29 December 2013

Until the Sun Shines

It’s the aftermath of Final Resolution and Jeff Hardy is not the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Dixie Carter is beyond excited to have crowned Magnus as the new Champion and starting this Impact episode she has a big announcement to make. Not so fast. The Charismatic Enigma has something he wants to say first:

Now we have the main event set. It’s Sting and Jeff Hardy vs. EC3 and Rockstar Spud. As we all know it was turned into a handicap match by adding the Bro Mans tag team in favor of Spud and EC3. Personally, I wanted Sting and Jeff Hardy to overcome the odds and win but things just didn’t end that way. Which led to this…

A heartfelt promo by Jeff  finally getting out what he wanted to say at the beginning of the night. It made sense as to why he lacked his usual charisma. He also gave a nice nod to Sting by saying, “Without Sting there would be no Jeff Hardy“. After going into more detail as to why he felt the way he does, he gracefully bows out and leaves the ring. However when they caught up with Jeff backstage his words and actions from the ring remained the same:

Afterwards, I sat back and watched the reaction of fans on my Twitter account as well as other various social media sites. Some fans knew the reasons why this was happening while others vowing they are done watching TNA. Even some WWE fans were left asking, “Does this mean Jeff Hardy is coming back to the WWE?”.  For others it was a time to let speculation and rumors begin. 

“I’m going to leave this building and I will not return until the sun shines on this dark kingdom.” These are the words that gives you hope that Jeff Hardy will return. As it should story wise. However, I’m going to give you a few more reasons beyond the story to give you hope. As most know Jeff Hardy was temporarily written out of the story line because he can’t travel to the UK shows because of past legal matters. Most likely he will return sometime after the taped shows have aired. Also, let’s not forget that Jeff Hardy is working on the next Peroxwhy?gen album. They start tracking the album in February which will happen in Nashville and will be produced by Dale Oliver. I pointed this out because Dale Oliver is the music composer for TNA. Jeff would not leave the company that’s producing his band’s next album. If you know how passionate he is about his music then you know this to be true as well. 

Like many other fans out there, I’m going to miss seeing Jeff Hardy on Impact each week. This is what needed to be done. I knew it was coming but just didn't know how they would go about doing it. The way it was done makes you wonder how they will bring him back. There is several ways they can go about this. You can speculate how. No matter how it is done I’m sure it will be perfectly fitting for Jeff Hardy.

Now while Jeff is away doesn't mean that this column will be away. There is much more to share with all of you. Hopefully for the Creatures of the Night it will make the time that he is away seem much shorter. I can’t promise but I certainly hope it does. So keep reading. While I can’t share with you yet where things are going next I can assure you it’s going to be an interesting read. Until next time Creatures…

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