10 December 2013

What's Up with TNA AFTER the U.K. Tour?

What is life in TNA going to look like after the 2014 U.K. Tour?  With it being traditionally the highest-attended events that TNA puts on annually, I find myself feeling like, in some ways, this week-long trip to the U.K. serves as a real-life "turning point" for the company.  The last 2 years when the tour has been televised, I get so excited to see which IMPACT performers the passionate fans there will cheer and which they will boo.  The United Kingdom has some of the best TNA fans in the world (and we are graced by 2 of them on our team here at TNAMecca).  The classic case of the U.K. crowds becoming a tangible character was when they exposed to the world in 2012 that Garrett Bischoff sucked and that Hulk Hogan was foolish for pushing him.  Sure, the audio techs took out a big chunk of the "heat noise" from that in-ring segment but it was obvious what was going on to all of us.  When a crowd is THAT vocal and THAT into the product it makes it extra fun for the viewers at home.  My question is, what is TNA doing AFTER this upcoming 2014 U.K. Tour ends and normal operations in the U.S. resume? 

What does TNA do?  There is an unreliable and unconfirmed rumor out there that Sound Stage 19 (where IMPACT Wrestling is currently shot inside Universal Studios-Orlando) is possibly going to be converted into the WWE's physical Hall of Fame.  Again, the source of this rumor (Wrestling Observer) has been wrong about so many things lately that you have to take this piece of information with a grain of salt.  However, let's pretend for a minute that this is a legit piece of news.  WWE squeezing TNA out of their new IMPACT Zone would probably mean a huge inconvenience to the company.  Unless one of the other sound stages at Universal were immediately available, they could be forced into relocating their home base for IMPACT yet again.  So many possibilities could come from this twist of fate if indeed it is true. 

One of the by-products of this rumor potentially coming true is the increased animosity between TNA fans and WWE fans.  I see constant bickering and hate between these 2 fan-bases so often, it is wrongfully assumed by a lot of people that you cannot be a fan of both.  Granted, I personally enjoy TNA dramatically more than I do WWE, but I do not completely boycott WWE's product and I FIND IT REDUNDANT when WWE fans boycott TNA.  Some would say it's "good business" for WWE to force TNA out of Universal Studios but I believe some of the more objective IWC members may start losing respect for them or, in my case, lose even more respect for them.  If I had to guess, I'd say there is some truth to this rumor but that's just a gut feeling.  I do not know it for a fact, but just look at the amount of tapings that TNA just completed in order to quickly marathon-shoot all of the holiday episodes and well into January.  Is it just a co-incidence?  Their temporary lease situation of Sound Stage 19 was temporary for some reason, whether it's because something else is being shot/held there or the reason I outlined above.  TNA's original plans for the time period previous to the U.K. Tour included Philadelphia and Baltimore IMPACT tapings before those plans changed.  We can speculate on why things changed so drastically (the consensus is mostly to regroup and save money), but what did they have in store for 3 months down the road in their long-term plan?  Did that particular plan change also?

Will TNA find a new home-base?  Nashville is a logical choice, but is it logistically possible?  There was much speculation when TNA was coming off the road last month about where TNA would move their flagship show to.  If they now leave the new IZ again, where would they go?  Could they start touring the U.S. again, but this time in a fiscally smarter way?  Smaller venues, less overhead, a smaller stage set-up, etc., etc.  It's no secret that some upcoming house shows  and ONO tapings in the U.S. will be held in smaller venues.  Could they be treated as an experiment for shooting IMPACT from these types of smaller venues after the U.K. Tour?  The future is ever-changing and evolving for TNA in multiple ways.  I am confident that TNA Wrestling will go on, but in what capacity and/or venue?  Let's speculate all the possibilities!  Tell me what you think below.

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