31 August 2013

Ringside: Impact Wrestling Review - Aug 29, 2013

Impact Live to Invade Baltimore, MD in November!

Dixie Carter announced a new location, yesterday, on her official Twitter account for Impact Live in late November.

Baltimore, MD is easily one of the largest city that TNA will visit this year so I hope it's a sign that the company is prepared to bring its flagship program, Impact Wrestling, to some of the cities in the Northeast, such as New York City, Philadelphia, and Toronto - something they have neglected to do since taking the show on the road.

30 August 2013

Has the Approach to Impact Live Changed?

As I mentioned earlier on my Twitter, there has been a notable change to TNA's approach with Live editions of Impact since the departure of Bruce Prichard. That change is since Prichard left, every live Impact has had some form of theme or promotional hook.

The trend started with Destination X back in July in Louisville. The next live Impact had the hook of the identity of the man behind the August 1 Warning, followed by Hardcore Justice, this past Thursday's Must Win Impact and then No Surrender in 2 weeks. It looks from the outside TNA have adopted the mindset that they want every Live Impact to feel different, and if it continues, it could be a great philosophy to increase interest in the product.

UPDATE: AJ Styles Contract Extension?

According to PWInsider, TNA and AJ Styles have reportedly agreed to a short term extension that will take him thru the Bound for Glory PPV, giving the two sides an opportunity to keep negotiating on a long term deal.  This isn't at all surprising as I believe that both sides truly feel that a contract extension is in the best interest of everyone involved.  In the end, I suspect that the two will come to terms on an agreement soon.  Part of me, however, feels as if TNA may have intentionally leaked this story to PWInsider in order to make last night's "pipe bomb" by AJ Styles more meaningful.  And they succeeded.

My IMPACT Cleveland, OH

Welcome to another edition of My IMPACT Experience, a series in which fans who attend the show get to share their experience with you.  This edition comes to us from Chad of LOE Wrestling - an affiliate of TNAMecca - so make sure to check that site out for lots of TNA news and commentary.

If you plan on attending a future show and would like to tell us all about your experience, please contact us via email and we'll be glad to post your report.

TNA Impact Wrestling Review - Aug 29, 2013

29 August 2013

Former WWE/NXT Wrestler Receives TNA Tryout

According to several sources, Michael Hutter (formerly Derrick Bateman in NXT) wrestled a dark match against Jay Bradley prior to tonight's tapings of Impact.  This is an interesting development because Hutter has enormous potential to become a huge star in pro wrestling if given a chance.  More to come...

Estimated Ticket Sales for IMPACT in Cleveland, OH

According to the Wolstein Center website, the number of tickets sold before online sales were taken down at 4:30 EST was approximately 2,650.  The set-up for the arena tonight is around 3,100 so it is realistic to expect that the sections which have been on sale will be filled by bell-time.  The online sales were taken down an hour earlier than usual, so the walk-up crowd should be significant.  This number is on par with the average attendance that TNA has drawn for IMPACT in the last 3 months. 

Should TNA let Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff go?

Earlier today, PWInsider reported that some within TNA were not at all happy with Hulk Hogan's recent comments at a press conference he did in Toronto, that also included Eric Bischoff.  Hogan essentially claimed that TNA needed to hand the keys to Bischoff in order for the company to grow.  Mike Johnson of PWinsider also reports that some in the company claim that Bischoff already has quite a bit of power backstage and that much of the creative direction of the company is his.  This, to me, makes Hulk Hogan come across as tone deaf and simply out of touch with reality.  For this reason, it is time for Dixie Carter, Spike TV, and TNA to cut the cord and let Hogan and Bischoff go when their contracts expire, presumably in October.  It is long overdue.  And quite frankly, it will be the type of morale booster that could redeem TNA in many peoples' eyes.

Magnus Unavailable for Tonight's "Must Win" Impact

Earlier today, Impact Wrestling announced that due to unforeseen circumstances, BFG Series leader Magnus would be unavailable to attend tonight's Impact Wrestling and compete in his final two matches in the Series against Jeff Hardy and Kazarian (on Xplosion).  Magnus will now finish with 39 points as the series table freezes next week on Impact Wrestling.

While the reason for Magnus' absence has not been revealed, the following tweet from Magnus' twitter account is the last tweet he sent:

While Magnus states that his visa renewal was completed, it may be his new visa has yet to process on the other side, which would deny him access to the U.S. While this may, and more than likely will affect Magnus' advancement to the BFG Series Final Four, I hope that this is the issue and not something more serious.

28 August 2013

Should TNA avoid Talent from Ring of Honor?

I confess, anytime there's a rumor regarding a Ring of Honor talent possibly signing with TNA, I get excited simply because it's a natural reaction, particularly if you're a fan of the indies like I am.  Such is the case of the recent rumors involving the American Wolves and the Briscoes.  But I find that my excitement level significantly drops when I further explore the possibilities.  Let's examine the reasons why.  For one, the reality is that most ROH wrestlers, particularly those in their prime, see the WWE, not TNA, as the next logical step in their career.  It's a belief that is ingrained in them as they move up the ranks in ROH, so much so, that the third largest wrestling promotion might as well be the developmental territory of the WWE.  So, in theory, TNA are at a disadvantage before the pursuit of talent even begins.

FTWPodcast Presents...TNAMecca Question of the Week - Aug 27, 2013

In an effort to bring the TNA community of fans together, our trusted affiliate FTWPodcast will be doing a "TNAMecca Question of the Week" segment on their weekly show. This week, they discuss the possibility of Hulk Hogan and Sting leaving TNA and how it could affect the company.  Again, this is apart of our partnership with FTWPodcast to bring to you some of the best TNA commentary on the net so please make sure you check out the video above.  Also, be sure to visit FTWPodcast for TNA news, commentary, and more.

27 August 2013

Kurt Angle's Protégé: Tim Donst?

If ever there was a story to be told, it's this one: Kurt Angle - pro wrestling's only Olympic gold medalist - choosing, training, and eventually passing the torch to his protégé.  It's a storyline that practically writes itself.  I realize that Kurt Angle is unavailable, at the moment, but he will not be rehab forever.  He will be back and when he returns, it would be beneficial for all if he were involved in a meaningful angle, one that's near and dear to his heart - the legacy of pro wrestling.  With this in mind, the man he chooses must possess exceptional wrestling skills with a background in amateur wrestling.  That man, in my opinion, is Tim Donst.  Formerly of Chikara, the focal point of Donst's gimmick was that of amateur wrestler so he'd be an ideal candidate.  His strong wrestling style would fit right in with Kurt Angle's intensity and he wouldn't need to spend much time in developmental due to his experience in the indies.  In fact, Tim Donst, at 25 years of age, is in the prime of his career.  One area that he will need to improve upon, however, is his mic skills but he's got the personality and the quirkiness to develop an entertaining character that will appeal to a mainstream audience.  TNA are in desperate need of new talent and here's an opportunity to add a fresh face in a storyline that will resonate with much of the audience, particularly with the recent events in Kurt Angle's life.  TNA can turn an ugly situation into one that would inspire so many fans.

26 August 2013

What if AJ Styles left TNA?

Since 2002, AJ Styles has been the face of TNA Wrestling. Now he hasn’t been always promoted as such but I guarantee you when you ask the average wrestling fan to name a TNA wrestler, they name AJ. Recently, there has been a lot of talk that AJ Styles’ contract is coming up in September and that he has not signed on as of yet, chances are he will resign with TNA and all will be well. However, let’s have a little fun with a “What if” scenario shall we?  What if AJ Styles left TNA? The first reaction from most diehards would be “the sky is falling. TNA is going out of business!”. That is understandable as we all love AJ and would hate to see him go, however, I’m here to argue that it may actually benefit TNA to lose AJ Styles. Here’s three ways it could be a positive:

23 August 2013

Who Should be on the IMPACT Broadcast Team? Mike Tenay? Taz? Jeremy Borash?

With all of the recent shuffling of the TNA commentators in the last 2 months, the question is often posed: Who should be on the IMPACT broadcast team?  This seems to be a very controversial topic when it comes to the differing fan preferences.  Some people despise Mike Tenay, even though he has been the voice of TNA since the very 1st show.  It's true that Tenay has shown dedication and loyalty to the company, but his time seems to be coming to an end in the near future.  His lack of enthusiasm and attention to detail are very noticeable in the last few years, and at times it drags down the overall product.  He deserves to go out on his own terms since he is a TNA original, but I'm not the only one who hopes that day comes sooner than later.

Columnist Slots Now Open

It's been less than two weeks since the launch of TNAMecca, and the response has been fantastic. One of our goals is to provide original content that in turn will spark intelligent discussion and enlighten one another with a range of viewpoints. Whether it be through our exclusive columns or our POV posts, we want to bring as much original and entertaining content as possible, so now we begin our search to find new columnists for TNAMecca.

If you are interested in writing for us, send us an email expressing your interest.  We will reply as soon as we can to inform you of the next phase in the process. There is no deadline for applicants at this moment, however we advise you to apply as soon as possible, as we would like to go through the applicants and introduce our new columnists in the next few weeks. So to those who are thinking of applying, good luck! 

TNA Impact Wrestling Review - Aug 22, 2013

22 August 2013

So Cal Val Gone from TNA

It was announced by So Cal Val on her Twitter account that she is no longer with TNA:

On behalf of everyone here at TNAMecca, we would like to say thank you to Val for her contributions to TNA for the last 9 years.

RUMOR: TNA Star Contract to Expire in September?

According to PWInsider, the contract of AJ Styles is set to expire in September and TNA has yet to reach an agreement with one of their top stars.  This is odd indeed but I can't imagine a scenario in which TNA allow him to become a free agent or AJ Styles doesn't give the company every opportunity to sign him (a la Bobby Roode).  Suffice it to say, it would be devastating to see a talent the caliber of AJ Styles depart the company at a time when it least needs the negative publicity.  Let's also keep in mind that PWInsider, as legit as they are, are quite clearly overstating some aspects of this rumor simply for the dramatic effect.

UPDATE: PWInsider is now reporting that TNA and AJ Styles have had ongoing talks in regards to his contract but that there is a feeling within TNA management that Styles might've simply priced himself out of a new deal with the company.  This is unfortunate if true and a hard pill to swallow as a TNA fan but the company needs to do everything it can to have long term success.  As the report claims, TNA can hire four or five young talents who can develop into the next wave of stars with the money they'd give to Styles.

21 August 2013

TNAMecca Exclusive: Interview with TJ Perkins

BFG Series Not A Round Robin Tournament

It looks like the Bound for Glory Series, unlike last year, is not a round robin tournament, in which every competitor wrestles the other competitors once.  At least, this is what a TNA staff member indicated to me on Twitter last week.  Personally, I think it's a mistake to implement an uneven schedule in a tournament that will ultimately determine the next challenger for the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.  If this is the case, I'm curious to know how the schedule was determined simply because its format essentially gives some wrestlers an unfair advantage over others.  I suppose only time will tell but I hope I'm wrong.  More to come...

UPDATE: According to David Lagana, the wrestlers in the BFG Series "will have an even number of matches and opportunities for the same points".  He did, however, claim that TNA never presented this year's series as a round robin tournament, which is true.

20 August 2013

Thoughts on the Change to the X Division

Earlier today, Hulk Hogan announced via Twitter that the X Division would be returning back to the standard 1 vs 1 match set-up. It's been five months since the X Division underwent its “evolution” where all matches would be Three ways, and a qualifying match would determine who could challenge for the Title.

I liked the change at first, as it put a renewed focus on the X Division. It also re-enforced the sports appeal of the X Division by having participants have to earn their title shots, and making wins and losses a vital part to someone's success. The three way rule brought back several names to the division including Petey Williams, Sonjay Dutt, Homicide & Suicide. And created an open door for new and familiar faces to appear for a short time. The matches were different and were very exciting, however after a while, coming from a guy who was reviewing the division weekly at the time, the match structures became identical. While they were good, they became very repetitive.

TNA NEWS: Major X Division Change

Hulk Hogan posted the following on his official Twitter account this afternoon:

This is fantastic news.  Although I liked the fact that the three-way matches provided more opportunities to new talent, there's nothing like a one-on-one battle to resolve feuds and conflicts.  Kudos to TNA for making the right decision.

Andre Corbeil's Message to TNA Fans

The Scientist and The Lawyer

"The Scientist and The Lawyer"

There is a storied history of comedic duos that have entertained us throughout history.  Early examples of these duos are Laurel and Hardy from silent film days, and Abbott & Costello with their famous "Who's on 1st" routine.  Cheech and Chong have entertained us with their stoner antics for decades, while Chris Farley and David Spade were hilarious in their short cinema stint.  In pro-wrestling, The Bushwhackers made me laugh every time they performed as they made their way to the ring with arms flailing and face-licking their fans like only they could do.  Edge and Christian had some humorous moments during their tenure as a tag team, as did an unlikely pairing of Chris Jericho and his side-kick Ralphus.

COMING SOON: Our Interview with TJ Perkins

Current X Division Champion, TJ Perkins was kind enough, this week, to answer some questions for us.  We discussed his alter-ego Manik, the new X Division title belt, his Champion vs Champion match with Chris Sabin, and more!  Please make sure you check it out tomorrow, exclusively on TNAMecca.

My IMPACT Norfolk, VA

Welcome to the debut of My IMPACT Experience, a TNAMecca exclusive series in which one TNA fan, who attended Impact, will have the opportunity to share with you his or her experience.  Please be informed, the following contains spoilers for this week's Impact.  If you would like to be the next to share with our wonderful readers your experience, please contact us via email

19 August 2013

Hulk Hogan & Sting in TNA: To Stay or Not to Stay?

When taking into account how the average TNA fan feels about Hulk Hogan and Sting being a part of TNA, the full spectrum of reactions usually ensues.  Some people wanted Hulk gone a long time ago, some enjoy the nostalgia that he provides.  Most people love Sting and appreciate his contributions, but there is also a call for him to move on that exists out there. While it's unfair to lump both men into the same question of whether they should stay or leave, there are some obvious similarities.  Both men are in the twilight of their careers, although Sting has been an active wrestler for the company up until Slammiversary in June.  Both men have strong ties to WCW, and many fans still compare TNA to WCW even though they are 2 totally different organizations in 2 totally different eras.  Both Sting and Hulk have been rumored to be headed to WWE sometime after Bound for Glory and before January to be included in WrestleMania 30. (Hell, some fans thought Hulk would appear at SummerSlam yesterday based off of Brooke Hogan's recent departure from TNA.)

Recap of TNAMecca: Week 1

It's been a week since TNAMecca officially launched, and I have to say, what a week it's been. Right off the bat on behalf of myself, BigDawg & Shelbin, we thank each and every one of you for visiting the site over the last week. The amount of people who have checked out the site and given their feedback has been overwhelming, and above and beyond what we expected for our first week, for that, we thank you very much.

Three of our new exclusive series have debuted in the first week also. The first editions of Shelbin Swerve, Vantage Point & Bark Of The Dawg are up and have all received great reviews. So if you haven't already, make sure you give them a read, I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

18 August 2013

Thoughts on the BFG Series & the E.G.O. Influence

This past Thursday, TNA's latest faction E.G.O. made their mark on the BFG Series after members Kazarian and Bobby Roode both earned 20 points to move into 8th and 2nd place respectively. This new combination of Daniels, Kazarian & Roode is great for the BFG Series in my eyes. The series so far has produced some great matches, but hasn't really been as interesting as expected until now. Roode's resurgence and Kazarian's elevation has narrowed the field dramatically for the last few weeks of the series.

17 August 2013

Andre Corbeil on Brooke Hogan's Release

Ringside: Impact Wrestling Review - Aug 15, 2013

American Wolves Negotiations Delayed?

In a recent interview, Davey Richards of the American Wolves announced that he and his partner Eddie Edwards were discussing with TNA a potential deal agreement, as well as with the WWE.  It is expected that the Wolves will finish up with Ring of Honor tonight so it stands to reason that TNA could make the tag team an offer soon.  Unfortunately, TNA and its fans will have to wait a little longer.  The American Wolves are, reportedly, due to participate in a WWE tryout in late August.  I'm a huge fan of Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards so I'm hoping, in the end, they sign with TNA but at this time, it's all up in the air it appears.  More to come...

Brooke Hogan's Release

Yesterday, it was confirmed by several sources that TNA released Brooke Hogan.  Neither TNA nor Brooke Hogan have made an official announcement but I expect the company to make one after next week's Impact.  I'd like to clarify one thing: Brooke Hogan was not fired due to her performance.  She was released due to budget restructuring.  I only mention it because some have taken to social media to disparage Hogan and I want no part of that.  This is not to say, however, that I thought her performance was satisfactory.  Although I didn't find her as bad as others, I did think she was absolutely miscast in the role of Executive in Charge of the Knockouts.  Firstly, her credentials were questionable at best.  Secondly, she lacked a presence that one needs to portray an authority figure.  It never seemed to come together for her.  Equally as bad were her acting skills, which seemed to betray her any time she appeared in a segment with Bully Ray.  With all that said, I think it was ultimately her inability to connect with the audience that made her expendable.  The live crowds neither loved her or hated her.  They simply tolerated her.  In the end, I truly believe it was her downfall.

16 August 2013

TNA NEWS: Brooke Hogan Released

According to PWInsider, Brooke Hogan has been released by TNA.  I think it's a wise move.  I, personally, did not think Brooke Hogan was terrible in her role but I felt, at times, that she was unnecessary.  Very rarely did she appear on TV as a Knockouts authority figure and when she did, it was awkward.  Her other prominent role was that of Bully Ray's wife, which it appears has come to an end.  It's the right decision by TNA.  I imagine she was making a substantial amount of money so her salary can be used to bring in new talent, fittingly, to replenish the Knockouts Division. 

15 August 2013

NEWS: No Surrender on Sept 12, Free on SpikeTV

TNA announced tonight, during Impact, that No Surrender will take place on September 12th and will once again be broadcast for free on SpikeTV.  In addition, like in years past, the finals of the Bound for Glory Series will be the focus of the show.  If Hardcore Justice and, Destination X before it, are any indication, TNA has found a formula that works. 

Kudos to @galetylerLP for the heads up.  Much appreciated.

Estimated Ticket Sales for Hardcore Justice/Impact in Norfolk, VA

According to the Constant Center website the number of tickets sold before the online sales were taken down at 7 pm EST was approximately 3,130.  I have tracked the tickets sales from the day they went on sale until the last possible moment that the site was accessible.  The final attendance number should be slightly higher than this as the walk-up crowd was very good. 

Who's Bully Ray Recruiting?

Quite an interesting development.  Who do you suppose is on the other end of Bully Ray's phone call?

Kudos to @galetylerLP for the heads up.

Tito Ortiz at Hardcore Justice

I really do hope that TNA fans will give Tito Ortiz, and Rampage Jackson for that matter, a chance before dismissing him.  I truly believe that Ortiz' days in MMA are numbered and his pro wrestling career is upon us.  I, like many, was underwhelmed with his reveal a couple of weeks ago but I'm willing to see how things play out before making a judgment.  It's simply premature to properly evaluate Tito Ortiz' involvement with TNA.

Social Media Coverage of Tonight's Hardcore Justice

IMPACT Interactive: Social Media Coverage of tonight's "Hardcore Justice" on SpikeTV

TNA announced, this afternoon, that fans can visit their website for exclusive social media coverage from backstage prior to tonight's Impact Wrestling broadcast.  You will have access to videos, photos, tweets, interviews, and more that will be posted throughout the day.  During Impact, you can also check out live coverage on and YouTube but keep in mind, the video will begin once Impact starts at 9PM Eastern time.


In addition, during the show, please make sure you check out TNAMecca's live coverage of Impact as  well as live tweeting by Shelbin

PREVIEW: Chris Sabin vs Bully Ray - TNA World Title

In one of the most shocking moments in TNA history, Chris Sabin defeated Bully Ray to become the new World Heavyweight Championship.  Even more shocking was the way in which Sabin earned his new championship, using the now-infamous hammer to bash the bully's head in.  It was poetic justice at its finest.  As bad as things were for Bully Ray, the worst was yet to come.  Last week, Hulk Hogan added a fitting stipulation to the title match at Hardcore Justice - if Chris Sabin defeats him, Bully Ray will never compete for the TNA world title again.  The architect of the stipulation that ultimately cost Sting his future world title matches, at Slammiversary, could very well befall the same fate.  Bully Ray, with a defeat to Chris Sabin at Hardcore Justice, could see his entire world come crashing down unless, of course, he has a trick up his sleeve. 

World Title Match Preview: Chris Sabin vs. Bully Ray

Tito Ortiz to Appear on Impact Tonight

According to PWInsider, Tito Ortiz is in Norfolk, VA today and he's expected to appear on Impact Live.  The question remains, what is he there to do?  TNA haven't at all mentioned his fight with Rampage Jackson in November but I imagine his appearance will involve his Bellator opponent in some way.  Rampage will not be in a match tonight as originally planned so there's a possibility we will not know the extent of Tito's involvement until next week.  However, I think it's important that Ortiz cuts a promo tonight, finally revealing why he's in TNA.

14 August 2013

Brandon Baxter Interviews Bully Ray and Chris Sabin

Inside Impact: Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian Talk About Their New Alliance

PREVIEW: Bound For Glory Series Ladder Match - AJ Styles vs Jeff Hardy vs Austin Aries vs Kazarian

The finish line of the Bound For Glory Series is starting to come into sight. With the end of this gruelling tournament almost upon us, TNA management have once again capitalised on the HardCore Justice event by booking a Four Way Ladder match with 20 BFG Series points literally hanging in the balance. Out of the twelve BFG Series participants, Hulk Hogan and his staff have chosen four men who would make up a modern day dream match with the perfect stipulation. Three of the greatest high flyers of the modern era, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy & Austin Aries, along with rising star Kazarian will do battle for 20 points in what could be the match of the night, and even of the year.

TNA UK Tour 2014 Promo Video

The Lucky 13 of TNA

"The Lucky 13 of TNA"

When you think about Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling, what names come to mind automatically?  A.J. Styles?  Jeff Jarrett?  Dixie Carter?  Jeremy Borash?  Bobby Roode?  Chris Sabin?  All of those would be natural choices and all have played a HUGE role in getting TNA where it is today.  Over the last 11 plus years that TNA has been in existence, people have come and people have gone.  Legends of the ring like Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Vader, Jimmy Snuka and others have made either brief appearances in TNA or contributed a few years to the company.  Other performers like Monty Brown, Don West, Jay Lethal, Vince Russo, Alex Shelley and Scott D’Amore seemed like performers/staff that would stay with TNA for the remainder of their careers but have all moved on for the time being.

BigDawg Welcomes You to TNAMecca!

Some of you probably know who I am, but for those that don't, my name is BigDawg.  Like you, I am a dedicated TNA fan that is invested in seeing the company succeed well into the future.  We are thrilled that you have chosen to come check us out here at TNAMecca and we hope that you will come back again and again.  We envision TNAMecca as a website that people will want to read daily and experience great columns, current TNA news, well-informed opinions and an enjoyable environment.  We are committed to excellence and appreciate each and every one of our community members.

The past two days have shown us how talented Shelbin and MisterTNA are, and I am confident that our team will be providing you with our exclusive content for years to come.  We have worked together to provide you with a place that is unique and comfortable.  We plan on taking our reader's ideas and suggestions into account to help shape and mold our future.  We know and recognize that without you, there is no TNAMecca and we are indebted to your loyalty.

There are some things that you will not be seeing here at TNAMecca.  One item we will not feature or dedicate time to is IMPACT TV ratings.  We find that ratings threads have became a source of contention, repetitive rhetoric, and individual agendas that we want no part of.  Another thing you will not find here at TNAMecca is unsubstantiated rumors.  It has became a common theme of many wrestling news websites to throw out these garbage rumors to incite a faux reaction from readers.  A small minority of the time these types of rumors become true, but that leaves 95% of it as false jargon.  We know you can find these items elsewhere but we are not in the business of saturating TNAMecca with falsehoods and negativity.  If a reliable source produces a rumor, we will consider reporting on it, but this will be determined on a case by case basis.

I love writing about TNA and conversing with fellow IMPACT Wrestling fans.  This is a new start for Shelbin, MisterTNA and I that we are so grateful for.  We are not in this for the money or personal gain.  We are doing this because we are passionate TNA fans that want to provide you with the best TNA fan site possible.  Thanks for coming along for the ride!

Sincerely, BigDawg

Preview for Thursday's Hardcore Justice

13 August 2013

TNA News & Rumors - August 13th

  • Kurt Angle will not be at this Thursday's Impact taping in Norfolk, VA as Angle is currently in rehab.  He is not scheduled to return to TNA anytime soon.
  • There is a lot of talk of new talents coming to TNA, however nobody has been named officially just yet.
  • Apparently TNA last week sent a memo out to all talent advising them on how to conduct themselves on social media.
  • Jeremy Borash, Knockouts Champion Mickie James and Magnus will be at a signing at Direct Auto tomorrow in Norfolk, VA to promote this Thursday's Hardcore Justice/Impact Wrestling taping in the city.
Courtesy of PWInsider

Thoughts: I don't think anyone is surprised that Angle won't be back anytime soon. I think this was just to clarify after some speculated he would return in the 5 vs 5 match after it was pushed back a week, which makes no difference because of the 8/22 show being taped this Thursday.

The talk of new TNA talent continues. Names such as the American Wolves, Generation Me and others are constantly being linked with TNA, however no names have been confirmed to be coming in. So for now, the speculation will continue.

The Briscoes to Sign with TNA?

It was rumored, recently, that TNA has offered the Briscoes a contract.  It's an interesting development simply because the discussion among wrestling fans has focused mostly on the American Wolves, who are expected to become free agents on August 18th, and the Young Bucks, who are free to sign with the company at any time. I wonder, why haven't the Briscoes garnered as much attention as the other two tag teams, particularly since it appears that TNA could very well have the most interest in them, if the rumor of an offer being made is true.  Of the teams mentioned above, I believe the Briscoes would make an immediate impact, especially if a feud with James Storm and Gunner is the initial plan.  Although I'd like to see TNA sign the Briscoes, I feel that they could be a long term liability.  The reality is the moment the Briscoes sign on the dotted line, they officially represent TNA, and no amount of clauses in their contracts will minimize the liability if Jay Briscoe were to, once again, spew his venom on social media.  With that said, Dixie Carter and TNA appear to be willing to take that risk.  Interestingly enough, I don't think I completely disapprove.

PREVIEW: Bound For Glory Series Tables Match - Magnus vs Samoa Joe vs Bobby Roode vs Mr. Anderson

HardCore Justice just got more hardcore with the recent addition of this big 4-Man Tables Match.  With the Bound For Glory Series in full swing, it's safe to say that Samoa Joe, Magnus, Bobby Roode and Mr. Anderson will all do whatever it takes to get these 20 BFG Series points at stake.  Emotions will be high as all 4 competitors are on a collision course, with the loser being sent through a slab of wood with extreme velocity.  Representatives from 3 different factions will step into the squared circle to scratch and claw for the victory.  Who will get the points and climb further up the leader board?

Impact Wrestling Podcast with Christopher Daniels & Kazarian (August 13)

The Times They Are a-Changin'

Follow me on Twitter @MisterTNA

The landscape of TNA is always evolving, and over the years the changes have come quicker and quicker. Right now TNA is going through another transition, with changes going on in-front and behind the camera. While there have already been several changes, there are more to come, specifically on screen. Those changes have been foreshadowed in the top three storylines in TNA, and they all look to happen at this Thursday's HardCore Justice.

A Message From MisterTNA

Hello everyone, my name is MisterTNA, and it is my privilege to welcome you to TNAMecca. Firstly, I’d like to thank you all for the amazing support and interest shown in the build up to yesterday's launch. The staff would also like to thank each and every one of you who visited the site yesterday on our first day of operation. We were overwhelmed with the amount of people who visited the site and the amount of feedback we received on its very first day, and for that, we are truly grateful.

Myself, Shelbin & BigDawg are all very proud to have come together and create a site that we, and hopefully all of you, are proud of. We all bring a large amount of passion and dedication that we feel creates a solid foundation for TNAMecca to grow over the coming months and years. However, we know that its the readers that will make this site bigger and better. Your enthusiasm for the TNA product is what will make this site into something special. As columnists and reporters, we will share our honest opinions with explanation as to why we think the way we do. Our goal is to create a location where you can do the same and be surrounded by others just like that.

As a new site, we have the unique opportunity to start as we mean to go on. We know a strong portion of the TNA fan-base are as intelligent as they are passionate, and convey their opinions in a civilised manner with an argument to support it. We want TNAMecca to be a place for fans like that. We don't want people making exaggerated statements with no supporting argument as we know it causes conflict and makes being a fan a chore.

We at TNAMecca want to give TNA fans an opportunity to be able to share their thoughts on the TNA product without being hounded by negativity and worry of being dragged into an argument just because someone has a differing opinion. We hope that by all of us sharing our viewpoints and giving the reasons why, we can grow as fans and broaden our view on the TNA product to see things clearer than before. Once again I would like to thank you all for being apart of our launch and being apart of the start of this exciting journey, and we hope that you can continue to enjoy visiting TNAMecca and being apart of our community.

Kind regards, MisterTNA

12 August 2013

The Aces & 8's vs Main Event Mafia Match Postponed

Dixie Carter tweeted the following concerning the Aces & 8's vs Main Event Mafia match scheduled for this Thursday's Hardcore Justice:

It's unfortunate that TNA have had to postpone the match due to the Kurt Angle situation, however under the circumstances Kurt Angle's health and overcoming his demons is the most important thing. Luckily, TNA have made a suitable replacement with the Four Way BFG Series Tables Match between Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe, Mr Anderson & Magnus.

PREVIEW: Knockouts Tornado Tag Team Match - Mickie James & Gail Kim vs Velvet Sky & ODB

This Knockouts Tornado Tag Team Match is sure to be full of hardcore women's wrestling, like you would only find with IMPACT Wrestling.  With the issues that all four of these ladies have had with each other in recent months, this match-up should be an entertaining bout from start to finish.  The stipulations for this match include No Countouts, No DQ's, and (according to traditional Tornado Tag Team rules) all four women can legally be in the ring at the same time without tagging each other.  Expect this contest to be a total brawl where payback gets dished up like ice cream on a hot summer day.  This match will once again prove that TNA has the best women's division in any major promotion.

BFG Series Tables Match Added to Hardcore Justice

I would've liked to have seen TNA announce this match earlier, preferably on last week's Impact, but better later than never I suppose.  This, presumably, could be a result of Kurt Angle's absence, otherwise Magnus, Samoa Joe, and Mr Anderson could be doing double duty on Thursday night. We will know soon enough. Interesting dynamic in this one, however, with the Main Event Mafia members competing against the Aces and 8s VP with Bobby Roode as the wild card.

Shelbin Swerve: TNA Laconisms Volume I

lac·o·nism  noun   \ˈla-kə-ˌni-zəm\
1  : brevity or succinctness of style or expression

The Official Launch of TNAMecca

Welcome to the official launch of TNAMecca!  I must say, I'm extremely grateful to those who have shown their support since the news broke that I, along with my colleagues MisterTNA and BigDawg, created a new TNA site.  Honestly, I didn't think I'd be apart of another site so soon simply because I had grown weary of the influx of negativity that had permeated the previous site I worked for.  However, my passion for TNA, combined with the desire to build a community for fans who, like me, are disappointed with the pessimism that's begun to infiltrate other wrestling sites, forced me to reconsider.  When I realized that MisterTNA and BigDawg felt the same way, it was quite clear to us that we needed to begin the process of combating the anti-TNA voices by increasing the moderate ones.  It is our hope that TNA fans will seek out the wrestling sites that demonstrate the ability and willingness to enhance their experience rather than those that attempt to fuel their anxiety with cynicism and disdain.  We hope that you will give us the opportunity to show you that TNAMecca can be a place that ignites your passion for Impact Wrestling, as well as, a place that brings you back to your childhood when pro wrestling was fun.  That is our hope.

It is Launch Week on TNAMecca, and in celebration of our official launch, we have a very special week planned for you. It all begins today with the debut of my opinions column, Shelbin Swerve.

The festivities continue on Tuesday with the debut of Vantage Point, a brand new opinion series by MisterTNA.  In addition, he will preview the four-way ladder match at Hardcore Justice between Styles, Hardy, Aries, and Kazarian.
The third and most enthusiastic member of our team, BigDawg, debuts his new opinions column, Bark of the Dawg, on Wednesday.  In addition, he will preview the 5-on-5 Main Event Mafia vs. Aces and 8s match at Hardcore Justice.

On Thursday, I will preview the much anticipated world title match between the TNA world heavyweight champion Chris Sabin and Bully Ray in a steel cage.  In addition, we asked fans to predict the outcome of the world title match at Hardcore Justice.  We will finally reveal your responses.

And finally, on Saturday, look for the debut of Ringside, a TNAMecca staff collaboration piece in which we each share with you our thoughts on Thursday's Impact Live, our favorite and least favorite moments of the night, and much more!

On behalf of the entire TNAMecca staff, I'd like to thank you all for your support and the kind words.  I can't tell you how much we appreciate it.  If you have any questions or would simply like to share with us your feedback, please click here for our contact information.