14 December 2013

You Are Abyss........

Even as much as I had somewhat lost a bit of patience with the Joseph Park/Abyss storyline recently (as most people had), the wrestlers involved have dragged me back in.  Like the Michael Corleone line in Godfather 3, "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!", I am hooked again.  When I attended the Salt Lake City IMPACT tapings in October, the Abyss I saw up close in person seemed to be back to stay.  I was fairly sure at that time that the storyline would soon kick into high gear.  Well, that was the Halloween episode so, given the near 2 months that have passed since then, that would be the equivalent of it going into a low to middle gear instead.  It went back to treading water and bidding its time.  However, now in retrospect I understand why things began trending that way.  Bad Influence has been the final element that was missing from the equation with EY & Joseph, and now The Best Coast Boogiemen have made this feud into a very important part of IMPACT. 

OK, don't misunderstand me, I still believe that Chris Parks deserves a lot of credit for pulling such a wonderful acting job here.  Most people would have buckled underneath the daunting task of blatantly playing 2 different characters, while trying to convince the LIVE and at-home audiences that they are in fact 2 totally different people.  Yes others have done similar things before, but usually they've done it while openly admitting both characters are indeed them; the same person.  Can you imagine going 18 months trying to convince people that you are not  Like an undercover CIA agent in Russia spying on their government operations, you would literally have to become someone else or your career and/or integrity would be in jeopardy.  Imagine if half-way through this current storyline Chris Parks taking a mic and doing a shoot promo: "Hey guys, I thought I could pull this off, but I wasn't up to the task.  I am going to stop trying to fool you, and now I'll just go back to being Abyss."  That would be ridiculous and cowardly right?  However, that kind of abrupt admission and halt to a storyline is what I kept seeing people calling for on Twitter.  That kind of sheepish retreat would have been a disaster and the wrong move. 

While it's true that they could have shaved some significant time off of the Joseph Park character's current timeline, in some ways it just had to be that way.  It entertained and got over more than anyone ever thought possible.  Now it has morphed into its most entertaining point since the debut of Mr. Park (as one of our most loyal commenters, Pipe Bomb, recently pointed out).  EY was a perfect addition with their comedy routine as The Scientist and The Lawyer (I may have been the first person on the net to coin that informal tag team name by the way) ran wild and gave us lots of laughs.  Things did not reach this new and refreshing pinnacle without the addition of Bad Influence.  Kaz and Daniels have been flawless in their delivery of promos and interviews regarding Joseph Park.  They have fit their role perfectly to enhance and further the progression of the story being told. 

It is agreed in many pro-wrestling fan circles that Bad Influence is the best tag team in pro-wrestling today.  In fact these recent tweets by Kazarian are a shoot testament to that very thing:

I'm so glad that Kaz decided to take to Twitter and tell it like it really is. They are the best tag team in the Biz-A-Ness.  There's not even a doubt in my mind about that.  They are so good that they have taken this Park/Abyss angle and elevated it just by their excellent mic skills and in-ring work.  What would TNA's mid card/tag team scene look like without this current feud?  It would be a lot more hollow, I'll tell you that much.  The first hour of this last edition of IMPACT went by so quickly and was very engaging. Sometimes that same first hour had kind of dragged on and became monotonous previous to BFG 2013.  The main 2 reasons why this overall-show-upgrade has happened is that everyone on the show has a hook to what they are doing and similarly they also have a defined direction.  Fans are becoming more invested in the product again because they like the changes that TNA has made.  It's a youth movement that people can really get behind.

So with this progressive youth movement in tow, there are also these 4 loyal TNA veteran originals in a very entertaining feud.  When EY finally took a mic after the latest match and had the courage to tell Joseph to his face that he was actually Abyss, the words were very poignant and became seared into Joseph's mind.  The acting from Chris Parks was believable and forced observers to suspend their disbelief.  It is the work of all four men involved that is making this part of the show successful.  Abyss is indeed coming, but first Bad Influence are going to beat the Joseph Park out of him.

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