glory.  On the bright side, Heath appears to be in his prime (he's only 33) and in great shape so he will, at least, look impressive in the ring.  He has, in addition, won Mr. Olympia the last three years so he's essentially the sports' top athlete, something that we haven't been accustomed to as TNA fans.  Kudos to our soon-to-be affiliate IWHeadlines for the heads up.

UPDATE (10:23 PM EST): Upon further review, I've discovered that Phil Heath will indeed appear on SpikeTV's Countdown to Bound for Glory.  It's certainly not as bad as I initially thought.  In fact, I might even enjoy this segment on the pre-show.

Ringside: Impact Wrestling Review - Oct 17, 2013

PREVIEW: ODB vs. Gail Kim vs. Brooke - TNA Knockouts Championship

All the talk surrounding the Knockouts division has been about one woman: Lei'd Tapa and she's not in this match. However, this match should not be overlooked. While a lot of fans weep for the days of Awesome Kong, the current crop of Knockouts have been putting on some kick ass matches. One has to look no further than Slammiversary of this year to see that. All three of these women will work hard to put on a great match, whether it goes unnoticed will depend on if the focus is on them or Tapa.

PREVIEW: Tag Team Gauntlet/Tag Team Title Match

The tag team division in TNA has sort of been in a funny state lately. Literally, as most of the teams seem to be built around comedic characters: Bad Influence, EY/Joseph Park and The Bro-Mans all provide great comedic moments on any Impact Wrestling broadcast. This leaves Chavo and Hernandez as the only "serious" contenders for the titles. But are they the team you want against Gunner and James Storm at BFG? This match is a great one to put on the pre-show; it'll be good fun and get the crowd amped up for the pay per view. One would also expect some good comedy from those involved as well.

18 October 2013

UPDATE: TNA Possibly Returning to The Impact Zone?

PWInsider is reporting that TNA are currently in discussions with Universal Studios to return to the Impact Zone in November to tape several episodes of Impact. This comes after yesterday's news that the November 5th taping in Chattanooga, TN has been cancelled, a taping that was only announced last week and was supposed to go on sale today. It's been speculated that TNA have been looking for a permanent home for Impact, I myself wrote a column this week looking at possible locations, unfortunately the Impact Zone was not on my list.

This may very well be a one-off where TNA go back and do a few shows over the course of a week or so, use it as a way to take some pressure off and get focused, then head back on the road. If TNA return to the Impact Zone permanently, I will be very disappointed. Yes it may make sense financially to go back to the Impact Zone, but their are several other options that should be looked into and ever tried. I don't mind if this one-off return to the Impact Zone happens, but that's all it can be, a one-off. If it's not, it'll be a sad day to see TNA go off the road after just 7/8 months and return to the much criticized Impact Zone.

UPDATE (2:16 PM EST): PWInsider is now reporting that TNA will indeed tape episodes of Impact at the Impact Zone in mid to late November and that the company is making final arrangements before going public with an official announcement.

UPDATE (5:34 PM EST): TNA has removed the November 21st tapings in Baltimore, MD from their list of events on the Impact Wrestling site.  This comes after tickets for the show were taken off sale a few days ago, and pretty much confirms the taping is cancelled/postponed and that a deal with Universal Studios has been finalised. After the original report stated they were looking to tape between 4 to 6 weeks of TV in the Impact Zone, they now have a 6-week block of TV that no longer has announced locations. Expect an official announcement soon. 

Jeff Jarrett to Return at Bound for Glory?

This morning, Jeff Jarrett posted the following on this official Twitter account:

Could this be an indication that Jeff Jarrett will make an appearance at Bound for Glory?  I realize that Jarrett has been more active behind the scenes lately so it wouldn't be at all out of the ordinary for him to travel to San Diego for the show but the mention of Karen Jarrett, I believe, is a red flag.  Of course, they could simply be there to attend Kurt Angle's Hall of Fame ceremony on Saturday night.  We will find out soon enough I suppose.

TNA Impact Wrestling Review - Oct 17, 2013

17 October 2013

UPDATE: Impact Tapings in Chattanooga Canceled!

PWInsider is reporting that the Impact tapings in Chattanooga, TN on December 5th have been canceled although there's no word on the reason why.  The listing for the tapings have been removed from the Impact Wrestling website, as well as the McKenzie Arena site.  I'm not sure what this is about but it could be a variety of things including poor ticket sales or simply a change of venue.  We will keep you updated as soon as we hear more.

PWInsider is also reporting that tickets for the Impact tapings in Baltimore, MD on November 21st may have been taken off sale.  However, I must note that this is speculation and based on a number of fans who recently were unable to buy tickets but were informed to "call back next week".

UPDATE: PWInsider is now reporting that TNA has decided to pull the plug on the Impact tapings in Chattanooga, TN and apparently are looking to move them to another market.  More to come...

TNA Thursday Randomania - Oct 17, 2013

- If you haven't been following the daily rumors regarding Hulk Hogan's status, here is the latest: Hogan has reportedly received offers from both TNA and WWE.  It appears that WWE's offer was lower than TNA's.  Although one source reported that he was staying with TNA, other sources that I find much more trustworthy have reported that Hogan hasn't officially signed with either company.  In addition, TNA, which had included Hogan in advertisements for Bound for Glory, has evidently removed him.  I'm not sure what this means but it could simply be a swerve by the company.  I've gone on record as to say that I'd prefer to see Hogan return to WWE, where he ultimately belongs.  TNA has never been or will be a good fit for him so I think it'd be a poor decision to re-sign him.

16 October 2013

Evolution is Unavoidable...for TNA also.

Am I a scientist? No, I am not, nor would I ever claim to be (I will leave that to Eric Young).  I do, however, have a degree in science.  Science has always been my least favorite subject matter in school, yet that is my supposed specialty in my field of work.  What a weird paradox if you think about it.  I will spare you the evolution VS religion debate, but there is no doubt that humans have evolved in the areas of average intelligence, our technology, medicine, and all the other things involved in improving our way of life.  If you ponder where humanity will be in 50 years, it may just blow your mind.  In that same vein, where will TNA be in 50 years?  Will the company still exist?  I hope so, but if it still exists it will not be the same company that it is today.

15 October 2013

The Can-Am Wrestling Show Episode 4 w/ Big Ray & Andre Corbeil!


As you can all see, we've made some changes to the site, most obvious one being our header.  We felt it was a good time to make this change to correlate with the new creative direction by TNA that presumably will begin at Bound for Glory.  When making these changes, we took into account the sort of site that we want to be - one that's fun and playful, and one that exemplifies the attitude we have towards TNA and pro wrestling in general.  

We want to thank everyone who's supported us for the last two months, since our launch, and let you know that we appreciate it more than you know.  We're excited about our future because we have some fun things planned - the Pick 'em League will begin on Sunday, the CanAm Wrestling Show has been hugely successful, and we will continue to bring you our opinions on TNA through our columns and POV commentary pieces.

In final, please take a moment to give us your feedback in the comments section below on the new look or anything else about our site that you'd like to discuss.  Again, we thank you guys for making TNAMecca the site for passionate and knowledgeable TNA fans.  I would use Andre Corbeil's favorite saying here but I don't want it to go to his head.

13 October 2013

TNA's Permanent Home...or Homes?

Recently it's been reported that TNA have started discussing a permanent home for Impact Wrestling. As we know, since going on the road in March, average attendance has not increased, and with the $600,000 bill to put on each show, high attendances are needed for a show to make a good profit. It is said due to the reality of average attendances not being as profitable as first hoped, TNA are looking for a permanent home for their TV tapings, likely to take effect in February/March 2014 after the UK tapings.

There are several rumoured locations for Impact's new home. Currently Nashville, Las Vegas & Orlando. Many are discussing which location they would like TNA to move to, some even suggesting other locations. I however see this a little differently, and pose the question, what if TNA had several permanent locations?

12 October 2013

Latest Location for Impact Live Announced

TNA has listed Chattanooga, TN as the location for the December 5 Impact Wrestling tapings on The show will emanate from the McKenzie Arena, a 10,000 seat venue that has hosted both WWE & WCW events in the past. Chattanooga, TN never crossed my mind as a potential location for Impact, and I don't think TNA has ever run a show there, hopefully being in TNA's home state they will do some promotion and draw a respectable crowd. This now leaves the location for the December 19 Impact as the last taping to be announced for 2013.

Ringside: Impact Wrestling Review - Oct 10, 2013

11 October 2013


Welcome to another edition of My IMPACT Experience, a TNAMecca exclusive series in which one TNA fan, who attended Impact, will have the opportunity to share with you his or her experience.  Please be informed, the following contains spoilers for this week's Impact.  If you would like to be the next to share with our wonderful readers your experience, please contact us via email. 

Hello, my name is Earl Kennedy and this past week my friend Steve and I went to TNA Impact Live in Tulsa, Ok.  The whole experience was what TNA says it is: Fan Interactive. In between the matches JB interacted with the crowd and kept the crowd going with different things such as tweeting your row/isle/seat to be entered in for different giveaways such as free merchandise, back stage passes, upgrade to the VIP sections, etc. as well as giving backstage passes (after getting lip service from TAZ).

Is Ethan Carter III Bound For Glory?

Last night we finally saw the face of Ethan, and we also learned his full name is Ethan Carter III. Right off the bat, his last name being Carter is most definitely interesting and exciting. I don't think it's a coincidence that shortly after Dixie Carter turns heel that an arrogant and clearly rich gentleman who shares the same last name appears on TNA TV. Could anyone really make demands to have his debut so heavily hyped other than a fellow Carter?

I'm hoping that Ethan is the nephew of Dixie, with Dixie believing that Ethan can be the future face of TNA, a face that she can trust and knows will always be on #TeamDixie. In just 2 vignettes I've become a fan of the character, the question I have is when will EC3 debut? I think next week it should be announced that Carter will make his in ring debut at Bound For Glory. Next week, Have Ethan arrive in a limo with Dixie there to meet him. After getting through the pleasantries, have Dixie tell Ethan she brought him here to tell him that he will make his in-ring debut at Bound For Glory, and because she can see money in him, his first match will be for the now vacant Television title.

REMINDER: Pick 'em League - Deadline Oct 14th!

As you may know, last month marked TNAMecca's one month anniversary. In our first month, we have accomplished many things. The most recent being the premiere of the CanAm Wrestling Show, hosted by our own Andre Corbeil and our newest addition Big Ray. Recently, we announced yet a new and exclusive feature to TNAMecca - the launch of the TNAMecca Pick 'Em League. 

Here at TNAMecca, we aim to create as much interactivity between fellow TNA fans. With the launch of the TNAMecca Pick 'Em League, we hope to add a fun and unique experience for readers where they can share their predictions and add a special element to a common aspect in the Internet Wrestling Community.

TNA Knockout Announces Pregnancy

Taryn Terrell, who has not been on TNA TV since June shortly after her Last Knockouts Standing match with Gail Kim, posted the following on Twitter:

This ends any speculation as to why Terrell disappeared from TV several months ago, right around the time she was rumoured to be getting a major push including a run as Knockouts Champion. I'm pretty sure all of that is nothing compared to the blessing of becoming a Mother for the first time. On behalf of everyone at TNAMecca, I would like to congratulate Taryn and wish her all the best during her pregnancy.

TNA Impact Wrestling Review - Oct 10, 2013

10 October 2013

UPDATE: Ethan's Last Name is Carter!

Earlier we posted a tweet from Michael Hutter teasing his debut tonight on Impact but in an interesting turn of events, Hutter's tweet and Twitter account have disappeared.  I'm not sure what this means  because Hutter could have simply changed his username if that was his intention.  As soon as we hear more or know his new Twitter username, we will be sure to let you know.  More to come...

UPDATE: After doing some research, Michael Hutter's new Twitter name is @EthanCarterTNA which is interesting because the man who was simply known as Ethan now has a last name.  Is anyone thinking what I'm thinking - rich spoiled dude with the last name Carter?  As for his tweets regarding Impact tonight, they have been deleted it appears.  Could this be an indication that he will not debut tonight after all?  We will know soon enough.

VIDEO: Jamin Olivencia Challenges Kurt Angle

We have been monitoring the Jamin Olivencia situation for a few days now and had expected an official statement from him regarding his challenge to Kurt Angle.  You can watch Olivencia's official statement in the video above, which Olivencia released this afternoon.

Kudos to our affiliate LOE Wrestling for the heads up.

TNA Thursday Randomania - Oct 10, 2013

- Last week, we all wondered if it was truly the end of the Hulk Hogan era in TNA.  As far as we know, his contract expired on October 1st and he quit on Impact on October 3rd.  Now, come negotiations.  Or do they?  It appears that Hogan has been doing interviews, this week, promoting Impact in Tulsa, OK so the two sides have had to come to some sort of an agreement.  I can't imagine Hogan is doing this out of the kindness of his heart.  In any case, I've already gone on record as to say that I believe that TNA and Hogan should part ways so any new deal would be a hard pill to swallow for this fan.

09 October 2013

The Roundtable Debuts on October 20th!

As part of Bound for Glory Sunday on October 20th, we have planned a special day for you on TNAMecca, and one of the things we have planned will be the official debut of The Roundtable - a column in which the TNAMecca staff will answer questions about certain topics relating to TNA and Impact Wrestling.  In addition, on BFG Sunday, you can look forward to various previews for the BFG matches, an intro to the TNAMecca Pick 'em League (which officially begins at BFG), and much more!